I Am Going To Die (In This Game-Like Dimension)

by HC Mills

Original ONGOING Adventure Romance Female Lead LitRPG Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

When mysterious portals start opening up around the world at large events, swallowing everybody, you’d think that would warrant some kind of danger pay when you have to sell hotdogs at a Comic Con, right? ‘No, of course not; what are the odds of that happening here, out of all the big events in the world?’

Well, Emma was always pretty good at beating the odds when it came to shitty luck.

Now she’s stuck in a strange dimension, where the normal rules don’t seem to apply, together with a costumed crowd who seem strangely happy about this whole thing.

At least, until the first people start dying.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: It sucks to be me ago
Chapter 2: Is it a bird? ago
Chapter 3: Down the rabbit hole ago
Chapter 4: Lavi en rose ago
Chapter 5: Friends don't let friends skip leg day ago
Chapter 6: Don't you know that you're toxic ago
Chapter 7: A high-class bar ago
Chapter 8: Once bitten, twice an idiot ago
Chapter 9: Sounds like a broken record ago
Chapter 10: A dream is a wish your heart makes ago
Chapter 11: Let's get physical ago
Chapter 12: Fatal attraction ago
Chapter 13: Of the Princess Diaries ago
Chapter 14: Bad to the bone ago
Chapter 15: Let's play: Operation ago
Chapter 16: Too many walls, not enough bridges ago
Chapter 17: Trial 2B ft. DJ Parkour ago
Chapter 18: Loving angels instead ago
Chapter 19: Breathe in life and breathe out ago
Chapter 20: With great talent, comes great responsibility ago
Chapter 21: Living in the sunlight ago
Chapter 22: Perfect score ago
Chapter 23: Like yo momma ago
Chapter 24: The amazing adventures of... ago
Chapter 25: Pornithology ago
Chapter 26: Even Batman wears one, technically ago
Chapter 27: I have a very particular set of skills ago
Chapter 28: Life's a grind ago
Chapter 29: Let the gains begin ago
Chapter 30: We need a montage ago
Chapter 31: I'd catch a grenade (for ya) ago
Chapter 32: It takes a lot, to make a stew ago
Chapter 33: Narc week ago
Chapter 34: Fortune and Glory ago
Chapter 35: Temple Run ago
Chapter 36: Get by with a little help from my friends ago
Chapter 37: The Doghouse ago
Chapter 38: A rose by any other name ago
Chapter 39: Let's pave paradise, and put up a parking lot ago
Chapter 40: Audrey Three ago
Chapter 41: Purple Rain ago
Chapter 42: There's a fine 'lynn between bravery and stupidity ago
Chapter 43: The MOAB ago
Chapter 44: All around me are familiar faces ago
Chapter 45: Don't stop me now ago
Chapter 46: Sweet Victory ago
Chapter 47: May the odds be ever in your favour ago

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A unique take on the litRPG and isekai genres

Being transferred to a game like world is about as generic as you can get these days, but the Author does it in an intelligent and unique way that makes the story very engaging. I can tell a lot of thought was put into the natural laws that make up this new world to make it interesting and for a litRPG system to make sense. It has a nice balance of being alien, magical, and scientific all at once to create a unique atmosphere that I can’t recall having felt before. The author also does a good job at pacing the mysteries and knowledge revealed to us so that it’s not overwhelming yet not frustratingly slow. I highly recommend you give this story a try.

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Good start, keep the momentum

I like it. I like the focus on the main character, the crudeness of the story, the mad grind drive of Emma. Just plain hard work. Everything is explained in concise manner, the tension is almost always kept, and every new page gives a better perspective on the psychology of our girl. The struggle is i real and is definitely felt. Keep this momentum. Good job. 

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Refreshingly different

"I am going to die in this game like dimension" is weird. It matches next to nothing I've really read before. I've read plenty of LitRPGs and comics with Game-elements, yet this feels different. Least of all because it doesn't fit the what you usually think of "Gamers". The MC isn't overpowered (at least not as of chapter 15), things doesn't just roll for the MC, no powerlevelling or having a secret power. The MC toils and fights for every little scrap of survivability in a place that does everything it can to kill. 
The only thing it really reminds me of, is "The Tutorial Is Too Hard" but on a harder difficulty. 


I'm giving it 4/5 stars only because I feel like it's a bit too short at times, especially for the length between the chapters. But other than that, I really like it. 

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This story is an interesting take on game mechanics intruding into the world. The main character is relatable and decently fleshed out so far. The story has a solid foundation being laid each chapter in the form of worldbuilding but no major plot points have been revaeled as yet. This slow build is the only reason the character and story scores are not higher. The story simply hasn't progressed far enough yet to earn a higher score. On the other hand the grammar and style have been solid and consistent with no real issues and are fully deserving of top marks.

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I find the mc kinda vapid

I just read this from chapter 1 to 17, and while the story started out great, it kinda lost it's appeal somewhere in the middle of the 2nd trial. Because I find the trials so stupidly designed, the survivors would be better off learning on their own. I get that the predecessors want to weed people out and only accept the best, but why artificially do this trial shit? If they are so concerned about the resources and stuff, then just let the newcomers arrive in the middle of nowhere and struggle on their own. Instead of artificially making this entire trial complex that clearly isn't well designed. 

1st, what is with all the confidential info, and the you only get 5 minutes to ask questions? Your next trial is to go through a toxic area, you have 1 day to prepare, you know, by improving your breathing, but we won't tell you so you will most likely die for no reason at all. Your 2nd trial is an obstacle course, but it is confidential. By the way, here is your 1st trial rewards, which you can use to buy stuff to make your 2nd trial easier, but we won't tell you what it is. So good luck, your new purchase may be completely useless for you lel. 

2nd, the trial is too specific for the MC. She is a gymnast, so the entire 2nd trial is basically only something gymnasts and assassins can do. And she even resolves to survive to meet Dave and Iron Man after. Like any normal person will be able to complete the trial without her experiences. But you already know a large percent of the survivors will pass, Dave and Iron Man of course, but also Legolas, Steve, and many other nameless characters. So yeah, she only barely passed because the trial is PERFECT for her, and everyone else will pass because plot armor. And what is with the here you have 24 hours to pass through at least 30 trials, where each one will easily break your bones, and if you do, you have to crawl back to the 1st trial to be healed and start all over. Should just be spiked pits beneath all the trials past the 10th really, like anyone can fail, crawl all the way back, and still pass in the time required. And 24 hours for at least 30 trials, MC already passed out for 6 hours, so 18 hours, assuming each trial takes 10 minutes, and every trial she has to rest for 10 minutes to recover, that is already another 10 hours. And she has already done stuff like this in the real world before this.... only plot armor will save everyone else now.

3rd, why are the trials 1 person at a time? The rest of the 300 guys in the starting room basically have 300 days to get used to the toxic air, they already have a huge advantage over the MC in the 1st trial. 

4th, why are the trials so 1 dimensional. Are the people at the end only accepting gymnasts and assassins? There should be many ways to pass the trials based on each person's talents. Weeding people out this way, and this much, the predecessors should be looking to integrate new blood to replenish forces. Get talents. And if they are really cruel enough to kill off 99% of the newcomers, then why not just use them as slaves or resources. If they are so out of resources, why bother making this complex in the 1st place. 


- Ok so I realize that everything is just from MC's PoV, and things might not be happening as she is being told. Nevertheless, the points above still stand, only, it should be the MC questioning these stuff. I can't stand how vacuous the MC is being. Despite pointing out she's not a nerd like the rest of the comicon survivors, she sure acts like it, only more brainless. Anyways, aside from the MC, the story is clearly well written and engaging, and I can't wait to find out what the world outside of the trial complex is like. And meet more characters. 

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I love the fast paced writing style that HC Mills employs to keep the readers on their toes. I look forward to every friday as I can't wait to see the unexpected happen to Emma yet again.

I really like the characters and the way they seem to grow closer as the story unfolds.

I have jokingly referred to this story as a great example of a great and entertaining story you would get if there was a Netflix for the written word. I stand by it.

Damon Jackson
  • Overall Score

The main character is really easy to relate to, the setting is clear to picture, the rules of your world are consistent, I'd love to see this as a full length novel.

  • Overall Score

It's...fine? Not good or bad, just fine.

Take the snarky mental AI companion from Prehistoric Barbarian, a cultivation system with new names taped over everything, a pretty generic LitRPG system with prettier than normal windows, add in a dash of murderous intent and cover everything in [REDACTED], no wait, Classified because writing mystery is hard so the answer is just not to answer any questions.


The writing is clean, the MC is bland, the gammar is consistent, and the emotional tone is lacking. It's fine. Not good, or bad. It's fine. Better than a lot of garbage on this site, but not a gem.

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[I know its just 1 Chapter and ''why are you reviewing it now".

I just wanted to encourage the autor.

Grammar: I haven't found an error

Character/Story: Its promising]


 So, with 4 chapters and the story unveiling i think its time to make a good review.

Style: With my reading experience (which isnt small) i simply can say that i like how this is written. Its a but fast paced, but that doesn't hurt at all.

Story: The story itself is good. Its not the most original but it dont have to be. If you read it you will notice that the plot is well though-out and gets explained bit by bit which simply makes you want for more. 

Grammar: As i'm not a native speaker i won't and can't say much but i didn't notice any flaws so thats a win in my opinion.

And finally,

Character: This is in my opinion the most crucial part of a story. The grammar can be buchered, the plot doesn't advance but if the MC or the other Characters aren't fleshed out and likable. You won't read the story.

And here  the big potential i see in the story. The MC has a personality, the sidecharacters aren't simply puppets and even if there may be changes in the future and prove me wrong, you simply can edit that.


So thank you very much for the story and

keep up the good work laughing

  • Overall Score

Let's be honest I'm already addicted. Can't wait for the next chapter!!