Abyssal Fortress girl in another world

by Student92

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Female Lead LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Because of an accident, God ended up sending some people to another world. As with all bad luck, our protagonist is sent to another realm/dimensions and consequently dies by being crushed under severepressure. After giving an apology, god, reincarnates our protagonist in that realm as a creature with some cheat/boon. Without any choice, our protagonist reincarnates as a monster in another world.

After reading many LitRPG novels, I decided to write my own as well. English is not my native language so forgive me for my mistakes and I hope to improve as I go.

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Decent story, better grammar would help

Overall a decent story. A random girl is abducted by a God, gets instantly killed because the god is too retarted to realize that submarine pressures can get lethal to humans pretty quickly.

Afterwards she gets reincarnated as a robot submarine monster with a useless cheat. (At least so far) The MC then progresses to level by eating other submarine monsters until she gets contacted by the god association and becomes a minion for them. Then she murderizes the biggest fish.

Basically it's a very standard RRL story. The problem is the grammar is outright attrocious and I'm pretty sure a lot of nuance gets lost as a result.

Overall I appreciate the underwater setting and the robot bodies. The MC doesn't have much of a character, which is somewhat usual for stories of this type. But thankfully she's not a totally crazed psycho as far as I can tell. I don't really like the ongoing interaction with ominpotent powers part since it makes the story feel unnecessarily crackish.

I'd recommend this if you like powerleveling and evolution stories, otherwise it's rather meh.

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Good concept, limited by the fast pace and grammer

Well, this story has a good potential to be a good one, but the story progresses very fast and the mc improves quickly to be able to fight strong monsters in a few chapters. Grammar is also an issue but other than that, I'm satisfied with the story for now(chapter 20).

Perhaps the author might want to think about how he wants to write future chapters to include more world-building and also the op mc's adventure on land, which i presume is going to be the case with how limited sea adventures can be.

Anyway, it's a pleasant read just for the concept itself if you can get past the grammar and fast pace, and I'm hoping for the story to impove as it progresses. Thanks.

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honestly, i think it could be interesting, but the grammar is so bad i can't bring myself to read further.

i hope the author can work on this issue, since it did seem interesting.

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I just feel like all the chapter i read were monster submarine battle and the character make little sense definitely not for me.