Dungeon Robotics

by Dragonsunxx

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Cyberpunk Dungeon Female Lead LitRPG Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A dungeon core story about a man that caused a massive change in his world. Will the same thing happen again in a new world? Read and see how much trouble he can get into. 


 Cover Art was done by DarkCX

Official 2019 Release schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 Part 1 ago
Chapter 1 Part 2 ago
Chapter 1 Part 3 ago
Chapter 2 Part 1 ago
Chapter 2 Part 2 ago
Chapter 2 Part 3 ago
Chapter 3 Part 1 ago
Chapter 3 Part 2 ago
Chapter 3 Part 3 ago
Chapter 4 Part 1 ago
Chapter 4 Part 2 ago
Chapter 4 Part 3 ago
Chapter 4 Part 4 ago
Chapter 5 Part 1 ago
Chapter 5 Part 2 ago
Chapter 5 Part 3 ago
Chapter 5 Part 4 ago
Chapter 6 Part 1 ago
Chapter 6 Part 2 ago
Chapter 6 Part 3 ago
Chapter 6 Part 4 ago
Christmas Special ago
Chapter 7 Part 1 ago
Chapter 7 Part 2 ago
Chapter 7 Part 3 ago
Chapter 7 Part 4 ago
Chapter 8 Part 1 ago
Chapter 8 Part 2 ago
Chapter 8 Part 3 ago
Chapter 8 Part 3 Second Half Edit ago
Chapter 8 Part 4 ago
Chapter 9 Part 1 ago
Chapter 9 Part 2 ago
Chapter 9 Part 3 ago
Chapter 9 Part 4 ago
Chapter 10 Part 1 ago
Chapter 10 Part 2 ago
Chapter 10 Part 3 ago
Chapter 10 Part 4 ago
Chapter 11 Part 1 ago
Chapter 11 part 2 ago
Chapter 12 Part 1 ago
Chapter 12 part 2 ago
Chapter 13 Part 1 ago
Chapter 13 Part 2 ago
Side story: Valentine's Special ago
Chapter 14 Part 1 ago
Chapter 14 Part 2 ago
Chapter 15 Part 1 ago
Chapter 15 Part 2 ago
Chapter 16 Part 1 ago
Chapter 16 Part 2 ago
Chapter 17 Part 1 ago
Chapter 17 Part 2 ago
Chapter 18 Part 1 ago
Chapter 18 Part 2 ago
Chapter 19 Part 1 ago
Chapter 19 Part 2 ago
Chapter 20 Part 1 ago
Chapter 20 Part 2 ago
Chapter 21 Part 1 ago
Chapter 21 Part 2 ago
Chapter 22 Part 1 ago

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  • Overall Score

Give it a spin, if only to tide you over.

Has a good concept and backstory but grammar is a bit down and the writer doesn't seem to write what he knows, and instead glosses over the more technical parts. Which is a deal breaker for me considering the books genre and core concept. Overall is better than most of the crap on this site but poor execution.

  • Overall Score

Fresh new take on dungeon core tropes!

As of chapter 7 part 1, this story is well written, the plot is moving nicely, world building has been done enough to add some depth to the world without overwhelming the reader with a million new things and grammar mistakes are few and far between. The magic system is well thought out without being too complicated so the reader can just dive right in. 

Overall, I love what the author is doing so far and I can't wait to keep reading!

  • Overall Score

Please don't stop the story! I love it too much.

Pale imitation
  • Overall Score

Some weird world choice and phrasing. Almost as if reading a translation. Many unnecessary words.

  • Overall Score

Excellent .A fresh start to an old tale.keep it up

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I don't understand people who give rating of half star, always think that it is out of clear spite.

This novel is unique approach at dungeon core.                                                             

Need more to undertand there this is going, but what we had already good enough to like it.

Just don't stop author.                                                                                              



  • Overall Score

Great spin on a dungeon core idea!

There are many Dungeon Core stories out there but this one is a promising candidate for my favorite.  

Currently there are 28 chapters and I read through them quickly in one sitting because I couldn't put this story down. The main character has an intriguing backstory, he has need of redemption, and his interaction with the others around him are very believable.  

This is certainly set to become one of my top 10 reads of Royal Road.

  • Overall Score

excellent dungeon story

I came Royal Road to read good dungeon novels and I find this one to be fairly unique. there is some more chapters s now so i can say that this is one of the reads i wait for  i really enjoyed this book so far. The characters are likable andit feels like there is a lot of thought put into every move that is made by the characters! love it !

  • Overall Score

Awesome and easily readable, not a lot of spelling mistakes and the Grammer flows. 

  • Overall Score

Repetative interactions with side characters.

I've liked this story for a while now, the only issue that brings down the rating for me is how the MC is constantly insulted for no particular reason even when the MC is always treating people politely throughout as long as they aren't enemies.

Yet these people who treats nicely are always passive aggressive towards him if not out right insulting him to his face.

One of the main instigators is Louella, who he made rich and powerful (out of luck for her owning land nearby the dungeon). He then proceeds to give her gifts which make her even more powerful, yet doesn't show much if any appreciation.


“Sure, have fun on your date,” I said with a wave. I saw Louella had a complicated look on her face, “What? Don’t want to have lunch with me?” I asked innocently.

“No, I would love to have lunch with you, Lord Host,” Louella answered with a fake smile.


Unwarrented passive aggressiveness.