Wow, no releases for more than two months. That gotta suck. Sorry for that. Right now's supposedly my vacation, but damn what a busy vacation this turned out to be. While I was in hiatus, I was pondering on, and actually working on, some revisions of the earlier problematic chapters of Player 47 (nothing plot-changing, mind you, just some editing and weighing of the constructive criticism some of the readers have given. Very grateful for them, by the way).

That said, you probably won't see them revisions just yet, as they're still in the works, though, like I said, they won't alter much of the story, just some cleaning and trimming useless elements and yes, fixing some of the things one genre-savvy reader pointed out on chapter 3 (was it chapter 3? I don't remember). Anyway, the revisions don't take priority over the releases, but I'm working on my older fictions.

As for release schedules... I really don't have anything like that, and by now with so much shit interruptions and the recent hiatus, I figured it was stupid to give you guys a release cycle I won't be able to adhere to. We'll see what happens but for the meantime, the story is far from dropped.

Thank you for reading Player 47 as always. Have a good day.

A note from Polaris Archon

P.S. I'm so grateful for those peeps who left reviews. You guys are my main source of inspiration. Love you guys. 

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