The Great Serpent



Chapter 6 - Before Departure


Within a spacious office of Duke Yoran Mansion, there was round table that filled with all sort of delicacies. Especially with different kind of magical beast meat. And there was someone gobble down a huge piece of meat, while talking to a stunning beautifull woman, who sat down on the other side of round table. She had long blonde hair and pointed ear, that framed her mature face and green eyes. Her Robes displayed her stunning figure, with huge breast, and a firm ass. She was Ivanka Alcantraz, wife of Duke Yoran and Patriarch daughter of Alcantraz clan. Alcantraz clan was one of clan that attach to Uzumaki clan. They were a small elf tribe on Rong kingdom before attach to Uzumaki clan.

Only on Uzumaki Clan Domain, elf can life peacefully, far from the hunt of Slavetrade cultivator. On another side table sat a middle age man, he have feature like Rei but have different hair colour, he has red hair. He was none other than Yoran Uzumaki the patriarch of Uzumaki clan and Duke of Rong Kingdom.

"Mom, why i must rush to royal capital? If am not wrong, entrance test will conduct for 3 days!!" Said Rei, while take roast leg of spirit chicken from the table.

"Nothing particular, mom just think faster is better" said Madam Ivanka.

"Hmm..." sight Rei.

"Hahaha...Rei, just do what your mother said" said Duke Yoran.

"Rei, have you been packing your things? If not mother will help you" said Madam Ivanka while smile to his son.

" i haven't do that and its okay, i can do it alone" said Rei.

" dont spoil him to much Ivanka, He is not kid anymore" said Duke Yoran while take glass of wine from the table.

Once Rei finished his meal and talk with his mother and father, he left Duke Yoran office and went to his room to packing his things, Before went to Royal Capital of Rong Kingdom, in order to take academy entrance test.

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