Emperor of Blue Flower Mountain

by Queenofthefuzzybugs

Original HIATUS Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Female Lead High Fantasy Slice of Life Supernatural Wuxia

Once upon a time, there lived two great and mighty spirits on the mountain. One loved humans, the other hated them. When their differences could not be reconciled, they came to blows, and the human loving spirit was chased out.Now there is only one spirit on the mountain. He sits on the peaks, looking down on those below him. Disaster and death is his reputation, and it is well earned. He is the Fairy Emperor, the King, and no one dares disobeys him. But he is empty on the inside.For he is alone.When anger and jealousy take everything, only love can create something new. This is a story of hope, redemption, and second chances.----

Updated Weekly, usually on weekends.

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Book 1: Empress of Blue Flower Mountain - Complete

Book 2:Emperor of Blue Flower Mountain - In Progress

Book 3:Princes of Blue Flower Mountain - N/A

Cover done by me, the Author.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Volume 1: Chapter 1 ago
Volume 1: Chapter 2: Fairy Emperor ago
Volume 1: Chapter 3: A Leaf Appears ago
Volume 1: Chapter 4: Traveler's Cave ago
Volume 1: Chapter 5: A New Life Begins ago
Volume 1: Chapter 6: Make a Melody ago
Volume 1: Chapter 7: Saying Goodbye ago
Volume 1: Chapter 8: Light on the Mountain ago
Volume 1: Chapter 9: The Human Condition ago
Volume 1: Chapter 10: Just One More Day ago
Volume 1: Chapter 11: Saying "Sorry" ago
Volume 1: Chapter 12: The Meaning of "Family" ago
Volume 1: Chapter 13: Like One of Us ago
Volume 1: Chapter 14: Gold and Jin ago
Volume 1: Chapter 15: Baby Steps ago
Chatroom Extra: Two Emperor's and an Author ago
Volume 1: Chapter 16: The Sad Tale of Bai Ju Yi ago
Volume 1: Chapter 17: Teacher Mei Hua ago
Volume 1: Chapter 18: Regret ago
Volume 1: Chapter 19: To Lie ago
Volume 1: Chapter 20: A Fairy's Love ago
Volume 1: Chapter 21: Improvements ago
Volume 1: Chapter 22: Growth, Change ago
Volume 1: Chapter 23: Prankster or Cupid? ago
Volume 1: Chapter 24: Push and Pull ago
Volume 1: Chapter 25: The Best (??) Laid Plans ago
Volume 1: Chapter 26: Jealousy ago
Volume 1: Chapter 27: First Things First ago
Volume 1: Chapter 28: Business Deals ago
Volume 1: Chapter 29: Flower on the Mountain ago
Volume 1: Chapter 30: Taking 'Responsibility' (Volume One End) ago
Volume 2: Chapter 31: Over the Mountain and Thru the Woods ago
Volume 2: Chapter 32: Deals and Wheels ago
Volume 2: Chapter 33: Parallels Lives ago
Volume 2: Chapter 34: Prince Shan Hui ago
Volume 2: Chapter 35: Every Home is a Palace ago
Volume 2: Chapter 36: Blue Fairy Palace ago
Volume 2: Chapter 37: Raising a Brat ago
Volume 2: Chapter 38: Family Growth ago
Chatroom Extra #2: Two Emperor's and an Author ago
Volume 2: Chapter 39: Blue Flower Village ago
Volume 2: Chapter 40: Birthday Parties ago
Volume 2: Chapter 41: "Accidents" ago
Volume 2: Chapter 42: Punishments ago
Volume 2: Chapter 43: Semi-Baseless Rumors ago
Volume 2: Chapter 44: Honesty is the Better Policy ago
Volume 2: Chapter 45: Tell Me Something True ago
Volume 2: Chapter 46: "I Love You" ago
Volume 2: Chapter 47: Don't Leave Me ago
Volume 3: Chapter 48: Together, Again ago
Volume 3: Chapter 49: Forevers the Thing ago
Volume 3: Chapter 50: Unknown ago
Volume 3: Chapter 51: Sons ago
Volume 3: Chapter 52: Eye for an Eye ago
Volume 3: Chapter 53: Association of Assassins ago
Volume 3: Chapter 54: New Magic ago
Volume 3: Chapter 55: Profit Loss ago
Volume 3: Chapter 56: Zombies ago
Volume 3: Chapter 57: of Gods and Devils ago
Volume 3: Chapter 58: To the Rescue ago
Volume 3: Chapter 59: Dungeons ago
Volume 3: Chapter 60: Fairy Family First ago
Volume 3: Chapter 61: The Ocean ago
Volume 3: Chapter 62: The Light ago
Chatroom Extra 3: Empresses and Wives ago
Volume 3: Chapter 63: Building a New World ago
Volume 3: Chapter 64: World Wide Tree ago
Volume 3: Chapter 65: Pervert Punk ago
Volume 3: Chapter 66: Yin and Yang ago
Volume 3: Chapter 67: Tickle Me Yin ago
Volume 3: Chapter 68: Kiss to Remember Me By ago
Volume 3: Chapter 69: Echoes of the Past ago
Volume 3: Chapter 70: Sweet Hearts ago
Volume 3: Chapter 71: Rhythm of a Heartbeat ago
Volume 3: Chapter 72: Second Chances (Part 1) ago
Volume 3: Chapter 72: Second Chances (Part 2) ago
Volume 3: Chapter 73: The Over Comer ago
Volume 4: Chapter 74: Spirits of the Forest ago
Volume 4: Chapter 75: Little White Foxes Bearing Gifts ago
Volume 4: Chapter 76: Adopting a Clan ago
Volume 4: Chapter 77: Sealing the Deal Part 1 ago
Volume 4: Chapter 77: Sealing the Deal Part 2 ago
Volume 4: Chapter 78: Cutting it Close ago
Volume 4: Chapter 79: Turtle & Snake ago
Volume 4: Chapter 80: Snake vs Lotus ago
Volume 4: Chapter 81: Uninvited Felis Catus ago
Volume 4: Chapter 82: Party Time ago
Volume 4: Chapter 83: RUN AWAY! ago
Volume 4: Chapter 84: Tad Too Clingy ago
Volume 4: Chapter 85: Back Together Again ago
Volume 4: Chapter 86: Sons & Sons ago
Volume 4: Chapter 87: Tough Love ago
Volume 4: Chapter 88: Sister in Law ago
Volume 4: Chapter 89: Where We Lack ago
Volume 4: Chapter 90: The Bathhouse ago
Volume 4: Chapter 91: Stalking Horses ago
Volume 4: Chapter 92: Morning Routine ago
Volume 4: Chapter 93: Proper Criminal Behavior ago
Volume 4: Chapter 94: The Country Called Lanhua ago
Volume 4: Chapter 95: The Butcher of Jianghu ago
Volume 4: Chapter 96: Little Do's and Don’ts ago
Volume 4: Chapter 97: Old Friends Reunite ago
Volume 4: Chapter 98: The Beatings Will Continue Until Culture Improves ago
Volume 4: Chapter 99: Law and Order: Special Nations Unit ago
Volume 4: Chapter 100.1: A Harey Wedding Procession ago
Volume 4: Chapter 100.2: The Imperial Wedding March ago
Volume 4: Chapter 100.3: Volume 4 End ago
Volume 5: Chapter 101: Family Planning ago
Volume 5: Chapter 102: Defining a Nation ago
Volume 5: Chapter 103: Return of the Butcher ago
Volume 5: Chapter 104 Part 1: This Hurts Me More Than You ago
Volume 5: 104 Part 2: This Hurts Me More Than You ago
Volume 5: Chapter 105: Ignorance is Bliss ago
Volume 5: Chapter 106: A Cat-astrophic Tail ago
Volume 5: Chapter 107: De-lectable! ago
Volume 5: Chapter 108: The West's Immortal Emperor ago
Volume 5: Chapter 109: The Daily Life of the Fairy Emperor ago
Volume 5: Chapter 110: Imperial Father ago
Volume 5: Chapter 111: International Pouting ago
Volume 5: Chapter 112: Welcome to the Mountains, Uncle! ago
Volume 5: Chapter 113: Fisticuff with Uncle ago
Volume 5: Chapter 114: Lunch with Uncle ago
Volume 5: Chapter 115: Uncle Meets Uncle ago
Volume 5: Chapter 116: Nephew Talks with Uncle ago
Volume 5: Chapter 117: Preparations for Uncle ago
Volume 5: Chapter 118: A Good Ol' Distraction ago
Volume 5: Chapter 119: Soul-Split Madness ago
Volume 5: Chapter 120: Uncle Meets World Tree ago
Volume 5: Chapter 121: Uncle Meets the Fairy Emperor ago
Volume 5: Chapter 122: Slumber Parties ago
Volume 5: Chapter 123: Rubberneckers ago
Volume 5: Chapter 124: Barnyard Paint ago
Volume 5: Chapter 125: Distraction and Obsession ago
Volume 5: Chapter 126: Warm Blankets and Cold Drinks ago
Volume 5: Chapter 127: Planned Violence ago
Volume 5: Chapter 128: Cures and Medicine ago
Volume 5: Chapter 129: Chinese Chess ago
Volume 5: Chapter 130: When in doubt, change it out! ago
Volume 5: Chapter 131: Pen is Mightier than the Sword ago
Volume 5: Chapter 132: Never Send a Cat to Do a Man's Job ago
Volume 5: Chapter 133: Only Big Bro Gets to Pick on Little Bros ago

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This is such a fucking fantastic story. Please continue writing this. I didn’t believe RRL had hidden gems but I’ve found one in this story. I’m not good with reviews but lemme just say you made me miss sleep because I decided to read this instead

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This ks an incredibly good book. Its grammar and style are near perfect (I think I found 2 errors total). The story is interesting, new and well written. The characters have depth and grow.

Although it has a cultivation system it us more of a xianxia lite novel. For those who don't know that means that although the elements are present, they aren't exactly central to the story.

Something I really have to give the author props for is the lack of padding. There are no 'filler' chapters. Nothing is drawn out beyond reason and everything flows nicely. 

  • Overall Score

This is kind of a sequel to "Empress of Blue Flower Mountain" but set sometime during that series events. Reading that story first may help you enjoy this one, but I'm sure sure they can be enjoyed in either order!

Empress felt a bit abrupt in parts, but its fantastic to know that there's another series along to fill the gaps.

Read if you enjoy a light story of likeable characters, relationships and emotional growth set in a world inspired by asian mythology.

This  might borrow ideas from wuxia, but does not read like one. It's very focused on the characters instead of arbitrary powers and levels.

I love it, and cant wait to read what happens next... maybe the thawing of an emperors heart? :D

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If ya haven't read Empress of the Blue Flower Mountain yet you're wrong and as such should feel bad, come back after you do that..... okay their gone.  This book is great excellent grammar, enaging plot and characters and not too many cliches.  The book starts off with a strong focus on romance, it also just so happens to be in a more wuxia style just like the last book.  Then near the (current) end it dials down the romance a tad, (hint: It's still very prevelant) and starts to do a bit of world craft for the next book (which from the little hint we got on the discord looks awesome as well)

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I couldn't believe it when I found a story with a good grammar, good romance, good action, and good story flow here. Each character has their own personality and of the side characters gradually lose their individual characteristics. MC is a witty, funny girl and the ML trips over his feet in his mission to win her heart. All in all a must read!

  • Overall Score
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I love this story and its prequel. The characters draw you in and leave you wanting more. I've binged over 100 chapters and I'm genuinely sad that I'm up to date; the characters feel like good friends and I want to see them more