Dungeon Robotics

by Dragonsunxx

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A dungeon core story about a man that caused a massive change in his world. Will the same thing happen again in a new world? Read and see how much trouble he can get into. 


 Cover Art was done by DarkCX

Official 2019 Release schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue (Edited 5/22/19) ago
Chapter 1 Part 1 (Edited 5/23/19) ago
Chapter 1 Part 2 (Edited 5/23/19) ago
Chapter 1 Part 3 Edited (5/23/19) ago
Information Bulletin part 1 ago
Chapter 2 Part 1 ago
Chapter 2 Part 2 ago
Chapter 2 Part 3 ago
Chapter 3 Part 1 ago
Chapter 3 Part 2 ago
Chapter 3 Part 3 ago
Chapter 4 Part 1 ago
Chapter 4 Part 2 ago
Chapter 4 Part 3 ago
Chapter 4 Part 4 ago
Chapter 5 Part 1 ago
Chapter 5 Part 2 ago
Chapter 5 Part 3 ago
Chapter 5 Part 4 ago
Chapter 6 Part 1 ago
Chapter 6 Part 2 ago
Chapter 6 Part 3 ago
Chapter 6 Part 4 ago
Christmas Special ago
Chapter 7 Part 1 ago
Chapter 7 Part 2 ago
Chapter 7 Part 3 ago
Chapter 7 Part 4 ago
Chapter 8 Part 1 ago
Chapter 8 Part 2 ago
Chapter 8 Part 3 ago
Chapter 8 Part 3 Second Half Edit ago
Chapter 8 Part 4 ago
Chapter 9 Part 1 ago
Chapter 9 Part 2 ago
Chapter 9 Part 3 ago
Chapter 9 Part 4 ago
Chapter 10 Part 1 ago
Chapter 10 Part 2 ago
Chapter 10 Part 3 ago
Chapter 10 Part 4 ago
Chapter 11 Part 1 ago
Chapter 11 part 2 ago
Chapter 12 Part 1 ago
Chapter 12 part 2 ago
Chapter 13 Part 1 ago
Chapter 13 Part 2 ago
Side story: Valentine's Special ago
Chapter 14 Part 1 ago
Chapter 14 Part 2 ago
Chapter 15 Part 1 ago
Chapter 15 Part 2 ago
Chapter 16 Part 1 ago
Chapter 16 Part 2 ago
Chapter 17 Part 1 ago
Chapter 17 Part 2 ago
Chapter 18 Part 1 ago
Chapter 18 Part 2 ago
Chapter 19 Part 1 ago
Chapter 19 Part 2 ago
Chapter 20 Part 1 ago
Chapter 20 Part 2 ago
Chapter 21 Part 1 ago
Chapter 21 Part 2 ago
Chapter 22 Part 1 ago
Chapter 22 Part 2 ago
Chapter 23 Part 1 ago
Chapter 23 Part 2 ago
Chapter 24 Part 1 ago
Chapter 24 Part 2 ago
Chapter 25 Part 1 ago
Chapter 25 Part 1.5 ago
Chapter 25 Part 2 ago
Chapter 26 Part 1 and 2 ago
Chapter 27 ago
Chapter 27 Part 2 ago
Chapter 28 Part 1 ago
Chapter 28.2 ago
Chapter 29.1 ago
Chapter 29.2 ago
Chapter 30.1 ago
Chapter 30.2 ago
Chapter 31.1 ago
Chapter 31.2 ago
Chapter 32.1 ago
Chapter 32.2 ago
Chapter 33.1 ago
Chapter 33.2 ago
Chapter 34.1 ago
Chapter 34.2 ago
Chapter 35.1 ago
Chapter 35.2 ago
Chapter 36.1 ago
chapter 36.2 ago
Chapter 37.1 ago
Chapter 37.2 ago
Chapter 38.1 ago
Chapter 38.2 ago
Chapter 39.1 ago
Chapter 39.2 ago
chapter 40.1 ago
chapter 40.2 ago
Chapter 41.1 ago
Chapter 41.2 ago
Chapter 42.1 ago
Chapter 42.2 ago
Chapter 43.1 ago
Chapter 43.2 ago
Book 1 Available on Amazon1 ago
Chapter 44.1 ago
Chapter 44.2 ago
Chapter 45.1 ago
Chapter 45.2 ago
Chapter 46.1 ago

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Interesting Dungeon Core Story

This is an enjoyable story with an interesting main character. It has similarities to other 'reborn as a dungeon' stories, but where it is unique and fresh is the way the dungeon fuses magic and technology.

 The writing style is easy to follow, and while there were quite a few grammar issues early on, they have improved recently and there have only been minor errors for a while.

 One thing to keep an eye on might be the number of POVs. While the number so far has been fine (3 main with a few one-off POVs) , if it keeps increasing that could be concerning (4 would be fine, 5 a bit much). Each of the three POVs so far has been well-developed, and the side characters have recieved some depth as well.

I would recommend this story, since the story is good and there is good room for development.


(as of Chapter 32)

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As of Chapter 37.2

Dungeon Stories are ten a penny on RR and most of them are as predictable as a story can be. Dungeon Robotics manages to avoid this pitfall by focussing more on story and less on wish fulfillment. That's not the say the dungeon MC isn't completely and utterly OP and effortlessly curbstomps anything and everything that crosses him; just that the story doesn't build up battles that amount to nothing and pretend that he is anything other than a monster in need of nerfing. 

What makes it special is that it gives what would normally be, side or extra characters that chance to shine and show themselves to be the MC in their own stories. The characters themselves do tend to be slightly one note and less well rounded than they could be but they aren't caricatures of themselves and while they do fit into well-known tropes, they aren't defined solely be their archetype. 

The grammar situation is somewhat complicated. While it is never a real problem and even at it's worst is more than readable, there is a steady improvement over the course of the series. The author clearly cares about improving his writing and it shows as the story goes on. Nearly every chapter has at least one or two minor errors, missed words or missing plurals "he ran forward swinging both sword" etc. If you are a strict grammar nazi (why are you on RR?) you may have a problem with early chapters but for the majority of readers, Dungeon Robotics sits in the upper tier of RR stories. 

So yeah, is it perfect? No. Does it revolutionise the genre and offer something completely new and never before seen? No. Is it worth your time and a genuinely enjoyable read? Yes, Definitely. 

  • Overall Score

I love this story, I'm always a fan of the mixing of modern tech and fantasy elements but this author takes the time to really put together a great blending of the elements. The MC is smart but no stick in his old ways and knowledge and he learns from the world around him. There are other POVs that do a great job of exploring the  effects the MC has and adding some dimensions to the world you cant get from the same perspective all the time. 

Also, the most important thing is(while it makes me sad at times) the releases of chapters are spread out enough it feels like the story isnt rushed and the author is taking the time to really build a world here. Too often I read similar-wish stories that start out strong but release so often they quickly back themselves into a corner without noticing and it's good to see this author avoiding that. I wish there was more to read like any other fan here but I'm confident the author will keep telling an amazing tale and I personally will always be looking forward to the next chapter. 

Keep rocking it man, I'm loving it.

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Finally, an original and quality dungeon story!

I quite enjoy this story. There's a lot of cool lore that's still being expanded on, and the MC, while OP, is still challenged and relevant to the plot.

There are some typos, especially in the earlier chapters, but it's not too bad, and it's free.

I look forward to learning more about the setting.

  • Overall Score

Give it a spin, if only to tide you over.

Has a good concept and backstory but grammar is a bit down and the writer doesn't seem to write what he knows, and instead glosses over the more technical parts. Which is a deal breaker for me considering the books genre and core concept. Overall is better than most of the crap on this site but poor execution.

magical heart
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This is the best dungeon story I have run into and honestly my favorite thing to read on  Royal Roads. The characters the ever-developing plot, the interactions between the characters, and finally the beautiful intriguing, diverse and most of all well-built world in which the characters interact and live is truly amazing. I cannot recommend this story enough to anyone who enjoys dungeon fantasy or fantasy in general or sci-fi. This story is truly the best and I hope everyone who reads this at least gives the story a try. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

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Zombies VS Machines

I would like to begin with the fact that I started reading this at eight in the morning, and managed to finish (at least to what the auther had completed) by two thirty. It was almost impossible for me to put down. Having said so, I will now go over each of the points.

Style: Excellent. The way the story is written allows for the readers to fill in minor blanks to get a better picture of their own. At times it can be a little frustrating, as the auther does switch characters, but in the end it only adds to the reading as they approach the same events from several view points.

Grammar: Minor typos here and there. Not enough to detract from the story overall. However, if the author takes some time to go over, most of the spelling errors I saw would probably clear up rather quickly. In fact I'd say they had started this or got a proofreader towards the end of what I had read.

Story: Brilliant. A truly fresh take on Dungeon Core stories. That said, I would like to see a map or a better description of the world that the story is taking place in.

Character: The characters are wonderfully diverse. I love how the character building is going. That being said, I'd like to know more about the back story of some of them, and maybe some descriptions from time to time. As an example, we hear about the Viscountess quite a bit, but no one describes her when they first meet her.

The only other point I have that I would appreciate expansion on is what the captured member of the shadow guild is doing now. He was there for a couple of chapters, but after getting his prosthetic limb, seemingly disappeared.

All in all though, very well done, and I hope to see more from you!

  • Overall Score

great story, interesting characters and good plot :) looking forwad to more

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Highly engaging and not slowing down

Excellent story. I really like how much Regan is able to interact with the world. Dungeon core stories often have a problem where, when the MC isn't able to engage with those outside the dungeon, the story either stagnates or becomes more about the other characters than about the dungeon, but the mechanics here allow for much more plot progression and character development.

The only thing keeping this from being a 5-star review is that the grammar isn't the best (Though still pretty good for a webnovel). It doesn't detract from the story, but it can get annoying at times.

  • Overall Score

Please don't stop the story! I love it too much.