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A slime randomly falls into existence. Sapient and born with the ability to recreate parts of the things it preys upon, the highly confused drop of primordial soup decides that the only real thing it can do is become the being at the top of the food chain. A task of longevity in the leaves of the Omniverse.

Cover Art by Chris Cold.

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Top List #1000
Word Count (14)
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue Arc – a tiny dank cave ago
Herbivore ago
Clam Time ago
Growing ago
Landfall ago
Forced to risk ago
Leaving the tiny, dank cave ago
The metal fairy 1 ago
The metal fairy 2 ago
The metal fairy 3 ago
The metal fairy 4 ago
The metal fairy 5 ago
The metal fairy 6 ago
The metal fairy 7 ago
Exile 1 ago
Exile 2 ago
Exile 3 ago
Exile 4 ago
Exile 5 ago
Safe Leaf 1 ago
Safe Leaf 2 ago
Safe Leaf 3 ago
Safe Leaf 4 ago
Safe-Leaf 5 ago
Safe Leaf 6 ago
Safe Leaf 7 ago
Safe Leaf 8 ago
Safe Leaf 9 ago
Safe Leaf 10 ago
Safe Leaf 11 ago
Safe Leaf 12 ago
Safe Leaf 13 ago
Safe Leaf 14 ago
Safe Leaf Finale ago
White Wood 1 ago
White Wood 2 ago
White Wood 3 ago
White Wood 4 ago
White Wood 5 ago
White Wood 6 ago
White Wood 7 ago
White Wood 8 ago
White Wood 9 ago
White Wood 10 ago
White Wood 11 ago
White Wood 12 ago
White Wood 13 ago
White Wood Finale ago
Pieced Together - Prologue – Inquisition ago
Pieced Together 1 ago
Pieced Together 2 ago
Pieced Together 3 ago
Pieced Together 4 ago
Pieced Together 5 ago
Pieced Together 6 ago
Pieced Together 7 ago
Pieced Together 8 ago
Pieced Together 9 ago
Pieced Together 10 ago
Pieced Together 11 ago
Pieced Together 12 ago
Pieced Together 13 ago
Pieced Together 14 ago
Pieced Together 15 ago
Pieced Together Finale ago
Hunt - Prologue ago
The Hunt 1 ago
The Hunt 2 [Erotic Content] ago
The Hunt 3 ago
The Hunt 4 [Info List] ago
The Hunt 5 ago
The Hunt 6 ago
The Hunt 7 ago
The Hunt 8 ago
The Hunt 9 ago
The Hunt 10 ago
The Hunt 11 ago
The Hunt 12 ago
The Hunt Ends ago
Requiem – Prologue 1 – The monsters ago
Requiem – Prologue 2 – The sinners ago
Requiem – Prologue 3 – The greedy ago
Requiem 1 ago
Requiem 2 ago
Requiem 3 ago
Requiem 4 ago
Requiem 5 ago
Requiem 6 ago
Requiem 7 ago
Requiem 8 ago
Requiem 9 ago
Requiem 10 ago
Requiem 11 ago
Requiem 12 ago
Requiem 13 ago
Requiem 14 ago
Requiem 15 ago
Requiem 16 ago
Requiem 17 ago
Requiem 18 ago
Requiem 19 ago
Requiem 20 ago
Requiem 21 ago
Requiem 22 ago
Requiem 23 ago
Requiem 24 ago
Requiem 25 ago
Requiem 26 ago
Requiem 27 ago
Requiem 28 ago
Requiem 29 ago
Requiem 30 ago
Requiem 31 ago
Requiem 32 ago
Requiem Finale ago
Requiem Epilogue – Weak. ago
Drip-Fed Season 1 – Author’s Note ago
Season 1 Q&A ago
Season 2 Prologue – The need for new paths ago
New World, Old Problems 1 – No more road to roam ago
New World, Old Problems 2 – New World Round ago
New World, Old Problems 3 – Pond ago
New World, Old Problems 4 – Being There ago
New World, Old Problems 5 – Azenia-Ra ago
New World, Old Problems 6 – A light in a rainy night ago
New World, Old Problems 7 – To safe rest ago
New World, Old Problems 8 – The passage of time ago
New World, Old Problems 9 – She could (not) help ago
New World, Old Problems 10 – Conundrum ago
New World, Old Problems 11 – Farming ago
New World, Old Problems 12 – Slime-off approach ago
New Word, Old Problems 13 – Recompensated ago
New Word Old Problems 14 – A group that purrs [Erotic Content] ago
New Word, Old Problems Finale – A willingness to leave ago
Humanoid Road – Prologue – The new goal ago
Humanoid Road 1 – Jungle and Coins ago
Humanoid Road 2 – Two Girls and Dark Times ago
Humanoid Road 3 – Decisions at the jungle border ago
Humanoid Road 4 – Into Verdany ago
Humanoid Road 5 – Ivy Firing Squad ago
Humanoid Road 6 – A moment of respite [Info List] ago
Humanoid Road 7 – Finding weaknesses   ago
Humanoid Road 8 – The slow progress ago
Humanoid Road 9 – Like tentacles dancing on string ago
Humanoid Road 10 – Ivy Kraken ago
Humanoid Road 11 – Out of Verdany ago
Humanoid Road 12 – The Troll Toll ago
Humanoid Road 13 – Getting a little clarity ago
Humanoid Road 14 – Confusion ago
Humanoid Road 15 – Dazzling Things ago
Humanoid Road 16 – Blinding Path ago
Humanoid Road 17 – Overcharged Tigergirl [Erotic Content] ago
Humanoid Road 18 – Loot and Crystal ago
Humanoid Road 19 – Path to Lava Fields   ago
Humanoid Road 20 – The inside of an Adventurer’s Guild ago
Humanoid Road 21 – What the slime did best ago
Humanoid Road 22 – Strategize and inside Hide ago
Humanoid Road 23 – Heated Core ago
Humanoid Road 24 – A Warm-Slimed Slime ago
Humanoid Road 25 – Into the Myrm Nest ago
Humanoid Road 26 – Take a closer look at that Snout ago
Humanoid Road 27 – Resting ago
Humanoid Road 28 – Slime Hub ago
Humanoid Road 29 – A slime with a face   ago
Humanoid Road 30 – The final stretch of the road ago
Humanoid Road 31 – A sexually motivated predator ago
Humanoid Road 32 – Deep and dark ago
Humanoid Road 33 – The Lesser Mind Flayer ago
Humanoid Road 34 – Phase Mutation ago
Humanoid Road 35 – The devouring of the Laghast ago
Humanoid Road Finale – More. [Erotic Content] ago
The Long Way Prologue 1 – The Doubtful Blessed ago
The Long Way Prologue 2 – The Certain Desecrators ago
The Long Way 1 – The Slime has no clothes ago
The Long Way 2 – The long list [Info List] ago
The Long Way 3 – the value of extra layers ago
The Long Way 4 – Fate Tracking ago
The Long Way 5 – Energy Consumption   ago
The Long Way 6 – Strength ago
The Long Way 7 – Expanding Survival Skills ago
The Long Way 8 – In the Ice ago
The Long Way 9 – A post ice resort   ago
The Long Way 10 – Relaxation ago
The Long Way 11 – Trampling a Path ago
The Long Way 12 – Others ago
The Long Way 13 – Briefly crossed Paths   ago
The Long Way 14 – To the last dungeon   ago

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Potential hindered by the Characters

Reviewed at: Exile 1

At the beginning we have a unique and very interesting take on how a monster evolves in its biome. But after he leaves the first environment the characters become kind of flat. Whenever a new character is introduced, it is literally a small description like "he is old, he needs a walkingt stick and has age spots and loose skin". You always tell us, you don't show us.

On the first meetings with girls he also always notices how sexy they are. Literally still a slime-blob, and when he meets Reysha, the first thought our puddle of slime has:

"Helped that she was sexy to boot. [...] she had a killer body as well. Apexus just wanted to wrap around her and slide into her reproductive organs."

Interesting setting, but the characters and their interaction is definetly a weak point.


Sliming up the food chain

The story follows the adventures of a unique slime as he learns what it is to be alive. It's a fun read with relatively frequent updates. The cast of crew is memorable but small at the moment. The perspective of the slime is refreshing and captivating. It shows all of the curiosity, bravery, and ignorance of a newborn slime, and the author does a good job conveying this.

The writing style is solid and easy to read with solid descriptions. The worldbuilding is fairly shallow at the moment, but is not the focus of the story yet, and leaves room for expansion in future chapters. The story so far is focused mostly on growth and survival so far, but not in the grindy style of typical litrpgs. There is also a secondary focus on relationships and smut that builds on the relationships.


Starts good then becomes contrived tragedy

Reviewed at: Requiem 25

The story starts with about 80 chapters of fluff and adventure; they're not the best but mistakes can be forgiven because of the story's light tone. Then the story takes a sharp turn into about 40 chapters of tragedy. And not just any tragedy, the kind of tragedy that's easily avoided if people just talk to each other but obviously evil enemies can only tell lies. It's not quite so contrived as to feel contrived, because the characters have established flaws and motivations that can justify refusing to listen, but it's uninteresting.

I don't know what's beyond the ~40 chapters of tragedy because I've tried 4 different times now to push through it, hoping it returns to being good. Every time I conclude it's simply not worth it, the tragedy section is too tired and tiring to push through, especially without any guarantee the story ever returns to its good elements (and even if it gets good again, how long will it stay there?). Better for me to put that effort into exploring a new story.

So as of right now we have several hundred pages of fluffy adventure, followed by hundreds of pages of mediocre tragedy, followed by a few hundred more pages. That means the tragedy section is at a minimum half the length of the fluffy adventure section, and 1/3 of book one. I simply cannot recommend it unless you enjoy tragedy and are willing to wait a long time to get to it.


Starts ok and then we get gratuitous slime sex

At first this is a fun story about a slime learning the world and slowly getting stronger.

However despite being born from oblivion with no shape and only basic animal instincts the shapeless, asexual (as in having no sex) slime blob is attracted to humanoid women. This makes no sense and serves no purpose. At one point this leads to a scene with slime & human sex which is quite terrible and completely sunk the story in my opinion.

Other than that I would say the characters are the weakest element of this story. Motivations are not well explained nor sufficiently explored.


I really enjoyed this story and am sad to see that I am caught up. For stories that get posted frequently (like this and The Gamer for example), I usually read it and then don't continue even when there're updates. I enjoyed this so much, I think I will continue reading it when you update it, it's just really good.

While the concept isn't original in the slightest, you do it really well with many twists and turns to the formula. The characters are believable and likable (or unlikable) with good motivation and goals. You have set it up well to be able to continue for a long time to come and with such an interesting story I can see it going far. The sex is much more tame and it is more of a story with the occasional erotic moments instead of an erotica with a good story. All in all, I really enjoy this and am looking forward to seeing what you do with it. :)



The first arc is done. The review, therefore, is for this part of the story.

The beginning doesn´t tell one much but shows a lot and it grows with the MC that starts as a slime but doesn´t stay that way. We accompany them on their journey to understand and learn from their environment, acquire new skills, and even companions.

The wonder and misunderstandings of how the world functions and their will to thrive and go on making it not only entertaining and fun to read but also forms a connection with the character.

At the end of the first arc, the main character and their party have grown and even if the end of the first arc isn't all sunshine and roses with a fair share of salt it was really enjoyable and I'm looking forward to what this story will grow into.

The characters are well made,  not flat or shallow, and their motivations are understandable and reasonable. It is quite heartwarming sometimes to watch the MC grow and wonder about the customs of society and nature with the nature of an intellectual that tries to find out how something works and is at the same time still a child due to their unique situation. Even for the side characters that don´t seem so important, we get them described and shown as full characters not just as the function they serve for the story or seem to have.

The salt at the end is the reason for 4.5 in story score but knowing other works of the author this will be used as fuel for more character growth. Therefore I'm really looking forward to the next arc of this story.

The world seems to be a mixture of a  Terry Pratchett- aesque, real-world and Game-world´s. It has strange and hilarious creatures, mundane animals and its fair share of magic and wonder.


the style's great, until the end.

the grammar's great, doesn't save the ending as of the "epilogue"

the story's great, until the end.

the characters are great, until the end.

the story isn't over, but "book one" is. and it's so bad, i'd need a thesauras, an AI assistant, and a prescription of anti-depessants to sit here and make up new words to explain how bad it is. I'd have to do make up new words because the ones that already exist are insufficient.

the ending of book one should have happened at the beginning, or near the middle, in order to catalyze the plucky band of heroes into evolving into the next stage of their heros journey.

instead, i can't even explain why it's bad, becuase it's impossible to explain without spoilers, which are apparently only allowed for positive reviews.

maybe it'll redeem itself in future chapters, but i'm not crossing my fingers for it.


Just finished reading up to the latest chapter (Safe leaf 6)
And I really am liking the way you introduced a system for the mc to gain in power without it feeling too rushed or undeserved. Your world building and lore is very captivating and enjoyable to read and think about, and the characters seem fleshed out and feel real and relateable.
All in all, I'm really enjoying it so far and can't wait to read more!


Overall really good

A beautiful story about love and learning. The relationship between the MC and the main heroine is well established and cute(

Spoiler: Spoiler

 it developes gradually from him just enjoying her presence to deciding his gender in order to match with her and commenting that he might have developed differently if she didn't look like a girl 


The way the world works and is structured is very interesting and unlike anything I've seen.

One issue it has is that the arguing in tree dungeon came out of nowhere without any hint(that I noticed at least) that one of them had such strong opinions about morality and such. 


high quality and well balanced writing

Reviewed at: Drip-Fed Season 1 – Author’s Note

the author does a great job of putting enough details to paint a picture, without overloading the reader with unneeded details. world building gets intruduced fairly evenly throughout, with few immuration breaking info dumps. i look forward to the seeing how the story continues and evolves.