Chapter 24 ends the part 2. It was hard writing new chapters while revising old ones, to be honest, but it was fun.

The much-needed edit of chapter 2 was released yesterday in time with chapter 24, and the word count rose from 2.2k to around 3.1k. It was hell of a revision, and honestly I had more trouble fixing chapter 2 than I had making chapter 24.

Enough about that. Next up is some world-building, the Redel Capital, some more Players, and Barton, the sought-after blacksmith.

The recent releases were fast, if you ask me, and I might be able to keep this pace, maybe even faster, as long as no snafu suddenly happens.

I'm also thinking of changing the cover of the book (it was something I made back before I knew where the story was going) although that's for another time, as I'm out of ideas in my head.

So anyway, that's it for this update. Do look forward to the part 3, and let me know what you think about part 2. Thank you for reading Player 47.


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