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Elanah takes the jar off of her hip that she’s been putting fingers, eyes, and other little body parts from monsters into.

This girl is smarter than I’m giving her credit for… again. Shit, I didn’t even think about this myself.

If the only advantage that the enemy has over us is being hidden, then all we have to do is take that advantage away from them.

“We’ll attack when we find them,” Elanah says.

“Ready when you are, Miss Board,” I bark at her.

She opens the jar, pours its contents into her free hand, and then tosses the carved monster parts out into the hallway in front of us.

Most of the parts fall to the ground just as randomly-thrown monster bits would.

But, along the walls, several parts suddenly drop straight down or bounce off of seemingly nothing.

One orc finger even seems to be stuck on top of something – floating over nothing.

“Void Missile!” she shouts, aiming the blast of magic where one of the two invisible wolves should be as I charge toward the other one with a floating finger.

The wolf she hits leaves its hidden state and cries out in pained whimpers.

Shit. Hearing it whimper so pathetically like that makes me feel kind of bad for it, but these are our enemies.

We can’t afford to feel bad for them.

The only remaining wolf still invisible tries moving to a new position, but the finger stuck on its back makes its movements too obvious.

And that means I can swing my dagger.

The rest of its body may be invisible, but a dismembered paw lands on the ground.

[Darkhound took 23 damage!]
[Severing Attack increased to rank 5!]

I don’t need to track the finger anymore. The blood spraying out from its leg shows exactly where the monster is, and it reveals itself to lunge at me with bared fangs.

[Darkhound took 12 damage!]
[Parrying increased to rank 3!]

It’s not like it has that many different options for attacking me given our size difference, so all I had to do was hold the dagger up between its mouth and mine.

The darkhound backs off to whimper and consider its options, giving me the opportunity to stab the dagger straight into the skull of one of the paralyzed monsters on the floor.

[Cursedhound slain!]

Elanah has pressure applied on the other darkhound, mine is just staring at me while trying to stay balanced, and there are two more paralyzed cursedhounds on the floor.

[Cursedhound slain!]

One more.

No matter how much health these bastards might have, they’re not going to survive a dagger destroying their brains.

Though, before I can finish off the third one, the darkhound charges at me again.

The wolf is dedicated to trying to kill me, but it’s not smart.

It has no option other than to bite me or swipe at me head on, and it doesn’t want to risk losing another paw.

I parry its bite with the danger once again.

[Darkhound took 14 damage!]

This time, though, it’s not backing off.

It thrashes its head around with swinging its clawed paws at me, its black fur stained red by its blood as it desperately tries killing me before I can kill it.

But that’s not going to happen.

[You took 16 damage and are now bleeding for -4 HP per minute!]

Fucker slashed my side its claws.

Now I’m really pissed.

Dropping the dagger, I jump up at its throat and bark out, “Forceful Bite! Throat Ripper!”

I shake, tear, and rip away at its neck as it cries and whimpers.

[Darkhound took 39 damage!]
[Bleed Attack increased to rank 8!]
[Forceful Bite increased to rank 2!]
[Bleeding Bites increased to rank 2!]

The bastard refuses to die even after all of that?

Then I’ll just—

Its body jolts to the side before falling over.

“We did it, Woofen,” Elanah says before pulling her sword out from the darkhound’s side.

Well, I guess that’s one fucking way to steal my kill.

Not like it matters anyways since we’re in a party.

Looking over at the other darkhound she was dealing with… yeah, it’s head isn’t attached to its body anymore.

The third cursedhound that I didn’t manage to finish off has a large stab wound going through its head as well now, so she finished it off.

“At least your fighting skills aren’t as worthless as your chest,” I bark at Elanah.

“I’m happy we’re safe too, Woofen,” she answers with fluttering ears and a soft smile. “But…”

She looks herself over.

There isn’t a single injury anywhere on her, so why does she look disappointed?


I know why.

Though, she was smart, and we might be dead if it wasn’t for her thinking. Sure, I was barking at her telling her what to do, but it’s not like she could understand what I was saying. She figured it out on her own, came up with an idea before I did, and we won thanks to her.

Maybe she does deserve a little bit of licking.

“Woofen?” Elanah says, her cheeks turning red as her ears twitch. “Di-did you just?”

… what?

Don’t tell me that this girl could somehow fucking tell when I was thinking about licking her.

If that’s the only time that she can really tell what I’m thinking then she’s the most useless abyssal elf that I’ve ever seen!

“I-it must have been my imagination,” she says, one hand resting on her stomach while her other rubs her arm.

“Yeah, it was just your imagination,” I bark.

“But… but if it wasn’t, then you can… whenever you want, okay?”

“I can what? Actually, no, don’t answer that. I don’t need to know what sort of twisted things are going through your washboard chest right now.” At least, I’m guessing that her brain must be as small as her nonexistent tits.

I wish I could really just believe that this girl is dumb through and through, but she’s proven herself too many times for me to actually believe that.

“Maybe… maybe you’ll get it if I say we can woof woof?” Elanah asks, looking way too excited despite the fact that we’re surrounded by five, bleeding corpses.

I wish I was at least human enough to take advantage of her lust.

Though, getting away from her afterward would be where the real trouble begins.

A note from ace arriande

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