The mysterious leader of Silver Arrow was peacefully reading in the library.

It was never official, but it could be said that Freya was the leader of Silver Arrow since she was the one who came up with the name and slogan. It was a name she thought of on a whim of course. At the time during her meeting with the fairies, she just thought that since her enemy's name was Skulls, the most fitting name to strike it down would be an arrow. The color silver was simply because that was the color which Freya perceived to envelope Ray. Ray reminded her of that color; and she thought that it was a cool color, so she chose it. Hence: Silver Arrow. Then she simply improvised with the slogan so that it matched the name. I've done a good job I'd say, Freya thought.

Freya finished reading the book she was holding on her hand. The last book of Arkef's grand library. She had finally managed to read all the books in the library after 5 days of reading from morning to night ever since she started. Freya had thought that she would finish the library a whole lot more faster, but it turned out that the library had a storage section for books, and more books to read equals to more time to finish the library. In the end, she was satisfied by her accomplishment of managing to read all the books, but at the same time disappointed as she couldn't find the information she wanted. The crucial information which was the whole reason she went to Arkef in the first place.

I should end the fairies' problem and immediately go elsewhere...

Right now, the only matters which were keeping Freya in Arkef were simply the fairies' problem and the stolen books. Without those reasons to stop her, Freya would've gone out of Arkef to head to a new destination already. She couldn't irresponsibly leave the fairies behind, and she hoped that the stolen books contain the information she wanted. She placed the book she had just read back to the shelf and let out a sigh. All that reading is to no avail...

As she climbed down the ladder she was on, she remembered of the complications the fairies had with the lock of a room which the other fairies were kept. Jerry had once reported to her that it seemed that the lock was enhanced with Formulae Magic. A magic which will alert Vath should the lock ever be opened. That was why his crew didn't decide to open the lock just yet even though Vath was gone to have business elsewhere. At least, the situation was to their favor as Jeremy said that he could open the lock without fail. All they needed to do was to just wait for the perfect opportunity to free their brethren.

On another note: Silver Arrow was doing well. Ray and Elaine were motivated to fight Extinct Formulae Magic user and have been destroying Skulls bases one by one, aided by Dunnford. They were so fixated in getting their revenge battle; Freya was sure that they had forgotten about the stolen books, which was their initial objective. This morning, the three of them invited Freya to join their assault on the final main base today, but Freya politely declined as she was so close to reading all the books in the library.

She finished her ladder descend and looked through the library's majestic glass wall. Freya could see that the sun was about to set. She was so immersed in reading that she forgot about time. 'They should be attacking Skulls main base soon,' Freya muttered to herself.

She was slightly worried of Elaine and Ray, as they both each had lost battling Extinct Formulae Magic user, but since Dunnford would be around this time, Freya thought that she got nothing to worry about as the veteran knight would keep things under control. If anything, she should worry about the fairies instead.

It was quite worrisome for Freya when Jerry didn't appear yesterday for his daily report. And today, there was no sign of him. There were a few possibilities as to why he disappeared: maybe he was concentrating on his task that he couldn't appear, perhaps Vath was keeping an alerted eye on him, or-- something bad happened to Jerry. I hope it's not the latter...

Regardless, Freya was free now as she had finished reading all the books, so she should be able to aid them now. She could've postponed the book reading until the matter was solved, but Freya thought that it wasn't right to deal with other people's business and ignoring one's own task. That would be running away and being irresponsible to oneself. It wasn't as if Freya was free enough to ignore her own problems.

She pushed her hand upwards and stretched herself. Her body felt rigid and her eyes were tired from excessive reading, but those weren't a big deal. Freya simply needed exercise for her body and she knew of a trick to to loosen eye strain: by looking a distance far away.

Through the glass wall of the library, Freya could see the city of Arkef. People were starting to close their store as night was about to cover the sky. Some seemed in a hurry to go back home, they used to have a troubled expression, but ever since the rumor of Silver Arrow began, they seemed to be more relaxed in their routine. The night became less fearsome as the Skulls was slowly beaten by Silver Arrow. Freya had seen the scenery from time to time to relax her eyes. When she looked at the scenery now however, it was slightly different from the usual.

Freya saw people she never had seen before, grouping together ominously in alleyways. They wore black coat and were holding wooden sticks each. Freya could see flickering orange lights coming out from the alleyways, fire. The groups of people were lighting the sticks on fire, as a torch. The number of men wearing black coat increased as they slowly appear from alleyways. They went to the main road, then lifted the torch up and ran towards Arkef's grand library.

Freya too ran as soon as she saw that, to grab her sword which should be at the library's entrance. The bandits, Skulls, were attacking the library with massive number.

This can be bothersome, she thought.


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