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Changes in the Black Star Syndicate (1)


Black Star Syndicate's secret headquarters, 2 days ago...

The higher-ups of the Syndicate were all seating on the big table that was in the middle of the room.

There were about 20 people seating, while about 10 other soldiers were wearing unique Armors and carrying highly advanced weapons. These soldiers were by the doors and windows of the room, they were there for the security of the members that were inside.

They were all waiting for the Syndicate's big boss to show up and take his position at the seat in at the center of one of the corners, that was empty at the moment.

The members that were at their seats were all mostly old and middle-aged men, with just a few women, only 3 of them. Almost all of them had a fierce and cold aura around them since they were all soldiers before, but some of them were more calm and calculative.

Sound of hurriedly whispers traveled in the isolated room.

All of them were called for an emergency meeting, but they had no ideas as to why.

Even though the Syndicate's big boss had some power over them, they could still choose to not give any face to the boss, and just don't come.

But no one of those sly and cautious people in the room would buy a fight with a member of their group without some kind of blood debt or something.

They all stopped what they were doing the moment they heard footsteps coming from outside.

Their eyes were unconsciously drawn toward the person that slowly opened the door.

As their eyes landed on the figure that emerged from the double doors, most of those present frowned and glared at the blonde young man that entered the room with reproachful looks.

"Jason, what are you doing here?" One of the members stood up said with a deep voice at the young man. "We are currently in an important reunion, this isn't time to play around. Go call your father."

Jason looked at the speaker and flashed a smile at him, "My father... won't be leading this reunion..."

"What do you mean?" The higher up squinted his eyes at Jason's comment. "Didn't Trevis Silverhand call us here?"

"No, he didn't." Jason answered calmly while casually sitting on the main chair. "I did."

As soon as his voice dropped, whispers exploded once again in the room.


Another person hit the table with a fist. It was such a strong hit that the table that was made with a sturdy wood wasn't able to handle and cracked.

"Bring Trevis here, Jason Silverhand, we don't have time to play. Time is money." He said with an angry voice.

His aura was intense and filled with killing intent. It was evident that he was a seasoned soldier that had his fair share of blood in his hands.

However, Jason remained unfazed by being hit directly from that threatening aura.

"Captain Erty, don't go around damaging the property of this room." Jason said with a faint, playful smile on his face.

"Enough!" The man named as Erty stood up from his chair. "Punk, if your father doesn't show up now, I'll be taking my leave."

It was clear that this person has short-tempered and easily angered.

Jason kept his silence and continued looking at Erty with the smile in his face widening after each second.

Once he saw that Trevis wasn't going to come, Erty angrily turned around and snorted, "I'll be taking my leave. Since that fucker doesn't respect me, why would I respect him?"

He was about to reach the door when all the guards in the room lifted their weapons and unceremoniously aimed at Erty.

"You're free to go, but..." Jason's smile slowly turned frosty and made several of the people in the room shudder, "...don't think you are going to keep your life if you do so."

Erty knew better than fight when he doesn't have the upper hand, so he let go of the door and angrily glared at Jason. "What does this mean, Jason? Has your father gone insane this time and decided to kill all of us and take the total power to himself?!" He started to laugh and threw a mocking side glance at Jason. "My men are loyal just to me, and me alone. If I die here, they would surely rebel against your father."

Some of the people frowned when they heard Erty and turned their heads to Jason, wanting answers about what was happening.

"It's very simple. The reason why I called all of you here is to call for voting." Jason said while playing with a pen he found on top of the table.

"Voting?" Erty unconsciously asked, "What for? Wait..." Erty soon realized something wrong. "Why are you calling for voting? You aren't even a member of the Syndicate, you are just Travis's child, a powerless kid."

"Exactly, good that you pointed it out for me." Jason's eyes flashed with an unknown light as he spoke word by word, "We are going to vote about a change in the leadership. My father has suffered an... accident. And thus is unable to act as the representative anymore. He appointed me as the new boss. The voting is just a pleasantry, I'm already the boss-"


"What did you say?!" This time the one who struck the table was another person. This one was way older than the first one. His face was contorted in anger as his threatening eyes fixated at Jason. "What does your father see us as!? Call that motherfucker here immediately, bastard."

The moment Jason heard the word bastard, his eyes immediately became frosty, and his smile disappeared.

"Jason, can you better explain what is happening to us?" A graceful middle-aged woman stood up from her chair with difficulty using her supporting cane.

Of the 20 people in the room, 12 stood up and started questioning Jason.

The eight that were left sitting threw mocking glances at the ones that were questioning Jason. They became very energetic and were waiting, waiting to watch a good show.

"Sara, you want so badly to see my father?"

"Yes, bring him to us, bastard." The old man arrogantly said while looking with disgust at Jason.

The woman, Sara, threw a reproachful glance at the old man, but still nodded, indicating that she also wanted to meet with Travis.

"Alright, bring him in," Jason said with a faint voice towards the door he had entered.


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