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The first thing that Elanah did after realizing that I was ignoring her advances was pick up all of those fingers, eyeballs, and other body parts that she tossed around and put them back in the jar.

Now, she’s collecting ears from the hounds, breaking their sharpest fangs out from their mouths, and she’s thankfully not taking their eyes.

Having their eyes taken would just be weird. It wasn’t that bad when she was taking them from the orc, but having another dog’s eyes scooped out and put in some jar? That’d just be weird.

Then again, what I’m about to do is probably just as weird.

This kingly pup is hungry and needs a regeneration boost.

[Skill Acquired!
Cannibalism |R1|
Eating a member of your species’ branch provides a boost to HP regeneration and makes others of your species distrust you.]
[Corpse Eating increased to rank 7!]

Huh. I’ve heard of Cannibalism being a skill, but never knew anybody with it and never got it myself.

I can kind of understand why more people wouldn’t want it. That boost to regeneration should be nice, but… being naturally distrusted by other humans probably won’t be a good thing.

No, wait. I would just be disliked by other puppies and hounds. That doesn’t really matter, I think. It’s not like any of the monsters related to me in this tower wouldn’t want to kill me in the first place anyways.

It might not be too good up above, though. I guess it depends on how many other hounds I come across. Even then, if I’m right… I probably wouldn’t run into too many monsters related to a cursed pup up there. Most people just have regular dogs, and dogs and wolves belong to their own species branch.

So, I get a boost to regeneration while making other monsters, who would already hate me in the first place, distrustful of me. Sounds like a good trade to me.

It’s not like I plan on having my own pet dog or anything someday.

If anything, it’s people wanting to turn me into a pet, and I’m not going to let that happen.

Well, I’ll let this board think that it’s happening until I have a chance to get away from her.

Speaking of that board, I place one paw on a cursedhound and bark at her, and then I do the same for one of the darkhounds.

I’m going to be making use of her until I get away from her.

“Okay, Woofen. I’ll get you some good bones from them once I’m done with this one,” Elanah answers.

“Hurry up,” I bark.

I wonder if having an abnormal spawned and sent after us would have been harder to deal with than that pack of hounds. While an abnormal would probably have a title, more skills, and be smarter, it’d only be one against two.

Unless it was something like that queen who had an army of rats following her around.

Though, there’s also the fact that an abnormal would be about three times as strong as the regular monsters on this floor. So, since we have fat orcs, that means we could have been dealing with an orc soldier. Or a goblin chief instead of a goblin sorcerer.

Yeah, I think I’d rather stick with a pack of monsters than an abnormal. We don’t need to go up against anything that can kick us around like rats.

“How are these?” Elanah asks, holding up a bone from each of the hounds.

I nod my head and bark at her.

“Alright, now what do you want to do? We should be fine now that we’ve killed that patrol. It’ll be a while before we hit the next threshold… I think.”

“You’re right,” I bark.

I think she’s right, anyways.

I never really had to train on a ton of monsters before, and I’ve definitely never hit the threshold before something gets sent at me twice in one visit.

“Wait, Woofen, you’re still bleeding!”

I turn my head to look at my side and… yep, still bleeding.

I’m still not flexible enough to really reach that part of me yet, either. I can’t even lick it myself.

“Should I… maybe I can lick it? Like you did for me,” Elanah says.

“I’m not letting ya lick me, especially where I’m cut,” I bark.

This girl is crazy. Seriously crazy.

Damn it. Now that I’ve been reminded of that injury, I can feel all the pain coming from it. It fucking hurts, too.

But, the bleeding shouldn’t be enough to kill me before it heals, and I doubt that her licking me would do anything other than be seriously weird.

“Let’s just move on,” I bark.

I’ll heal and be fine. It doesn’t even feel like I’ve lost any big amount of health.

Plus, if I let it bleed for a few minutes, I should get Bleeding Resistance.

It’s already been a couple of minutes anyways, so it shouldn’t take much longer to get the first—

[Skill Acquired!
Bleeding Resistance |R1|
+1 VIT
Increases your resistance to damage taken from bleeding.]

And there it is.

I think that’s… three or four resistances now. At this point, I might as well get myself hurt or affected by more things so that I can learn a few more resistances, and then I should have another title.

Another title means another proof, and another proof means another skill I can unlock from one of my skills at rank ten.

But, that requires putting myself at risk and getting hurt. Then there’s the fact that getting venom resistance would probably be the easiest one for me to get.

Maybe I should do that?

If I let one of those lizard bastards get me with their venom while with Elanah, she’ll be here to protect me and finish the lizard off.

But there’s an even greater risk involved than potentially dying in that case.

I would be at this crazy board’s mercy. With no way to move or get away from her, unable to make any sounds…

I have no idea what she would do to me during that.

So, do I risk letting her emasculate me while I can do nothing in exchange for a long-term benefit, or do I… no, letting myself get attacked while with her is the safest option. It might not be the safest option for my pride and purity—not that I have any of that left anyways—but it’s better than it happening unexpectedly when I may or may not have any support.

My best option right now is to let one of those lizard bastards splash me with their venom.

This is for your own good, King Pup.

It’s not like one crazy elf girl could do anything so horrible to a puppy that it would permanently scar me anyways.


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