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Henry is off on a class trip with his fellow students, however, an accident caused the whole class to be transported into another world. In the process Henry finds himself seperated and in the body of cadet Lucid Gracile. Thrown into an unknown modern world filled with magic and powerful monsters named hyres Henry, as Lucid, must learn how to wield magic from the bottom up in hopes to travel the dangerous land to search for his fellow friends and classmates while battling the deep fear of losing himself as he lives through Lucid.

Will he find his friends before its too late?

One chapter a week releasing on Sunday!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Way To The Class Camping Trip ago
Chapter 1: Train Ride ago
Chapter 2: Orientation ago
Chapter 3: The First Night ago
Chapter 4: First Class ago
Chapter 5: The Chosen Growth Path ago
Chapter 6: The Spearbow ago
Chapter 7: At The Range ago
Chapter 8: Dangers in the Tole Forest ago
Chapter 9: At The Roots ago
Chapter 10: Hunters and Gatherers ago
Chapter 11: Relative Strength ago
Chapter 12: Safe Within The Walls ago
Chapter 13: Combative ago
Chapter 14: It’s Only Time Now ago
Chapter 15: All Set ago
Chapter 16: Finally It’s Here ago
Chapter 17: Heard It Through The Grapevines ago
Chapter 18: Counting Hours ago
Chapter 19: The Reality of It All ago
Chapter 20: A Storm of Lightning ago
Chapter 21: Where They All Huddle ago
Chapter 22: Lucid Gracile, Rook Pharmaceutical, R&D Jr. Associate ago
Chapter 23: The Full Set ago
Chapter 24: Down We Go ago
Chapter 25: The Forty-Third Passageway ago
Chapter 26: Just A Little Heat ago
Chapter 27: No Longer Strangers ago
Chapter 28: Hey Little Guy ago
Chapter 29: I Should Have Called Sooner ago
Chapter 30: No More Sleep ago
Chapter 31: Always Taking and No Giving ago
Chapter 32: The Daily Grind ago
Chapter 33: Not The Safest After All ago
Chapter 34: Eastern Eggs Hunt ago
Chapter 35: The Ones With A Future ago
Chapter 36: Where The Soul Lies ago
Chapter 37: Alra ago
Chapter 38: He Was Sulking At That Time So He Didn’t Hear It ago
Chapter 39: Force of Will ago
Epilogue: Spoils Are For Those Who Live ago
Book Two, Prologue: A Mess ago
Chapter 40: A Different View ago
Chapter 41: Setting Up ago
Chapter 42: Awakening ago
Side Chapter 1: Somewhere In The Outer Borders of the Scale Allegiance ago
Chapter 43: Back Where I Started ago
Chapter 44: We’re Okay With Suffering ago
Chapter 45: Something Old and Something New ago
Chapter 46: Icy Grin ago
Chapter 47: A Foggy Future ago
Chapter 48: Scattered Within the Vast World ago

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Great world building, character, and plot

Well rounded main character. Complex and interesting world building. Intriging and mold breaking plot.

What I like best about this story is that unlike other transmigration or reincarnation stories, the MC'S background, living situation, and personal relationships on earth were fleshed out, thoughtful and very believable. They formed a consistent basis for his personality, and actually informs his decision making and behavior after the transmigration. Unlike most stories in a genre where the MC'S backstory is barely an after afterthought, and their personality is basically a Mary sue, self-insert, blank slate, this MC feels like a real person. A likeable and sympathetic one at that.

There are some notable grammatical hiccups, but it is clear from the text that the author has a firm grasp of language and style. The mistakes are clearly just typos and are few and far enough between to no adversely affect enjoyment unless one is a English student or otherwise high strung about grammar.

I highly recommend this story

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Interesting, but too slow

I don't know man, this story has a lot of promise. But between the slow chapter release schedule, and the slow pace of the story, it feels like it's stopped moving altogether now that I've reached the last few published chapters. Hell, at this point (ch31) I could read 5 chapters in a row with almost nothing happening in them.

It's just not very well written, from one training montage to another magical theory/cultivation nonsense mumbo jumbo explanations that nobody really cares about...

The protagonist is developing at a slow pace, the story is moving at a slower pace, like it has to hold itself back so that the protagonist can keep up...

At the end of the day I think it's just not very well written, he has the story, he has some characters even if they're nothing to write home about, he has acceptable grammar, yet all of these combined are just not enough to actually make an enjoyable book.

He does not have the pacing, and the story has a very limited sense of direction, which might also explain why it's not moving very much.

I mean we have over 300 pages now, enough content for a whole book, and everything that's happened is that the guy went to magic school and practiced magic/archery, then some plot stuff happened and he ended up somewhere else than magic school, and all he's doing is still practicing magic/archery/cultivating.

There's been like 1 part of this entire story where it felt like something was happening, and that was when he went out to try and pick herbs which ended up with a lot of hurdles for him to overcome. But besides that part, I feel like everything has been completely stale from early on in the story, and still is.

Lemon Stealer
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Lucid is a great story that takes a step away from the usual otherworldly fantasy, and throws our protagonist into the body of a literal mute autist living in a Sci-Fi world.

Now if that isn't a great set-up, I don't know what is! 5/5

Though the main objective and the goals of Lucid are set in stone fairly early, the story keeps itself entertaining nevertheless.


Good, if not great, but doesn't come without it's flaws. The picture the author paints is crystal clear, but in my opinion, it could afford to be a little less blunt at times. 4.5/5

The formatting is also a little inconsistent across the chapters, and the obligatory descriptions for the adversaries, as well as the gear can get a little obstructive as well. But unless you're trying to surgically deconstruct a damn webnovel of all things, it shouldn't bother you at all.


Complaints were had, improvements were made. Though admittedly not quite a 5/5 as is, definitely deserves a the rating for the rise in quality.



Lucid's A.I. buddy alone makes this entire story worth the read. 5/5


Best of luck for the author!

  • Overall Score

I'm really enjoying this, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. Read this.

  • Overall Score

‘The Novel’s Extra’ Inspired?

While the premise is entirely different, (standard Isekai vs guy transported into his own novel.) the world and initial setting have a lot of similarities. Both novels start with a guy starting magical school in a technologically advanced but magic driven world. Elements of the world like how powerful guilds and heroes are treated as well as the school ranking system also seem similar accross both. From there Lucid takes on an identity of its own.


I enjoy the plot of this story more but I feel it jumped away from the school setting far too quickly. I would have prefered another ten to twenty chapters exploring life at the school before this dungeon arc. That said its clear the school setting will return shortly.


Overall a solid isekai story with a likeable protagonist, interesting but still largely undeveloped side characters and a world worth exploring.


Eliza Mathers
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I'm always a little worried when someone posts all their work at once since often they drop the series, luckily the author seems to be keeping a steady flow. As for the writing it suffers from some grammatical issues, but not too bad, they seem to be getting less and less as the story goes on.

As for the story the main character the internal dialogue is pretty interesting and I'm loving the banter between his computer thing and himself. Characters that pop up where fun and the clear goal of the protagonist makes me want to continue. 

I wish there was a bigger main cast. It is still early and there are some promising characters that could be added. 

What I like the most is the world building aspect its very nice.  Hoping it doesn't get dropped/abandoned espeically since I became a patron. 

  • Overall Score

I like seeing the numbers go up, it satifies my lizard brain.

Lucid's main draw isn't a strong emotional core, it's the same as any addictive MMO. A good cultivator story has interesting mechanics and a protagonist that engages with them in a fun an creative way. Lucid delivers on both fronts.

If you know what to expect it's a fun story to get lost in.

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It's fun. For me that is one of the most important qualities a novel needs to have, and this one nails it. I read it all in one sitting, and am devastated that there isn't more. Will be waiting with bated breath.

  • Overall Score

I hate to do this


Who are these people he wants to meet? 

Why should I care about them? 

What are his goals?

What are his obstacles? 


Reader: - 2

There are several important elements a writer has to keep in mind while writing a story. 

Escalating tension, characters, and inducing emotions in readers.

This story missed the mark with all 3. In 26 chapters I didn't feel any tension, emotion or atachment to any character. 

The protagonist faces no setbacks, all problems are artificial. 

Spoiler: Spoiler


Worldbuilding: + 1 star

Very well done, no exposition dumps. The author made the right choice to let the protagonist just discover the world on his own. 


Story: - 1

Random events =/= story. 

Before the first event, the school "arc" could've been trimmed by about 80% and not missed much. Passively sitting down and gaining power just isn't interesting to read.  

This story suffers from the same problem the majority of webnovels do. Interesting start, but no thrust to push it foward past the beginning. The interest only lasts so long before you stop caring. 








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This is a great novel. I've followed it for a long time and I can say that the Argent is consistent in quality. I would support him on patreon but I don't have any shekels, so please do it for me.