The Strongest Skill 2: Eating My Way To Top

by Kinu456

Original ONGOING Action Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead School Life Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

[Ding* you have eaten a Goblin King’s Core]

[AGI +5][STR +5]

[Gained unique trait: Shout]

In a changed world where mythical monsters and fantastical beings live side by side with modern human society, Shiiki Yuu, an average schoolboy, usually bullied by others, undergoes a life-changing experience when he accidentally swallows a shiny candy-like object that just happens to be a...


My second book under the same name.

This book is entirely different from the first book, although the powers of the MC remained somewhat same. The story, the characters, and the plotline everything about it is different from the first book.

It is not a sequel!!

Hopefully, this book would satisfy the readers and wouldn’t turn out to be as mediocre as my previous one.

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This is one of those stories that gets overlooked which in this situation it should be hugely frowned upon.
Solid story, waiting for more.

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The instant nudles of novels

Quite similar to the other work of the author  


The work is not original  if you are looking for a unique and engaging story or am interesting new take on an old subject,  This is not it.


It is  However, a decent time waster. Its not great, but it is not bad. 

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still in early lots of potential tho.but please author,dont fucks this up.

like putting in harem,changing the mc drive.the mc goal i clear af now.just dont fuck this up