I Am Going To Die (In This Game-Like Dimension)

by HC Mills

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

When mysterious portals start opening up around the world at large events, swallowing everybody, you’d think that would warrant some kind of danger pay when you have to sell hotdogs at a Comic-Con, right? ‘No, of course not; what are the odds of that happening here, out of all the big events in the world?’

Well, Emma was always pretty good at beating the odds when it came to shitty luck.

Now she’s stuck in a strange dimension, where the normal rules don’t seem to apply, together with a costumed crowd who seem strangely happy about this whole thing.

At least, until the first people start dying.

The first two books are now on KU, so except for the sample chapters, they can unfortunately no longer be found on RoyalRoad. ^^'
You can find Book One here: www.books2read.com/whisperingcrystal1
And Book Two here: https://books2read.com/whisperingcrystals2

Meanwhile, this webnovel will continue to its conclusion on this site.
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HC Mills

HC Mills

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3rd Anniversary
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: It sucks to be me ago
Chapter 2: F-10-D-A ago
Chapter 3: Lavi en rose ago
Chapter 82: Boundaries [Start of Book 3] ago
Chapter 83: Up the creek ago
Chapter 84: Four's Company ago
Chapter 85: No man is an island (except, technically, for the Isle of Man) ago
Chapter 86: Troubled waters ago
Chapter 87: Operation let's just kill some friggin' froggos ago
Chapter 88: Synergistic management solutions ago
Chapter 89: Kiss and make up ago
Chapter 90: Cave explorer ago
Chapter 91: I'll just call you Kermit, then ago
Chapter 92: Titanic Tip and Daring Dash ago
Chapter 93: Thanks, but no thanks ago
Chapter 94: A matter of interpretation ago
Chapter 95: Body language ago
Chapter 96: Second star to the right ago
Chapter 97: Espirations ago
Chapter 98: Reallusionary ago
Chapter 99: Poor pirates ago
Chapter 100: No one man should have all that power ago
Chapter 101: The first rule of Goddess ago
Chapter 102: Invisible ago
Chapter 103: The fisher becomes the fished ago
Chapter 104: Word crimes ago
Chapter 105: What do you get when you multiply six by nine? ago
Chapter 106: Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger ago
Chapter 107: Tunnel snakes rule! ago
Chapter 108: Boiling over ago
Chapter 109: Stay in school ago
Chapter 110: Sorry seems to be the hardest word ago
Chapter 111: Electrifying ago
Chapter 112: Absolution ago
Chapter 113: Yip yip ago
Chapter 114: Breaking Free ago
Chapter 115: Endangered ago
Chapter 116: The curious incident of the frog in the night-time ago
Chapter 117: Jacob and Loudmouth's excellent adventure ago
Chapter 118: Good vibrations ago
Chapter 119: Morning glory ago
Chapter 120: Basic Math ago
Chapter 121: Mortal Kombat ago
Chapter 122: Fatality ago
Chapter 123: And thanks for all the fish ago
Chapter 124: Let it B ago
Chapter 125: Operation: Yoink ago
Chapter 126: Marked for abduction ago
Chapter 127: Non-trivial pursuit ago
Chapter 128: Goodbye until tomorrow [End of book 3] ago
Chapter 129: Don't be a lawyer [Start of Book 4] ago
Chapter 130: To sleep, perchance to dream ago
Chapter 131: Child's play ago
Chapter 132: Hello darkness my old friend ago
Chapter 133: The cake is a lie ago
Chapter 134: Baby it's cold outside ago
Chapter 135: The fractured but whole ago
Chapter 136: These are desperate times ago
Chapter 137: Into the unknown ago
Chapter 138: Footloose ago
Chapter 139: Ground control to Major Tom ago
Chapter 140: Miss Communication ago
Chapter 141: Obey gravity; it's the law ago
Chapter 142: Defying gravity ago
Chapter 143: Tag, you're it ago
Chapter 144: Your friendly neighbourhood... ago
Chapter 145: This is gospel ago
Chapter 146: Tell me somethin', girl ago
Chapter 147: Take a hint ago
Chapter 148: In the arms of a squid ago
Chapter 149: Some say love ago
Chapter 150: Happy together ago
Chapter 151: X bird(s) with Y stone(s) [REWRITTEN] ago
Chapter 152: Ratrace ago

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I find the mc kinda vapid

I just read this from chapter 1 to 17, and while the story started out great, it kinda lost it's appeal somewhere in the middle of the 2nd trial. Because I find the trials so stupidly designed, the survivors would be better off learning on their own. I get that the predecessors want to weed people out and only accept the best, but why artificially do this trial shit? If they are so concerned about the resources and stuff, then just let the newcomers arrive in the middle of nowhere and struggle on their own. Instead of artificially making this entire trial complex that clearly isn't well designed. 

1st, what is with all the confidential info, and the you only get 5 minutes to ask questions? Your next trial is to go through a toxic area, you have 1 day to prepare, you know, by improving your breathing, but we won't tell you so you will most likely die for no reason at all. Your 2nd trial is an obstacle course, but it is confidential. By the way, here is your 1st trial rewards, which you can use to buy stuff to make your 2nd trial easier, but we won't tell you what it is. So good luck, your new purchase may be completely useless for you lel. 

2nd, the trial is too specific for the MC. She is a gymnast, so the entire 2nd trial is basically only something gymnasts and assassins can do. And she even resolves to survive to meet Dave and Iron Man after. Like any normal person will be able to complete the trial without her experiences. But you already know a large percent of the survivors will pass, Dave and Iron Man of course, but also Legolas, Steve, and many other nameless characters. So yeah, she only barely passed because the trial is PERFECT for her, and everyone else will pass because plot armor. And what is with the here you have 24 hours to pass through at least 30 trials, where each one will easily break your bones, and if you do, you have to crawl back to the 1st trial to be healed and start all over. Should just be spiked pits beneath all the trials past the 10th really, like anyone can fail, crawl all the way back, and still pass in the time required. And 24 hours for at least 30 trials, MC already passed out for 6 hours, so 18 hours, assuming each trial takes 10 minutes, and every trial she has to rest for 10 minutes to recover, that is already another 10 hours. And she has already done stuff like this in the real world before this.... only plot armor will save everyone else now.

3rd, why are the trials 1 person at a time? The rest of the 300 guys in the starting room basically have 300 days to get used to the toxic air, they already have a huge advantage over the MC in the 1st trial. 

4th, why are the trials so 1 dimensional. Are the people at the end only accepting gymnasts and assassins? There should be many ways to pass the trials based on each person's talents. Weeding people out this way, and this much, the predecessors should be looking to integrate new blood to replenish forces. Get talents. And if they are really cruel enough to kill off 99% of the newcomers, then why not just use them as slaves or resources. If they are so out of resources, why bother making this complex in the 1st place. 


- Ok so I realize that everything is just from MC's PoV, and things might not be happening as she is being told. Nevertheless, the points above still stand, only, it should be the MC questioning these stuff. I can't stand how vacuous the MC is being. Despite pointing out she's not a nerd like the rest of the comicon survivors, she sure acts like it, only more brainless. Anyways, aside from the MC, the story is clearly well written and engaging, and I can't wait to find out what the world outside of the trial complex is like. And meet more characters. 


It's...fine? Not good or bad, just fine.

Take the snarky mental AI companion from Prehistoric Barbarian, a cultivation system with new names taped over everything, a pretty generic LitRPG system with prettier than normal windows, add in a dash of murderous intent and cover everything in [REDACTED], no wait, Classified because writing mystery is hard so the answer is just not to answer any questions.


The writing is clean, the MC is bland, the gammar is consistent, and the emotional tone is lacking. It's fine. Not good, or bad. It's fine. Better than a lot of garbage on this site, but not a gem.


The story concept is mildly interesting, got my click. But the execution and characters, combined with the pop culture referential storytelling does get to me. THe biggest issue ended up being the main character. She just feels so apathetic. From when she firsts arrives and gets sliced by what she calls "knife-grass" to nearly dying, to even after she realized she was still alive. Blander than stale wonderbread.
But analogies aside, everything should be just fine, but she just draws it back seriously with how boring she is. I get it's supposed to be "She's the normal one traveling with all the eccentrically pop-culture toting people" but that doesn't help the reading experience. She has no defining traits, therefore I don't really care for her at all.


Decent so far, but 17 chapters of tutorial

I like this story so far, the MC is likeable and is a hard worker. 

The issue is I was getting bored by chapter 17. It is just a straight grind of death challenges trying to make the MC fail. Granted this is the tutorial, but the tutorial is so damn fuckin long. 

I was just getting bored near the end. Challenge -> MC gets hurt and makes it through -> MC gets stronger -> EVEN HARDER CHALLENGE! -> rinse and repeat.

The tutorial is the same over and over with slightly different challenges. 


A unique take on the litRPG and isekai genres

Being transferred to a game like world is about as generic as you can get these days, but the Author does it in an intelligent and unique way that makes the story very engaging. I can tell a lot of thought was put into the natural laws that make up this new world to make it interesting and for a litRPG system to make sense. It has a nice balance of being alien, magical, and scientific all at once to create a unique atmosphere that I can’t recall having felt before. The author also does a good job at pacing the mysteries and knowledge revealed to us so that it’s not overwhelming yet not frustratingly slow. I highly recommend you give this story a try.

Orion Ares


When I started reading, 13 chapters were released. I meant to read the first three and save ten so I could read two in a week if I really, really wanted to. Well, let's just say by the end of the evening I had to wait until chapter 14 was released to continue... Mills manages to make just the right amounts of things happen: after you read a chapter the story has progressed but you haven't had enough to be able to stop. A ridiculous environment which has been thought out into even the most tiny details of its changed laws of physics, an interestingly odd character, and you are pulled along in her stream of thought. The main character does not immediately become over-powered. Background characters' behavior makes sense. Well-written and witty dialogues.  Gaming terms. What's not to love?


Emma and the Magnificent Deathtrap System in Alien Hi-Tech Survival Space

Reviewed at: Chapter 75: Featherfall

From the world-building side, this is a unique take on the litrpg sci-fi with strange yet self-consistent powers that spiked my curiousity.

From the characterization side, the MC has obvious flaws in a leadership role which make the story's social dyanmics realistic and easy to fall into.  Emma's personality added to my enjoyment of the story.  I don't think I'd have favorited this if her defining trait wasn't a 'let's do this' survivalist, though her social persona is more ditzy.  I didn't find her too smart or too stupid, but i didn't find her bland like the other reviews.

What made me love this story is how crazy their tutorial is and how the system is changing them along the way.  Emma isn't a loner MC, which is a nice contrast to the genre.

Ray The Red

I Am Going To Die (In this Game-like Dimension) is a LitRPG that, for better or for worse, embraces what it is. It takes pride in displaying its stats and health bar displays, which are indeed pretty, but for all that they still do break up the flow of reading - especially on a phone. Of course, thats the nature of the beast, so I can't really fault it for that. The cosistently solid writing keeps one reading though, since the grammar and voice are steady across all 55 chapters. 

The setting is unique not for its fantasy aesthetic, but for the genre hybridization of isekai and battle royal. The trials and tribulations that Emma, our female lead, has to go through are not purely to seperate the wheat from chaff - something that she's not unaware of. That said, she's not always right, doesn't always come out on top, and is a bit too happy to take risks. She's believably flawed, with the exception of the affliction know as "romantic oblivion," something that I thought only affected male protagonists. It as annoying as ever, regardless of gender, and as such the romance is by far the weakest part of the story. 

Where the story shines is in its action, which is well paced and clearly HC Mills' strength. The magic system and rules of engagement in this world are revealed to us in small info packets, in large part through the AI, Suri. As another review pointed out the tutorial covers a total of 17 chapters, and while they are definitely expository, they aren't so front-heavy as to collpase on themselves. Indeed, most of the information is immediately relevant in the challanges she faces, and the bits that are not - the bits that are spefically marked confidential drive the intrigue. The mysterious and ominous reasoning of the Predecessors is a plot point, but as the title implies Emma prioritizes survival over definite answers, and I don't particularly mind this. 

No, I'm here for the journey, not the destination, and so far the journey hasn't dissapointed. A journey thats far from over, Emma and friends having only just arrived in Hub Two, and I, for one, will stick around to see where it take them. Yes, if you're hankereing for a LitRPG that is all around solid without abonding its roots, then 'I am Going to Die (In this Game-like Dimension) is definitely worth a look. 






An intriguing story build upon an overused trope

Reviewed at: Chapter 94: A matter of interpretation

The reviews here don't do the story justice... 

Style score: The story is beautiful and incredibly immersive with all sorts of wonders hidden in the beautiful world the author has created.

Story score: You can see the beginnings of an intricate world. The worldbuilding is simply amazing and is explored and developed alongside the story. The story itself is also more than it appears on the surface with twists and turns that make this more than just a boring linear read. 

Grammar score: You would be hard pressed to find a mistake here and frankly as long as grammatical errors don't break immersion I'm fine with giving this full rating.

Character score: Now here I don't know what to say. At the beginning I would say that some characters felt cardboard copies placed to further the story and give this 3 stars. As I continued reading the story, however, this idea slowly started to thin out and the characters slowly started becoming real. At this point the story's character building is incredibly good. 

Overall: A confident recommendation from me, for whoever wants to read the story. Each chapter draws you more and more deep, and by the end it's 3 am and you can't go to sleep before reading one more chapter.

And I hate how the best review is going on a tangent about specific things of the novel of the first chapters and is even mistaken about them because he didn't read what was actually written. 


The female lead feels like melodramatic teen, ruining the mood and gravity of a situation with her antics and shallow thinking. It oozes selfpity.

The rest of the story is OK.