The Queen's Hound

by Ace Arriande

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Dungeon Harem High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Reincarnation Slice of Life Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Other Tags: Monster Evolution

The thief was confident that it would be another heist like any other. Steal the mark, get paid, retire, gamble away any money not spent at brothels, and come out of retirement. Again. That was how it was supposed to go. Only, the woman he was stealing from was a noble vampire, and he wasn't expecting to get killed and reincarnated as a puppy. Now, left in the underground dungeon floors of the city's tower, the infamous thief must adapt to his four-legged and fluffier life and quickly if he doesn't want to get turned into a snack by monsters several times his size.

To make matters even more difficult for him, he finds himself bound by a curse to not only hunt and devour the strong but to evolve and become his killer's cerberus. Though, none of these struggles are as difficult as the itch behind his ear that just won't go away.


Cover artwork done by ErosPanda, and the full-sized image can be viewed here!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
[Vol. 1 pt. 1] A Failed Job and a New Life ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 2] Bones are Love; Bones are Life ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 3] Bones are Love; Bones are Life ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 4] Bones are Love; Bones are Life ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 5] Bones are Love; Bones are Life ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 6] Bones are Love; Bones are Life ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 7] Eating Greens ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 8] Eating Greens ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 9] Eating Greens ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 10] Eating Greens ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 11] Eating Greens ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 12] Eating Greens ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 13] Eating Greens ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 14] The Pup and the Rat ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 15] The Pup and the Rat ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 16] The Pup and the Rat ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 17] The Pup and the Rat ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 18] The Pup and the Rat ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 19] The Pup and the Rat ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 20] Rubs, Scratches, and Evolutions ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 21] Rubs, Scratches, and Evolutions ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 22] Rubs, Scratches, and Evolutions ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 23] Rubs, Scratches, and Evolutions ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 24] Rubs, Scratches, and Evolutions ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 25] Rubs, Scratches, and Evolutions ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 26] Rubs, Scratches, and Evolutions ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 27] Rubs, Scratches, and Evolutions ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 28] Self-Preservation ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 29] Self-Preservation ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 30] Self-Preservation ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 31] Self-Preservation ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 32] Self-Preservation ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 33] Self-Preservation ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 34] Training, Sticks, and Skills ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 35] Training, Sticks, and Skills ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 36] Training, Sticks, and Skills ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 37] Training, Sticks, and Skills ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 38] Training, Sticks, and Skills ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 39] Training, Sticks, and Skills ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 40] Training, Sticks, and Skills ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 41] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 42] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 43] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 44] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 45] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 46] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 47] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 48] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 49] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 50] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 51] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 52] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 53] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 54] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 55] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 56] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 57] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 58] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 59] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 60] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 61] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 62] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 63] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 64] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 65] ago
[Vol. 1 pt. 66] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 1] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 2] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 3] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 4] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 5] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 6] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 7] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 8] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 9] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 10] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 11] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 12] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 13] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 14] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 15] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 16] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 17] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 18] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 19] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 20] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 21] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 22] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 23] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 24] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 25] ago
[Vol. 2 pt. 26] ago

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Promising and frustrating


 The writing is great, the characters are good, and the story is promising. What's frustrating is that as of chapter 41, the story keeps teasing King Pup's first evolution (I was going to try and turn this into a double entendre or sex joke, but why bother) but hasn't made any substantive progress in that direction.

I haven't paid anything, so I guess I don't have any right to complain, but I can imagine how people who supported the author on Patreon to read 20 chapters ahead must have felt. After reading chapter 20, they just couldn't wait to read ahead and finally see the evolution, so they go to Patreon, pay up, and read ahead... and find basically no progress in that direction.

It really leaves you with a giant case of blue balls.

I guess I couldn't resist.


quick review update after chapter 47: The pacing still really bad even if the author promises things will improve when he transitions to longer chapters. Still it seems like pretty much the same chapter for the last ~30 chapters. Just ad nauseum annoying itneractions bewtween Elanah and King Pup.

Update as of Volume 2, chapter 9:

The pacing improved when the author switched from daily to weekly releases, for like five or 6 weeks.

Now it’s even worse. The word count padding on this and his other popular story is pretty egregious.

  • Overall Score

Not a mindless 5 star review

The grammar is really good, easily the best part of this novel for me. The story is... fine, i guess? A dude dies and gets reincarnated as an animal/monster. It's pretty cliche but not terrible.

Ace has a serious issue with his fetish for monster girls. I'm partially convinced the reason Ace has the mc go with whatever the vampire wants even though he knows he probably shouldn't is because it's a big tittied non-human.

The mc is a dog which Ace definitely gets some mileage out of with an overwhelming amount of puns and bone jokes. As for his actual character though, it says he was a thief for over 10 years and was very cautious but he usually doesn't act like it. Even in the prologue he gets killed by the vampire not because he was unable but because he was dumb and didn't make sure to finish her off (always double tap kids). He even comments and says basically the same thing.

Then there's the annoying elf girl. She constantly "misunderstands" the mc at her own convenience (which is also commented on). If you've ever watched an anime you know why this is a cardinal sin and should never be used ever.

In conclusion it's not terrible but it definitely doesn't deserve the cascade of meaningless 5 stars it gets. It's a problem that plagues the whole site and not just this novel. I'll probably do a more in depth review when I've fully collected and organized my thoughts.i just wanted to get this out there for now. 

Kronos Tizilious
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Fear him, for he is King Pup!

I've read ahead on Patreon. RIP RE:WAN.



This time Ace has decided to make his love of dogs the focus of the story and spread their obvious superiority over ca- kidding. The Queen's Hound is a LitRPG story about a man who took a job slightly above his pay grade and got involved in something he couldn't have ever expected. As always with Ace's stories, the grammar is almost spotless and if any mistakes are there they aren't noticeable/jarring. There hasn't been that many characters so far but they're up to par with his usual character personality and interaction. The story isn't readily shown yet but I know there is an interesting and captivating plot that's planned. The style is more simplistic than EDE when it comes to tables, but it brings a sort of refreshing air to the story with easy to follow bonuses. 

I expect given the warning and Ace's tendency there will be sexual content so you have your warning. All in all, I'm really happy with the lighthearted doggy dungeon action. It's a solid read that I 100% recommend so far, interested in seeing everyone's reactions.





  • Overall Score

Good story but short repeating chapters.

This story has the potential to be great, the plot and characters are great fun. All hail King Pup. However the chapters are terribly short and often seem to be repetative of content. Equally each "chapter" is more like a part of the overall chapter as you would expect in a normal book which leaves you with a constant cliff hanger and not in a good way. It would imho, make better sense to realse full chapters as opposed to lots of smaller sections.

  • Overall Score

This is an awful story for quite the simple reason. It doesn't have any cats, like at all. Everyone knows that all great stories starts with a cat, thus it is quite dissapointing that this story doesn't have one. Honestly just replace the filthy mutt with a glorious cat and the story would probably be in the hall of fame for stories(is there even a hall of fame for that?). The dog isn't even a golden retriever, like wtf.

Anyway dont read it doesn't have cats in it.(would change the review to and adv. One, once i spot a cat.)

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Reincarnation & that damned itch...

OA Legendary thief takes a job which proves to be his undoing. As a consolation prize, his soul has been captured and he has been reincarnated as his killer’s Cerberus.

Starting out as a level 1 Cursed Pup on the 5th lvl of the tower we watch as he copes with reincarnation, bones, bone thieves, earning skills, and how to cope with that damned itch behind your left ear.

A good book, humourous and intriguing, Plenty of rude language - so be warned if you can’t cope with swearing, and a smattering of sex and innuendo.

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The Queens Hound is a great story with a plot that could develop in multiple ways, as of chapter 24 I check this story for updates daily. The characters are quite developed with good personality defining characteristics but I would like some more backstory on why they act the way that they do. The grammar is quite lovely with sentences that are easy to understand and convey meaning.

One of my favorite story elements is evolution and I love how it is being handled here, no free handouts but the character actually working towards it. What I do find lacking are the questions on how some things work; elemental affinity, certain skills and when they are learned, adventurer rankings, a power scale for monsters, and how they compare to humans. But all of this comes with more chapters and as the story becomes more developed and fleshed out.

I do enjoy this story and would recommend it.

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The adventures of king pup

I have been loving the story so far great plot enjoyable characters. And with what my old 5th grade teacher called a astonishing failure to grasp the basics of the english language im going to assume the grammar and style are also good

  • Overall Score

loved it, great start of he story. Now I'm starting to remember why I hate the rest of your stuff. Damn justice warrior and stupid japanese like explanations will start appearing alog with damsels in distress where illogicaly only Mc can and will help. . . 

  • Overall Score
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Not trying to give a bad score. Here is my opinion on the novel as a whole. 

The grammar is good, the main character is interesting enough to have almost anyone start reading, and the storyline is understandable. Also, no major plot holes that I have seen. The only thing I dislike (and why this novel got a 3 1/2) is due to the randomness. A vampire that seems to always 'love' chocolate when the MC said the same thing. That's alright, but it felt 1/2 of the whole conversation was only about her diet and chocolate. Not only that but sometimes the MC makes a rational decision and doesn't have it thoroughly explained, but then he makes a decision and the author went over why he made the decision (repetitive information too) for almost half of the chapter. Basically, the narrator is telling us he always runs from fights unless he is 100% sure he can win without injury but throughout the whole novel there is little to prove this point. The only time he ever really ran was when it was 'your going to die if you fight' type of thing or when he was seriously outclassed. When he did realize that maybe he couldn't fight something, that is when he should have ran if we go about him being a good theif class. All theifs (good ones) usually have backup plans but a very strong and smart one backed himself into holes several times and just didn't act like a thief at all. 'I lived as a thief for over 10 years but was a pup for less than a month, so I'll act only like a pup' doesn't cut it. Basically, the story deviates from expectation and the character is hard to get a read on due to contrasting information. Everything else is okay though.