Dungeon Robotics

by Dragonsunxx

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Regan was a robotics scientist that inadvertently caused the robot takeover of the world. When his last creation completes a decade long plan to end his own life, he ends up surprised. Creation offers him a second chance to test his wits and cunning in another world. Fate, however, is fickle and Regan ends up as a Dungeon Core... with ALL his memories. Is the world of Murgin ready to face such a dungeon? Let's find out...

Previous chapters will be taken down as books are released on Amazon Kindle due to their agreement. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

 Cover Art was done by L1graphics

Discord Server link: https://discord.gg/wPPB7JC

Official 2020 Release schedule: Monday

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Some constructive criticism

Quick message

the First arc of dungeon robotics is well done and I don’t really write reviews but due to the problems of the second arc and beyond I want to help you improve as a writer by giving you some criticism from a third persons point of view


The plot

first off the main problem I have with your second arc is the very factor that way too many things are introduced an example of this is when you introduced the god system or spirts and est. what this ends up doing is slowing down the arc with information or new mechanics that aren’t really needed for the story to progress towards the main focus of an arc and end up make us the reader feel like the progress of the story is slowed and results in us not caring about all these new things. This is called chekhov’s gun; you need to remove everything that has no real relevance to the story. Adding a god like system in the middle of an arc that should be focusing on dealing with necromancy and saving a nearby dungeon just ends up make it us feel like the story isn’t progressing at all and results in us not caring whats so ever about this. You need to ask your self “if I remove this section of the story will it change the story as a whole” every section of a story needs to show some clear progress. A great video about this is the act man’s video on why halo 5’s campaign is so bad it’s a weird video to recommend but watching videos like this that point out mistakes that writers make can really help you get better (note that it’s fine having these small side story as long as it develops a character or adds on to or helps build the world.)


The characters 

the problem with having multiple povs is the very fact the each character should have a distinct goal and direction that they work towards and each with a different need or desire that they may or not know. In addition each character needs to feel like they are naturally going towards it in a realistic way. The one character that struggles with this is izora. We never really have a clear idea of her goal and her actions in the story ;in fact, she ends up feeling like a doll in the story where she only really shows up in the story to help explain a new system you added in or help build on it. This ends up making her the most boring or dull character to read about because it just feels like she  a mentally ill person who changes personality quickly in order to progress the story or introduce a new problem that won’t factor into the story for a long period of time


Edit: kinda wanna make this a bit clearer but to sum everything up your story has a clear objective that your character should be working towards but what ends up happening is that something pops up and they get side tract. a few examples is how izora’s mom died and how this major incident should have pushed her to get revenge or pushed her to help her father fix all these problems and in its own way develop izora as a character and possibly create a character that motivates us to never give up instead you made her completely forget that it ever happened and instead of going on a great adventure to discover herself she try’s to prove that our mc is a god to her people. Same can be said about Louella as a character she has a clear goal of wanting to make a city that can bring peace to the kingdoms but as a person she needs to know that not all her problems can be solved by just asking Regan and that she herself needs to be able to stand up for herself and deal with the problems of running a city. Regan in other hands has a clear way to progress the story but in a lot of the later chapters instead of working on it or focusing on it he ends up getting side tracked and it frustrates me due to how often it happens that the pacing of the story slows and returns to its roots with this clear objective that gets delayed over and over again. In a rewrite the quality of this story will grow but currently it sort of feels like a collection of interesting ideas that aren’t developed enough similar to halo 5’s campaign if you fix all these problems you have a pretty solid story where every chapter progress the story in a way instead of a place where a chapter introduces a problem but is pushed back and solved after a long period of time


  • Overall Score

Good start, stopped fairly soon after everything new

Reviewed at: Chapter 67.1

While I could rant and rave about this book, several things from a logic standpoint don't make sense.

I also have serious problems with how soon enough the book basically stops dungeoning, and it is really only seen when explaining why he can do things. 

I do think the first arc was good, and I even bought the book for it, but I can't bring myself to like the other arcs.

Long story short: his backstory does not match his actions, he seems arrogant or has a superiority complex, he ahs little to no care for the social and political structures in his new world and acts recklessly and endangers people with his gung ho "it'll work" condfidence. 

1) as a engineer who created a new species, presumably a wealthy person, he is definetly educated, which would include history. If he looked at history, he would notice just how badly this could turn out if people develop magi tech weapons and use this new advancement in weaponry to slaughter there enemies. Look at africa, the introduction of guns completely changed africa forever, with many tribes wiped out and enslaved.

2) knowing how powerful a fusion of magic and technology should be, he tests a magic enhanced "rod from god", something known to cause tons of damage WITHOUT magic enhancement, on someone he wants to save. 

3) he sees a medieval based class system, and decides to completly uproot the entire thing by creating a fairly easy to access library, which includes technology and magic. This is how bloody revolutions start, as presumably he put in philosiphy books, including enlightenment ideals, which were the basis of many revolutions. it also just shows his stupidity in doing this, as the power level of the region will sky rocket and various problems will arise from this.

4) he tries to rush things. Societal changes take generations for even the smallest things, when not under outside pressure, to change. and yet he is introducing a library and other modern things, which will cause changes that effect the whole world, which is a "might makes right" world built on power.

5) having arrogance and a superiority complex are the only explanations for why he would send out a group of somewhat power robots and cyborgs where a nation could capture and dissect them. does he not believe that anyone else smart exists in this world? he is practically asking for someone to take them apart and recreate more of them to make a army.

The way he handles this world annoys me considering his background

if you dont like what I have to say ignore it.

  • Overall Score

A summary of a very wide-spanning and interesting story

Reviewed at: Chapter 67.1


Amazing power fantasy in an interesting world but greatly limited by shallow and dispersive writing.



The world created by the author is very very interesting and it shows a lot of thought put into it, but sadly the writing style is just excessively shallow and dispersive, with a mountain of characters that are barely developed (protagonist included) and a flow that reads more like a summary for somebody who knows everything by heart and just needs a refresher rather than a fully developed story.

Truly a pity, it can be seen that the author has amazing ideas and a world that's basically fully fleshed out in his mind but is sadly unable to properly put that on paper.

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Interesting Dungeon Core Story

Reviewed at: Chapter 66.2

Edit as of Chapter 65:

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to drop this story for now. The ideas and plot remain interesting, but the poor style, flow, and writing have taken their toll on the story. The main issues as I see them are:

1. Poor handling of POVs in the later chapters

2. Suboptimal use of 1st person style

3. Not practicing 'Show-Don't-Tell'

4. Repetitive sequences/chapters

5. Scattered story focus and occasionally rushed pacing

Overall, I've really enjoyed reading about the concept and ideas behind this story, and hope to be able come back to if it's writing improves.

Edit as of Chapter 54:

I've had to drop my rating of the story in a few categories. The main reason for this is a matter of POVs, the Izora POV in particular. Early on in the story, when the plot was more focused, the three POVs provided unique perspectives that enchanced the story. However now that the plot has developed much more since then, the Izora POV has become a problem. Both the Regan and Louella POVs advance plotlines, but the Izora POV doesn't. It's just kind of there, plodding on without much story relevance, unless it becomes convenient to use it to introduce information or an advancement. This could have been avoided by adjusting the balance of POVs continuously to best suit the story rather than trying to hold to a consistent cycle of the three. 

Additionally, another issue that has come up is that the story hasn't been scaling very well with the stakes. In other words, the stakes and scope of the story have been increasing and expanding for a while now, and I dont feel that the story and style have adapted to match it. This is most prevalent in the Regan POV, which has experienced the most significant escalation of stakes. High-stakes chapters are being written in the same way as low-stakes ones, and while maintaining a style is fine, these two types of chapters should definitely not feel the same, which they do now.

Overall, I'm still enjoying the story, but these issues have been weighing it down  recently, so I hope that the author works on them.

Original Review as of Chapter 30:

This is an enjoyable story with an interesting main character. It has similarities to other 'reborn as a dungeon' stories, but where it is unique and fresh is the way the dungeon fuses magic and technology.

 The writing style is easy to follow, and while there were quite a few grammar issues early on, they have improved recently.

 One thing to keep an eye on might be the number of POVs. While the number so far has been fine (3 main with a few one-off POVs) , if it keeps increasing that could be concerning (4 would be fine, 5 a bit much). Each of the three POVs so far has been well-developed, and the side characters have recieved some depth as well.

I would recommend this story, since the story is good and there is good room for development. 

  • Overall Score

Give it a spin, if only to tide you over.

Has a good concept and backstory but grammar is a bit down and the writer doesn't seem to write what he knows, and instead glosses over the more technical parts. Which is a deal breaker for me considering the books genre and core concept. Overall is better than most of the crap on this site but poor execution.

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As of Ch 24+I


It just me or does it feel very rushed and slightly out of focus? 


Grammar wise it has little to no issues.


Story wise it started out with a very unique take on dungeon building and got me pretty damn excited for it. 


Then it just went to doo doo imo.

Despite being a Dungeon Core story, we infact see VERY little Dungeon building with whatever scraps there are being glossed over quickly. Little detail, little focus on that part of the story.


Instead, the story revolves more around this village close to his dungeon that the MC spends his time messing around it and mainly takes place from the POV of the MC and a second character ( The Viscountess ). Ok perhaps maybe this story isn't really focused on Dungeon building and its strengths lie elsewhere? NOPE.


So far everything that happens outside the Dungeon is also basically glossed over. Practically no indepth descriptions, no interesting facts here and there. Is just like "He just added a new feature to his dungeon" and then moves on to the next scene with little information on how / what actually happened. 


Little character development as well, u can read and find out whats wrong on your own :)


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Finally, an original and quality dungeon story!

I quite enjoy this story. There's a lot of cool lore that's still being expanded on, and the MC, while OP, is still challenged and relevant to the plot.

There are some typos, especially in the earlier chapters, but it's not too bad, and it's free.

I look forward to learning more about the setting.

magical heart
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This is the best dungeon story I have run into and honestly my favorite thing to read on  Royal Roads. The characters the ever-developing plot, the interactions between the characters, and finally the beautiful intriguing, diverse and most of all well-built world in which the characters interact and live is truly amazing. I cannot recommend this story enough to anyone who enjoys dungeon fantasy or fantasy in general or sci-fi. This story is truly the best and I hope everyone who reads this at least gives the story a try. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Skeleton King
  • Overall Score

Great start , bad continuation

Reviewed at: Chapter 84.1
Too much things that made this novel turn from platinum to dirt including Julie, Regan's divinity, that gnome princess and more. I only stuck around for Regan x Alara but while the scenes are quite satisfying they are too far and in between. But this is just my opinion if you like stories in which MC becomes a deity, has masochistic subordinates, has a superiorty complex with people worshipping him then this may be your cup o'tea.
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Very interesting concept but the writing just doesn't work for me. Commas are used incorrectly, breaking up a sentence or not joining them properly. E.g. 'For all, I know there could be...'. No comma needed here.

Some sentences just aren't written properly. The start of the story where the mc describes the size of the world and the continent while he has no point of reference to compare it with also bug me, but that is a small problem. But a bunch of these small problems make it uncomfortable to read for me.

A real shame because again, I really like the concept. I wish the author spent some time on improving their ability to write English if he/she wants to produce a better story. If he/she did so I would absolutely read it.