Chapter 10 marks the end of the 1st arc. I hope you've enjoyed the ride so far because more are coming.

Next arc will touch more on the world of Eideleir. Also see other Players and where they stand in the grand scheme of things. Prepare to see some more blood as the Players collide with each other!

Now onto the more concerning things. Release is still every 2-3 days, twice or thrice a week, but releases might get delayed without prior notice. I can only write so much with life and personal affairs in the background. Hope you guys understand! Now, I usually proofread and edit my chapters before releasing them, but sometimes due to time constraints, I overlook minor mistakes. I always reread them when I get the time, though please if you see a glaring error, I'd appreciate it if you shoot me a PM or shout in the comments.

Generally Player 47 had been received well, on other platforms (now top 3 in the Supernatural genre weekly ranking on Honeyfeed!) and also, on RRL. Thanks for the support guys! Couldn't have finished these chapters without your encouraging feedback and stellar reviews. Hope you continue supporting this project until, well, until it gets axed. Kidding. And as always, thank you for reading Player 47!

Also available on Rebirth Online, Honeyfeed, and Webnovel. Author-san is too lazy to drop links.


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