“Force yourself down my throat!” Eldertits yelled mockingly at Rondo while holding onto his leg.  “Choke me until I can’t take it anymore!”

The two of them burst into laughter and hysteria.  We were back at the hotel and this particular skit had gone on all night until we had gone to bed and now they had resumed it in the morning.  

I scowled over at them irritated.  It was bad enough that it had actually happened but now I had watched it on replay about nine times.  At least Elaria hadn’t gotten in on the joke, but she wasn’t really the joking type.

“We should get going,” I snapped at them, “Turin isn’t going to rescue himself.”  

“He just might,” Eldertits said between laughs, “if he ends up choking this Viltria until she just can’t take it anymore.”  

Rondo howled with laughter and I walked out the door.  Screw them, if they were going to sit around all day laughing about our run-in with Chane, I would just rescue Turin on my own.  I quickly walked down the hall and down the staircase.

“Ryland, wait!” Eldertits yelled running to catch up with me.  “Look I’m sorry, it was just so damned funny. Come on if you had been in our shoes, you know you would be laughing too.”   

I glared at her and continued walking.  She was right of course and I hated her for that.  I had to admit the whole scene was probably funny as hell from an outside perspective, but as the one who ran around half naked and then had a sadomasochistic psychopath throw herself at me, I really wasn’t in the laughing mood.  

“Look, I’m sorry, I really am,” Eldertits said jogging to keep up with my pace which had quickened.  “Please don’t be mad. You’re a great friend and I don’t want you mad at me, it was just a funny situation.”  

I stopped and sighed before saying, “Ok just please stop reenacting it, It was bad enough the first time for me, I don’t want to keep reliving it.”  

“Okay, okay,” Eldertits said, “I’ll stop, we’ll stop.  Can you wait for a moment, please? We have to be very careful in this city, I don’t think Elaria is having the time of her life either.”  

“Sure,” I said sulking.  

Eldertits turned around and headed back to our room presumably to gather the other two.  I knew they had to be careful and Elaria really hated it here. The whole pretending to be a slave in front of dark elves was probably slowly killing her on the inside.  I smiled to myself thinking of this and then scowled. I was really no better than Tits and Rondo, taking pleasure in the misery of others for my amusement.

A minute later the three of them met me outside of the hotel.  Rondo was once again leading Elaria with the rope around her neck again and Eldertits still had her cloak of concealment on which she hadn’t taken off since we had gotten near the city.  I’m pretty sure she even slept in it last night.

“Let's go to that slavers’ hall like the guard suggested yesterday,” I said beginning to walk down the street towards the ramp to the next tier of the city.  “The guard says it was on level two, so up we go.”

Tier two it turned out was also pretty large.  We had no trouble getting through the gate to this level from the first tier.  I got the feeling that traffic wasn’t very regulated between the first and second levels.  Once we got to the second tier though we had no idea where to head and it wasn’t like there was a sign that said slavers’ hall this way.  

The street up here was pretty crowded with dark elves going about their business and I knew I could probably ask someone for directions but I didn’t want to draw any more attention to our party that absolutely necessary and as a group, we already drew a fair amount of attention.

“Any idea which way the slavers’ hall is?” I asked the other three knowing they probably wouldn’t have a clue.  

All three replied that they didn’t have a clue which way it was.  I sighed and decided that I would just have to ask and hope that it didn’t end up causing us any more trouble.  

I strode over to a group of dark elves standing just to the right of the gate and asked, <excuse me, would any of you have directions to the slavers’ hall?>

Five of them turned and looked down at me.  Why were all of these elves, dark or light, so damned tall?

<Why do you need to get to the slavers’ hall, selling yourself to pay for some debts?> a tall one on the right asked.  

I motioned over towards my group of friends and said, <We’ve got an elf to sell, I’ve heard they’re a pretty hot commodity down here.>

<Well would you look at this,> the dark elf said walking over to the group, <it looks like one of our pure sisters has gotten herself caught by some humans, how pathetic.>  

The rest of the group and I followed him over.  Reaching out with his left hand he attempted to stroke Elaria’s cheek but she snarled at him and jerked back before he could reach her.  She then started to attack him and then realized where she was and what she was doing so she stopped in mid punch.

“Looks like you haven’t done a very good job breaking this one,” the dark elf said in common much to my surprise.  

Rondo scowled and jerked the rope back violently.  It caught Elaria unaware and she lost her balance and fell to the ground clawing at the rope around her neck.  

“What have I told you about respecting others,” Rondo started in a faux southern gentleman accent, “Woman, you fixin’ for a beatin’ or something? I’m awful sorry mister, these pale-skinned sluts are like wild horses as my grandpappy used to say, they’re difficult to break but once you do break em’ they’re perfect to ride.”  

The dark elf stared for a moment and then laughed at what Rondo had said.  I breathed out silently in relief. That had almost been a disaster.

“I think your grandpappy was onto something there,” The dark elf said smiling at Rondo, “What’s your name stranger?”  

“It’s Midnight Rondo,” Rondo said nodding his head towards the stranger, “and the animal is Elaria.  Elaria now don’t you have something to say to me?”

Elaria who had just gotten back to her feet scowled and gritted her teeth at Rondo before saying in possibly her flattest voice possible, “I’m sorry Massa, please forgive me, Massa, I won’t embarrass you again Massa.”

I would have laughed at her utter lack of remorse or enthusiasm for the role if not for the five strangers standing with us who might not like this “slave’s” attitude.  

“Darn tootin’ you won’t or I’ll beat you within an inch of your life,” Rondo said threatening her.

Rondo was actually making up for Elaria’s failure in this role by absolutely crushing being an over the top dickish southern slave owner.  Of course, these dark elves had no idea what the south was or what Rondo was referencing so I wasn’t completely sure if this was going to work.  

“Well friend,” the dark elf said to Rondo, “it looks like you at least know what you’re doing.  If you’re looking for the slavers’ hall turn right at the second street on the right and head about five blocks down.  You shouldn’t miss it.”

“Thank y’all very much,” Rondo replied to the elves before leading the rest of us away from the group.  

Once we were out of earshot I said to him, “I can’t believe that actually worked.  

“I told you,” Tits said butting in, “the southern slave and slave owner thing always works, you’ve just got to own it and people will believe.”  

“I’m going to kill you all,” Elaria muttered quietly to the rest of us.  

Rondo looked abashed and said, “Elaria, I’m sorry about jerking you off and for saying all those things to you back there.  I hope you know I was just saying that to keep those men from suspecting you’re not actually a slave.”

She looked at Rondo for a moment and then turned and continued walking.  This caused Rondo to have to quickly hurry after her or otherwise she would end up clotheslining herself on the rope again.  

Leaning over I whispered to Tits, “If you ever reenact this, she will probably cut your tongue out and strangle you with it.”  

“Oh don’t worry, I wouldn’t do something so heartless as to keep reminding someone of an embarrassing moment in their life,” Eldertits replied winking at me.  

“You know that you’re an ass, right?” I asked Eldertits as we followed the other two down the street.  

“I know that I’ve got a fine ass,” she replied attempting to stick her ass out but I don’t think it worked quite how she envisioned it. In large part, this was due to the thick cloak that was draped over it.  

I rolled my eyes at her and said, “one of these days that mouth of yours is going to get you into trouble.”  

“Maybe I like trouble,” she said smiling under her hood.  

“Yeah I suppose you do,” I replied and shoving her shoulder lightly I added, “please try NOT to get us killed in this slavers’ hall.  I have a feeling the kind of people that hang out in such a place are not going to be very friendly.”

“We’re considering blacks people now?” she replied in feigned surprise.

“Jesus Tits, let's not repeat things Elaria says about dark elves, a lot of them actually seem like good people, Chane aside.”  

“I can give you three-fifths of a person but the Aryan in me won’t allow it to go any higher,” Tits responded laughing at her own joke.  

“You’re incorrigible, I give up,” I said shrugging my shoulders and speeding up to catch up with Rondo and Elaria.  

We had a thankfully quiet journey the rest of the way to the slavers’ hall, which just like the dark elf had said was obvious when we reached it.  It was really just a huge open-air pavilion with posts that slaves could be tied to. A couple desks stood near the entrance for transactions.

I spent far too much time pondering why they would even both to build a pavilion for this since they didn’t have to worry about sunlight or rain underground, but I figured they must have had their reasons for it.

As our group approached the pavilion a clerk sitting at the front desk looked up and addressed us, <Do you have a slave to post? A standard posting fee of fifteen gold will apply.>  

Rondo just looked at him stupidly and after a moment the clerk repeated what he had said in common.

“Ah thank you, but no thank you,” Rondo replied to him.  “We have actually procured this particular merchandise at the request of Lady Viltria, but we are looking for assistance in locating her estate.”  

“Ah if it is Lady Viltria you are looking for, her estate lies at the far eastern end of tier three.  If you show the guards proof of this request they will let you through and direct you to her estate,” The clerk said and went back to working on his papers.  

“Therein lies our problem, I foolishly left the letter requesting this slave at home, so I won’t be able to show proof to the guards,” Rondo said with a pained expression on his face.

Damn Rondo was really good at this, if I didn’t know he was making this all up I would have believed him.  He either must have heavily invested in skills that deceived people or I was just really bad at this.

“Ah,” the clerk said, “Well that does present a problem, perhaps you would like to post it here.  I assure you that you will get a very good price.”

Without missing a beat Rondo replied, “I’m sure I would get a very good price, but I’m a merchant of my word and I dare not sell Lady Viltria’s merchandise to another.  You understand of course. Are you sure there is nothing we can do, I must deliver this to the lady our my business reputation will suffer.”

“I’m sorry sir, but there is nothing that I can do for you, if you would please excuse me I have a lot of work to do,” the clerk said dismissing us.  

Rondo clenched his fist in frustration and mouthed, “What now?”  

Eldertits walked up to the desk, summoned her axe and rested it heavily on the clerk’s desk and said, “please my boss is a very important man and you must know someway we can reach Lady Viltria.”  

The clerk and several other workers looked up at the axe which had thudded loudly on the desk.  From the axe, he looked at the robed figure of Eldertits behind it and scowled.

“Are you threatening me?” He asked looking angry. “This establishment does not tolerate threats or violence and I will call our guards if you do not withdraw immediately.”  

“That wasn’t a threat, but this is,” Eldertits hissed leaning into towards the clerk, “If you don’t help us out I will cut your balls off and shove them down your throat and then I will tie you to a post and sell you into slavery.”  

The clerk’s face grew slowly angrier as she spoke and by the time she had finished he looked like he was about to burst.  I don’t think Eldertits’ intimidation was working on this man and now all hell was probably about to break loose.

“How dare you!” the clerk shouted, “A dark elf can only be the master, not the slave.  We were made superior to all other races. Guards, guards please remove these humans and their pet from our establishment!”  

Two heavily armed guards came up from behind the desk and grabbed Eldertits by the arms.  They attempted to pull her but she didn’t move and just stood there staring at the clerk from under her hood.  

“Please ma’am,” one of the guards said.  “If you’ll just come with us and leave peacefully we won’t have to use force.”  

“Tits,” I hissed, “let's just go, this is a dead end, we’ll figure out another way.”

“How dare you!” Tits yelled at the clerk after a long pause.  “I’ve seen you sitting there staring at my voluptuous breasts this whole time.  I’ll have you know I’m a married woman and my husband is right here.”

She tilted her head towards me and all the heads turned to look and me.  What the hell are you doing Tits? You’re going to get us killed, or worse, captured.  

The irritation on my face must have been showing because one of the guards holding Eldertits’ arms said to me, “Please sir, I think it’s best if we escort you, your wife, and your companions away from here.”  

“No,” Eldertits said firmly, “I want to speak to the manager, this employee has been inappropriate since we walked over here.”  

“I am the manager, and I have done no such thing!” the clerk roared.  “This woman is insane, I do not have time to deal with crazy humans, please take them away.”

He motioned for the guards to take her away and they tried to but it didn’t seem like they could actually make Eldertits move.  Her strength must have been equal to or better than their combined strength.

“Oh and now you insult my people! Eldertits said loudly so everyone in the vicinity could hear.  “First you’re rude to my boss, then you leer at me pervertedly in front of my husband, and now you insult my people.  I had heard that dark elves were a very tolerant people, but clearly, from your example, this is not true.”

There was a general murmuring in the crowd of dark elves around us at this and the clerk began looking a little uncomfortable.  I felt bad for the clerk, there was no one I knew who was more comfortable playing to a crowd than Eldertits. She spent at least half of her time saying outrageous things or making things up for an audience and if there was a line that you shouldn't cross, she was going to cross it.  It really wasn’t a fair playing field.

“Would you quiet down,” the clerk said softly to her.  

This was a mistake and Eldertits didn’t let it go unpunished because she said loudly, “I will not be quiet for you or any man.  I will not be silenced because just because I am a woman or a human, how dare you even try to!”

More murmurs broke out from the gathering dark elves and the clerk looked even more uncomfortable at this point.  I for one couldn’t believe Eldertits’ bullshit actually seemed to be having an effect. I guess if you spend all of your time spinning bullshit some of it eventually sticks somewhere..  

“Look, if you’ll just be quiet I will take all of you to the estate of Lady Viltria,” the clerk hissed at her with embarrassed murder in his eyes.  

“That will be quite agreeable for me, thank you, sir,” Eldertits said loudly and vanished her axe.  

She pulled her arms free from the guards and stepped over to me smiling wickedly under her hood.  The clerk stood up and walked around his desk motioning for both the guards and us to follow him as he began walking back down the street towards the main thoroughfare.  

Eldertits hugged my right arm and rested her head against my shoulder as the group of us followed the clerk.  

“Why do you have to drag me into these things?” I asked her quietly.  

“It’s more fun roleplaying when I can get more people in the group involved,” Eldertits said and then added, “Why do you not like being my husband?”

“Well it’s not true, we’re not married, I just don’t see the point of it,” I said to her.  

She smiled mischievously and asked, “Well if you don’t like husband I could always say you’re my father.  Would you like that daddy?”

I shuddered remembering her performance at house Parthanuun and quickly said, “Husband is fine.”

We followed the clerk the rest of the way down the street and then turned up the main street and made our way all the way up the ramp to the third tier where guards at the gate stopped all of us.  The clerk spoke quietly to the guards and a moment later they motioned for all of us to pass.

We went under the gate and made our way into the third tier of Maleuhur.  I could immediately tell that we had entered a higher class neighborhood. All of the houses here were large, tall, and many of them had gated grounds.  The shops lining the main street had large windows displaying fine goods such as quality weaponry or jewelry.

“Won’t you buy me a house in this neighborhood?” Eldertits asked me.  

I looked down at her.  She looked ridiculous. She was taller than me so she literally had to bend her body awkwardly to even rest her head against my shoulder.  Aside from that, she was wearing a hooded cloak and I couldn’t see most of her face.

“Absolutely not,” I said.  

“You’re the worst husband, you never let me have anything I want,” she said pretending to pout.  

I sighed and didn’t respond.  Sometimes you were better off ignoring Eldertits than responding to her.  Actually, this was probably true most of the time.

The clerk took us almost all the way to the ramp for the fourth level before he turned down a road on our left.  This road was clearly just residential because all I could see down it were large multi-storied homes.

We walked all the way to the end of the street, which wasn’t particularly long, and stopped in front of a large circular three-story home.  It had long dark windows that were semi-circular at the top and was made out of the same black metal that every other building in the city was made out of.  At the apex of the building, a large purple flame was burning which cast light over the dark wrought iron fence that surrounded the grounds.

“This is the estate of Lady Viltria,” the clerk said gesturing at the house.  “If you will excuse me now, I have work to get back to.”

The clerk turned and left without waiting for a response from us.  His two guards quickly followed after him and soon the four of us were left alone at the end of the street looking up at the enormous house in front of us.  

As soon as the clerk and his two guards were out of earshot I asked, “We’ve located her house, so what now?”  

“Now,” Eldertits said matter of factly, “We break-in and locate Turin.”  

“How do you propose we do that?” I asked in retort, “We’ve got a spiked wrought iron fence between us and the house and even if we get passed that all of the windows look like they are sealed shut.”  

“Oh in this world there’s always a way,” she said smiling underneath her hood. “Let's walk the perimeter and see what we find.”  

Eldertits took off around the edge of the fence and the rest of us followed.  There was a narrow gap between the fence of Lady Viltria’s home and the one next to it which we squeezed through.  One advantage of the wrought iron fence was that it made scouting the place pretty easy as we could easily see through it.  

We reached the back corner of the property when Eldertits pointed and said, “There.”

High above us, on the third floor of the building, was a small balcony jutting out from the back of the building.  At that height, a person could probably stand out there and get a fantastic view of the lower levels of the city.

“Alright that seems straightforward enough, we climb up the side of the building and go in through that balcony,” I said. “Does anyone have experience climbing over a wrought iron fence?”

“These are easy,” Rondo said removing the rope from around Elaria’s neck and stashing it in his inventory.  “Someone toss me a bedroll.”

I summoned my bedroll and threw it over to him.  He proceeded to stick the bedroll on the spiked top of one section of the fence.  Now instead of sharp metal points, there was a cushioned soft top.

“Now don’t put to much weight on that or you may end up getting stuck, but if you’re gentle and quick it should keep you from getting poked,” Rondo said to the group.  “Who wants to go first? I’ll boost you up.”

He knelt down next to the fence and made a small platform with his hands that someone could use to step on.  Tits didn’t even bother to say anything, she just swiftly walk over and put one foot on his hands and then leaped.  She quickly rolled over the top of the bedroll and landed on the other side.

“Nice,” I said, “I’ll go next.”

I put my foot on Rondo’s hands and leaped grabbing the bedroll with both of my arms.  I pulled but my hands kept slipping and my feet floundered underneath me with nothing to push against.  Tits had made this look so easy, but once again I proved my incompetence to the group as I struggled with what I had thought was going to be a simple task.  

Rondo and Elaria must have seen me struggling because a moment later I felt hands pushing up from underneath my rear end.  My body surged and I quickly went up and over the fence and fell sideways onto the hard ground below. I landed with an oomph but was otherwise okay.  

By the time I stood up Rondo had already helped Elaria up and over the fence.  She, of course, had landed perfectly on her feet. Sometimes I hate these people.  

I had questioned how Rondo was going to get over when no one else was left on his side of the fence but this was answered moments later when Eldertits stuck her hands through the fence and created a small platform for him to step on.  Just like Tits and Elaria, Rondo quickly cleared the fence with no problems. Prick.

“Alright, everybody ready for the next phase?” Rondo asked pulling the bedroll off of the fence and handing it to me.  “I think Elaria and I should free climb it again and we’ll lower a rope down for you two.”

Elaria nodded her approval at Rondo and the four of us crossed the short way over to base of the house.  The two of them then proceeded to spider climb up the outer wall until they reached the balcony and climbed over.  

Moments later a rope was lowered down to us I began climbing up.  Compared to the black gate this climb was a lot easier. The surface of this home was a lot more even and straight.  The last part of the climb going from the wall to the balcony was a little tricky but really I thought I did rather well for me.  

Once I climbed up and onto the balcony, I could see that there was a double glass door leading into an unoccupied bedroom beyond which was elaborately furnished.  Elaria and Rondo were standing off to the side and looking down at the city.

Following their gaze, I looked out and over the lower levels of the city.  I had been right earlier, the view was amazing. The purple flames dancing on the rooftops contrasted beautifully against the black metal of the buildings.  It all made for a mesmerizing and spectacular sight.

Eldertits came over the balcony moments later signaling an end to our sightseeing.  Elaria went over and grabbed the rope, which she had anchored to the railing, and vanished it into her inventory.  Going over to the door I turned the handle and slowly pulled it open.

There wasn’t really much to see in here that I hadn't already seen from the outside.  It was a large bedroom with a closed doorway on the other side of the room. The four of us slowly entered the room trying not to make much noise.  

“So now what?” Rondo asked, “We sneak around and locate this Turin while hopefully not disturbing the dark elf that owns the place.”

“Pretty much,” Eldertits responded and then added, “Shit it’s dark as in here, can one of you light a torch?”  

“No,” Elaria responded flatly without adding any other explanation.  

“No?” Eldertits asked incredulously.  

“No, if we light a torch, Viltria will easily see that someone has broken into her home,” Elaria said, “We will have to use what little light gets in from the outside.”

“Great so we’re just going to blindly sneak up on her,” Eldertits responded annoyed.  

“I’m opening the next door,” I said walking over and placing my hand on the doorknob.

I twisted it and the door opened into a dim hallway.  Slowly I exited the room and crept into the hallway with the others following behind me.  If the lighting had been poor in the bedroom, it was atrocious in this hallway. I could barely make out the outline of doors as I crept forward.  The hallway itself seemed to be built in something of a curve that followed the structure of the building.

Once we reached the first door I motioned for the others to form up on it and then gripped the doorknob tightly.  If there was a dark elf sorceress or a trap on the other side of this door we were wholly unprepared to encounter them.  I counted down from three with my fingers and then pulled open the door.

The room turned out to be a small library and a reading room but had nothing else of interest in it.  Certainly not any captive elves. I closed the door softly and we moved further on down the hall following a similar procedure on the next three doors we came too.  These rooms were in order: a conservatory that had both excellent lighting and an assortment of plants, a study, and what appeared to be a room for brewing potions.

The latter room was complete with a chimney and cauldron, though how smoke escaped this underground city was beyond me but maybe the dark elves had built in some sort of ventilation system.  Air got all the way down here, so logically there had to be a way for smoke to get out.

At the end of this hallway, we discovered a staircase that I narrowly avoided falling down before I caught myself on the banister.  We followed the staircase which slowly circled downwards and reached the next level of the house.

We ended up leaving the first door open that we came to on this floor in order to let in some of the light from outside.  It was a bedroom with nothing unique about it. The next room we came to was a small sitting room followed by another bedroom.  

After we passed this second bedroom I began to notice faint yellow light coming from down the hall.  This had to be coming from some artificial source such as a lamp because all of the light I had seen so far in Maleuhur was from the purple rooftop fires.  I was also pretty certain that if we followed this light it would lead us to Turin because without some light a regular elf would make a pretty useless slave.  

We ended up checking the next three rooms on this floor even though I could tell the light wasn’t coming from them. Viltria might have been in one and we didn’t want to get caught from behind by her.  She wasn’t hiding in them and they held nothing of interest for us so we simply moved on and reached another downward staircase.

The light had gotten brighter by now and was clearly coming from the floor below.  I stop and listened carefully and thought I heard some moaning. Perhaps Turin was whimpering down below.  Slowly I snuck down the stairs trying not to make a sound and when I reached the landing of the floor below I saw where the light was coming from. It was flooding out of an arched opening about ten feet ahead on my right.  

The four of us crept up next to this archway and peaked inside.  The room past this archway was clearly a large living room judging by its furnishing.  There was a standing lamp next to a large couch and on this couch, a beautiful, naked, female, dark elf was leaning back, gripping her left breast, and holding a leash with her other hand. Little moans of pleasure escaped her mouth which was tilted up towards the ceiling and I could see that her gray nipples were hard.  The leash lead down towards her groin and attached itself to the neck of a collared elf who’s on mouth seemed to be busy at work between her legs.

I think we’ve found both Turin and Viltria but this was abhorrent. Viltria was using and forcing the captive Turin to pleasure her.  I can’t imagine being forced to do something like this against my will. This bitch needs to die.

I was struggling to come up with the best way to express my disgust over the situation when Eldertits whispered, “This is kinda hot, maybe we should just watch for a bit.”  

“Yeah, she’s sexy as hell,” Rondo whispered back.  

What the hell was wrong with my companions!  Could they not see that poor Turin was being forced to do this.  

Angrily I whispered back, “This is disgusting, what’s the matter with you two?”

“Jesus, Ryland,” Eldertits snapped back, “Don’t be such a prude and let us enjoy this, you don’t have to watch.”

“Can you not see the problem here?” I asked still angry.  

I was about to answer my own question when Elaria cut in, “She’s black, it is disgusting.”  

“Oh my god, No!” I snapped raising my voice.  “What is wrong with all of you?”

Silence followed my outburst and I knew immediately that I had screwed up because the moans coming from the other room had suddenly ceased.

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YonEye @YonEye ago

watched it on reply > replay

far to much > too

Elaria’s intimidation > Eldertits'

grabbed Elaria by the arms > Eldertits

I snapped raising my voice > another idiot moment

so . . . Turin ran away to be with her?

Quantum_Mechanic @Quantum_Mechanic ago

Rod Iron Fence -> Wrought Iron Fence

Dwwolf @Dwwolf ago

The 3/5ths compromise was actually included because the more northern states didnt want to count the slaves as residents for the census at all. They had less of them you see.