Exodus: The Assassin's Path

by Bo Cazador

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Harem Magic Male Lead Slice of Life Virtual Reality

"Log-On Tap."
TAP Interface Acquired.
Synchronizing character data.....
Welcome Back Q, find your path!

A secret Assassin class hidden deep, passed down to him from a mother who loathed his existence.

An unrivaled fodder racing against time to save his childhood friend.

An NPC uprising with Q leading the way.


This has a lot of 'Life' aspects, a sizable
portion of it takes place in the real world.

The Story is finished.



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Bo Cazador

Bo Cazador

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Word Count (12)
1st Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The Exodus Platform ago
A family of Geniuses ago
Legacy Pack ago
Coin of Fate ago
The Painted Lady ago
Teaching Temptress ago
Late Night Swim ago
Prepping for the Future ago
Time Ticks Away ago
A Flute Favor ago
Quarry Raid ago
Gnome Inheritance ago
Neural Ghost ago
Hot Spring ago
Shielded Assassin ago
Allies ago
Watching and Waiting ago
Fora Development Group ago
A Short Ride and a Long Fall ago
Red Horse & Red Lipstick part 1 ago
Red Horse & Red Lipstick part 2 ago
Madam Leilani ago
Building HQ ago
Raven Squad ago
The Booted Path part one ago
The Booted Path part two ago
NPC Assassin ago
Nightingale part one ago
Nightingale part two ago
Under New Management ago
Pioneer Bounty ago
Setting the Stage ago
The Prodigal Musician ago
A Family Reunited ago
Dead Tycoon ago
The Spider Cave ago
The Spider Queens ago
Travel Day ago
Zohai ago
Banished ago
Nature ago
A Good Deal ago
The Gathering ago
One More Day ago
Back into TAP ago
Family Tree ago
Excursion to Exodus ago
Prepping for the Heist ago
The Heist ago
The Infinity Well ago
The Black Chest ago
Exodus is Coming ago
Talon Station ago
Exodus Tournament ago
A Growing Family ago
A Growing Family part two ago
Luxury Cottage ago
Ravenwood part one ago
Ravenwood part two ago
Ravenwood part three ago
Death Deserved ago
Dominoes ago
Ravenwood Halflings ago
Zi'Fendyl ago
The Silver King ago
On Deck ago
Money Trail ago
Quick Draw ago
The Lost City of Ba'Avriel ago
Nemesis ago
Quick Reactionary Force ago
Rescue Pre-Op ago
Assassin Queen part one ago
Assassin Queen part two ago
Assassin Queen part three ago
Dinner Quiz ago
Lani's Request ago
Mata Ru part one ago
Mata Ru part two ago
Mata Ru conclusion ago
Covenant ago
Belle ago
Seeing is Believing ago
Missing Songbird ago
Companion Quest: Lara Sy ago
Gathering Allies ago
Black Halberd ago
Face to Face ago
Nexus ago
Gathering Staff ago
Three Signatures ago
Ella ago
A Look Ahead ago
Foreword: Guns and Gore ago
The Clock Tower ago
Friendly Visitor ago

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A tasteful alternative to master of all

Be warned this story is not for everyone. Thick in tropes, harem, bbeg, wierd amount of women surrounding the Mc, op and other such detestable tricks of storytelling.


But somehow the author pulls it off. The story is well thought out, planned and written. Capturing the reader from the first page and continuing to hold the audience captive with deep characters traces off something bigger.

As another positive, the author brought towels. 

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Overall, I think this story has promise. It is a rather unique take on a genre that is becoming saturated, as it involves adventures in a VRMMORPG universe. The MC has some crap to deal with when he is young, a mother who all but abandons him (with reasons revealed in the story, no spoilers), that leads to an unknown inheritance in-game and out.

The grammar is rough, and there are several typos throughout, but it's nothing that a proofreader couldn't solve. It wasn't so bad as to be un-readable, unlike multiple other stories on this website that I have attempted. It reads like a rough draft, which is average for this website.

The characters are definitely fantasies, and while it isn't a harem story (as of One Day More), that possibility is there. The MC's growth in-game is rather rapid due to his unique circumstances, and power levels quickly compared to other gamers. If you don't like rapid power acquisition, this might not be a story for you.

I'm interested to see where the story goes, as there are mini-arcs as well as a larger conspiracy involving the MC. It has definite promise and is intriguing. It isn't a hard story to read, I was able to read everything that had been written through chapter 44 "One Day More" in a single afternoon.

Mature content is hinted at, but it stays mostly PG-13 until the latest content when the MC enters into a real-world relationship that gets physical. Most of the titilating content is comparable to fanservice in an anime, with tropes of hot springs and girls in swimwear.

  • Overall Score

A good read, excellent story, good depth and relatable characters.

Reviewed at: A Look Ahead

Read the entire story, which isn't short in one night.  Story is well crafted with a genuine plot.  The story universe is logical and well structured.

It is harem based but focuses on the feel of family, which makes it stand out pleasantly.

A good read, very addictive and enjoable, highly recommended.

Zina kisamet
  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

A novel in the Exodus series.

This is the first novel in a series.  It follows the real world and virtual adventures of 20 years old Quinn Riley.  The story is interesting and witty, the characters are well rounded and sometimes hilarious.  This isn't a story consumed by revenge, Quinn is a guy looking out for his family.  A long story that provides laughs and an ending that will have you asking for the sequel.

Dao Girl
  • Overall Score
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Funny, clever and miles of heart.

A twisty clever ride filled with romance and adventure.  This really is the story of a young man who overcomes two tragic events to roar back and take control of his life.  A good read with lots and lots of heart.  

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This is a surprisingly well-written story filled with humor and wit.  A large portion takes place in the real world where the MC and his family work together to make a better life.  Although the grammar could use the loving care of an editor, this adventure is filled with humor, romance and dare I mention... sex!

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

While there is some room for improvement in the grammar department, and the images of stat tables could be swapped out for text based tables, all in all this was a great read. Really looking forward to the sequel!