Serial Transmigrator

by Shixuan

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Strong Lead Wuxia

Kidnapped and sent to another world, he finds himself right in his element.

"You think I don't know how all of this works? Please."

Armed with the knowledge he has gained from reading various web novels and his 'unique' way of thinking, he will shake the heavens.

"No matter how many worlds I have to go through, I will return to my home!"

All so he can get his mother's groceries...

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The Vale
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Consider this a warning to the wise

To potential readers:

During the first few chapters there are some things that might turn some people off that concern fourth wall narrative breaking and one instance of what appears to be an in-line author aside directly addressed to the reader. There are also some other things that might seem questionable to an experienced reader and set off some red flags simply from matters of prior experience. I know they did for me.

Ignore those things. They are not negative indicators of the quality of writing or the style of the piece and don't happen agiain. They are just the author getting their legs under them and hitting stride. A necessary part of transitionaing from certain tired cliches and a couple minor missteps into something original and enjoyable.

This is a very self aware take on a xianxia style isekai story that uses a protagonist who is aware of the tropes and whose awareness of the genre allows for some interesting sidesteps and curveballs that keep the story fresh. This is an interpretation of the xianxia style that has so far managed to both maintain originality and character depth while actively avoiding falling into all of the worst pitfalls prevailent to the genre. The ongoing anti-harem sentiment and group centric rather than individual focus is a real breath of fresh air.

(For one thing the MC isn't an unrepentant psychopath committing slaughter left and right. Always a plus.)

It's worth a read if you like xianxia/cultivation stories - it is even more worthwhile to read if you don't. 

To the author - Nice work. Good grammar, the humour isn't innappropriate to the medium even if it does lean a bit on certain anime/manga cliches in places it doesn't go so far that it becomes frustrating to read. 

Most importantly each character has a well defined and unique voice within the work and avoid the two-dimensionalism and by rote paper cutout tropic formula behaviour, waving cheerfully while passing chances at such behaviour by - keep it up, it's what makes the story truly worth reading.

Looking forward to more.

  • Overall Score

Good first arc, but extremely poor 2nd arc

The story starts out rather nice with playing stereotypes on the nose and having fun with it. The relationship of the 3 siblings is fun to read about and works without making it seem like the MC is a Gary Stu with "God King of the Most Heavenly of Heavens in the Whole Entitre Universe" or some such ridiculous title.

It is in the second arc that this story takes a nose dive for the worse. And its not a just a steep falling down from a cliff, no, that would have been manageble. The nose dive of quality is akin to jumping from a helicopter without a parashoot and hoping it would work out. It is that bad.

The only other male charecter in the story, MC's brother is removed from the scene for no good reason. More and more useless women start sorrounding themselves around a 10 year old boy. MC's sister loses all her personality and achievements, turning into a cardboard cut out parody of herself [or in author-sama's own words, a grey cloud with no face]. It is disheartening.

Beyond this the plot halts moving in the 2nd arc, as if Bugs Bunny had thrown a screw driver in a well oiled machines and all the pent up energy was about to make it explode [which is not far from truth admittedly].

All in all, I would say read it for the first arc and drop it there. Don't go into the second arc and spoil what is actually a good story.

  • Overall Score

The Best Wuxia Novel I've Read IN YEARS

This is honestly the best novel of wuxia I've ever read. The characters are relatable and humorous, the world is increadibly vivid. It would be a diservice of me to not reccomend this novel.

Author if you don't finish this novel I will hunt you down and chain you to a computer.

  • Overall Score

betrayed and disappointed

Honestly felt a bit betrayed and disappointed. The first 3 chapters got me hooked.

But it basically turned out to be an OP MC with an oversized harem. (Which the author made distinctly clear that this would not be)



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Finally a 'Wuxia' story that is funny and good.

Finally, a story that is kinda like a wuxia story, but at the same time not. I really like how the MC acts and how his siblings behave. It is funny, easy to read (the start of the second chapter was great) and interesting. The only thing I could nag about is how you 'write', the structure of the text. I'm only at chapter 23 so far, but it was noticeable, maybe it will change later on.  

Not the sentences themselves or the wording, but having only a single sentence and then a gap looks as if the sentence itself has more importance, which is often not the case. 

Writing like this makes a sentence important. 

But in reality, it comes over as a space filler.

Especially if it is continued for more than a few words.

I hope this example shows what I mean.

It's often easier for the reader if the one who speaks has a whole block for himself and then a gap once the part of the speaker or the described scene has ended. Still, it's nothing that will stop me from reading, just something I noticed. I'd like to hear your opinion on this, send a PM if you want to. 

I'll continue reading now, hope there will be many more chapters^^. 

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I fear side quests, but gonna review anyway

Even as a baby MC dreamed of cultivation. He had trash physique, but he knew,  as MC that didn't matter. No wild chicken, stolen chicken or any chiken other than an easter guardian were used to forge bonds friendships or struggle to avoid the mountain of Country-Destroying-Beauties. If you have a yellow exclamation mark above your head, keep your distance. If you do not read Serial Transmigrator, you have eyes, but... Okay, never mind.

It has brothers and sisters, badassery and humor and is Audience approved.

In a recent survey 13 out of 9 readers liked this work. Join all the other Fellow Daoists and read Serial Transmigrator at Cultivation Chat Group Files section!


Serial Transmigrator, a story guaranteed to make you laugh while you sound like you're crying!


read Serial Transmigrator.




If this story was an alchemy pill it'd be one with 99% purity, just a step away from trigering tribulation. If the author was an immortal, I'd get an essence watch just so I could read the most recent updates on the Cultivators Network.

Looking forward to any pets that might appear of the same class as Hui Tai Lang, Big Yellow, or the dragon from My Disciple Died yet again. 

Also a bit surprised nobody has drank any diarhea/hemorhoids inducing poisons or recieved face slapping for the poison being drank like water and at the same time completely innefective. 


Overall I'd say its better than 98% of the stuff one can find on webnovel. (Please note my pill dao is still not perfect and there are a few nebulous comprehensions I haven't quite captured yet, so it might in fact be even higher)

  • Overall Score

Hi, I don't usually review stories but this one roped mein to making one. In the beginning the MC was way to childish for my taste. As we moved along with the story the more. I loved how well his personality fit being a child. Finally how his family keeps evolving into a real relationships in my mind. Just good job so far looking forward to the next chap

  • Overall Score

The author is unhinged...

The first 2 chapters are enough to warrant a 5 imo. Will adjust later if appropriate.

Update (ch 52): 7 stars somehow. Seriously 

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A common beginning with uncommon twists brings us a rare story with unique characters for a legendary experience.


The Overcoming Unmeasurable Distance Technique will continue to provide assistance in supporting this.

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I like the story. I want more chapters... please?