Beast God



Chapter 22- Tuk Explains Things


First thing that Ben thought when he first met Tuk was, ‘He has to be part troll.’


Cloey and Ben reacted quickly, she uncorked her wineskin and Ben pulled out his swords. Ben was curious on where Duke was doing and tried to contact him.


‘Duke are you alright?’


‘No Master, I can't move.’ Duke answered back.


Anger swelled up in Ben, “What did you do to Duke!?” he yelled at Tuk, taking a step towards him with swords pointed at him.


“Don't worry the little pup is fine.” Tuk said with a smile, not threatened by Ben at all. “Why don't we all sit down and have a little chat, okay?” he gestured towards the dining room table.


Ben looked at Cloey and she gave a slight nod. Walking over he sat at the opposite side of the table to where Tuk sat, Cloey sat next to him.


“Well it's a pleasure finally meeting you Ben. I have had my eye on you since you choose Beast Warrior as your class.” Tuk’s voice was warm and welcoming.


“Since then? So Green works for you?” Ben shivered, remembering the sadistic woman.


“Now don't be too hard on Little Green. Her test might have been extreme but you came out stronger in the end.” Tuk said, knowing what she did to Ben had left a tiny scar.


“Whatever you say.”


“Good, now listen up. What I am about to tell you is important. You know about the gods from ancient civilisations right?” he asked Ben.


“Umm like Zeus and stuff?” he answered confused.


“Yes exactly. Well they are real. I'm not saying all of them are real but most. Most of them died in the war but some are still alive and kicking. And all of them are on Earth right now.” Tuk explained.


“Sounds about right.” Ben answered nonchalant.


“... that's your reaction?” Tuk looked shocked at his lack of shock.


“Well before this new world came to be, I was somewhat of an atheist. But when this shit started happening I knew that there must be a higher power of something. I thought that ancient civilizations were just unevolved and needed a reason for lightning or why the moon turns red but it turns out gods are real. So I guess I owe every religious person I mocked an apology.” Ben explained. He never really dismissed a higher being, he just thought if a higher being did exist that it wouldn't give a shit if you had sex before marriage or cheated on a test.


“Umm okay. Well those old gods are on Earth right now choosing their champions basically. You are who I choose.” Tuk smiled proudly at Ben, as if he was a prize.


“You're a god?” Ben asked incredulous.


“Not only a god, a very powerful one at that. I picked you for many reasons but the main one was that you were recognized by the Beast Warrior class. A class that I was also recognized with.” Tuk said, giving a strange smile.


“Okay, cool. So what do we do now?”


Tuk shot an annoyed glance towards Ben. He was a respected warrior throughout the universe but this brat is not giving him a second look.


“Other gods have given their champions a blessing or a weapon. I will give you neither. I will give you knowledge.” Tuk simply said.


“Knowledge eh? Well I guess knowledge is power.” Ben muttered.


In his head he was calling out this old man for being a cheap son of bitch.


“First off, let's talk about your battle. You made one almost fatal decision during your battle. Can you figure out what it was?” Tuk asked.


Ben’s brows bunched up as he thought deeply about the fight against the zombies.


“Dropping my sword, even though it was a seemed like a smart move at the time, it wasn't in the end. My Sword Mastery skill is for dual wielding, my skill with a single sword is significantly lower. Which hindered my power in turn.” Ben gave his honest opinion about the fight.


“Not bad.” Tuk smiled, glad the boy figured it out.


“There are two main divisions in classes, Warrior and Mage. Warrior's take in natural energy from their surroundings and absorb it into their bodies. Refining and strengthening their bodies. The natural energy that is absorbed by their bodies is turned into Internal Energy. This energy can strengthen your fist and create armour to protect yourself. It can also be used to strengthen weapons. Its limitations are that it loses power the farther it is from your body. That’s why majority of warrior's are close combat.” Tuk clenched his fist as a semi transparent energy covered his fist.


“Why do I have such terrible control over my energy then?” Ben asked curious about why he couldn't control the energy in his body.


“Shush. I’ll answer your questions after I am done.” Tuk said, shutting him down, “Mages, like this Snow Elf, absorb natural energy as well, but they don't refine their bodies with it. They turn it into mana, which is a type of energy that allows them to manipulate it better. Mana is used for their spells, which can very into almost anything you can imagine. They are also able to create a stone wall to defend or cast large area destructive spells that can wipe out an army.”


Ben looked towards Cloey is fear, ‘Would she be capable of this in the future?’


Seeing Ben looking at her in fear, she gave a smug smile.


“Now let's talk about element attributes. Everyone is born with an attribute. These attributes give the Internal Energy and Mana the characteristics of the element. The Snow Elf for example was born with a high affinity with ice. Making it easier to use ice spells and freeze her opponent. She can still use other elements in spells but they won't be as powerful as ice. Warrior's attribute is a bit different. The Internal Energy will always have the elements characteristics in it. Meaning warrior's can't start use earth when their affinity is water.”


You on the other hand have two elements, that come from your eyes. This makes you somewhat special. Most warrior's with two elements would have to create two seperate energy pools in their bodies so the two elements don't collide. This makes their initial progress slower but they have more variability in battle. You already have your elements separated into two pools, your eyes. That's why you injured yourself badly when you were practicing and used both elements at the same time. They clashed in you body causing your injury.” Finishing his explantation Tuk folded his hands across his chest.


Ben digested what he had been told.


“But wait, if Internal Energy and Mana come from Natural Energy, why am I able to absorb Natural Energy to heal myself?” Ben asked confused.


“First I want you to absorb Natural Energy while using your left eye. This will tell me if my theory is right or not.” Tuk waited for Ben to start.


“Fine.” Ben activated his skill and his left eye.


Natural Energy around the room slowly started to move towards Ben. His eye was crackling with bright blue sparks. The sparks grew larger and larger until they came from his entire body and not just his eye.


“Okay enough!” Tuk shouted okay the lightning.


Ben stopped, and felt exhaustion overcome his body, almost falling out of his chair he felt someone grab him. Cloey grabbed his arm, stopping him from falling out of his chair.


“Thank you.” Ben whispered.


Not replying, Cloey retracted her hands and looked away from Ben.


“Just like I thought, incredible.” Tuk nodded his head in amazement, “Mekata Eyes truly are amazing. By absorbing Natural Energy and activating an eye at the same time you are strengthening that eye.”


“What?” Ben asked, confused for what seemed like the hundredth time today.


“Okay each eye is a pool. Everytime you use the eye, you use the water in the pool. Of course the water will come back gradually but when you use Natural Energy and your eyes it slowly makes the pool bigger and bigger. That's what your percentage means on your status panel, how big your pool is.” Tuk explained slowly.


“Your eyes plus your Inherited ability are a match made in heaven. Without your skill it would take years to control your elements. You'd have to do what you were doing before and slowly master the control. Now you can be far ahead of everyone.” Tuk stopped his explanation and looked into Bennett’s eyes.


“You can be strong Ben. This planet isn't your end, it's only your beginning.”


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