The sound rang through the whole of Skulls' base. The sound of a fist slamming hard into a table made of chiseled stone. So hard was the smash, that the chiseled stone table shattered into pieces from sheer power. The man tried to control his breath to keep in his fury. He gazed at one of his generals with a murderous stare which made her shiver in fear. Of course she would be trembling, no one could blame her as she was facing a herculean man.

Vienna, the tanned woman, was one of the three generals of Skulls. Her inscription of Extinct Formulae Magic caused her long hair to turn white in color and her eyes to be gray. She was the person responsible for Elaine's defeat 3 days before. Currently, she was feeling weak on her knees, she felt imaginary weight on her shoulders, and cold sweat was dripping on her forehead. The man she was facing, covered from head to toe with ominous tattoos, wasn't someone to mess around with.

With an air of suppressed violence, the man sat down slowly on his stone throne chair, the furniture seemed to be writhing in pain holding his weight. He looked as if he would snap at any moment due to his rage. The man was none other than the leader of Skulls: Vath.

'Let me get this straight,' he started with a tone of superiority, 'I left for a few days to deal with a few things with William. The next thing that happened when the group isn't under my watch: is that the two generals are beaten and Skulls is slowly dying from a menace.'

Vienna gulped; and slowly she nodded.

Vath laughed at Vienna's response. His rage seemed to be replaced with humor and he seemed to find the whole situation funny. Not sure on what to do, Vienna followed his stead and laughed along. His laugh got louder and louder until it stopped. He wiped his tears, which occurred from too much laughing, with his finger. There was a momentary silence, a deafening silence which filled the air.

'CAN YOU NOT BE TRUSTED WITH THE SIMPLE TASK OF KEEPING EVERYTHING THE SAME WHILE I WAS GONE??' Vath shouted at the top of his lungs. His loudness made Vienna's ears rang. He expressed his rage not just with his voice, but also with his gesture of squeezing the arm of the throne chair with his mighty grip. The poor stone was like a squeezed apple. Vath's eyes were and was seeing red.

'I-- I'm sorry Lord Vath,' Vienna didn't dare look at him in the face and stared at the ground instead.

'Vienna,' he said whilst shaking his head, 'my dear Vienna! Do you know what's stopping me from killing you right now?'

Vath stared at her with a kind smile, expecting a reply.

'I-- I do not know milord.'

'Fool! It's only because you're fortunate enough to survive the inscription of Extinct Formulae! Do you know how low is the success rate of that?? Had you not have that tattoo! Oh, had you not! Without that tattoo, I would rip you to pieces right now!'

Again Vienna gulped. Her heart was thumping madly, wanting to jump out and leave her own body behind and run to safety.

'Thankfully, William had a change of plan. He'd like to prepone his "heroic" act to a faster date. He gave me tools for chaos and he would build order from it. Together we both shall rise and take full control over Arkef. My only concern for now is this menace we've been having. What do they call themselves?'

'They-- they call themselves Silver Arrow milord. They're responsible for the defeat of 2 generals and the destruction of our hideouts.'

'Do I have to do everything myself?' Vath sighed. 'It seems that this problem requires my attention. However, I would like to place my last faith on you Vienna. You'll deal with this-- Silver Arrow. I'm aware that you're useless by yourself, so I'll lend you a new Extinct Formulae Magic user William gave me. He's strong, and with him you should have no problem dealing with that pesky menace.

'I'll create chaos tomorrow using a tool which William had given me, a morbid and effective tool. I'll make the bandits attack Arkef's grand library and that would surely disrupt the order. I wouldn't put my faith in the bandits, but my newly-attained tool will do its work splendidly. In the meanwhile, you are tasked to defeat Silver Arrow. Do you get that clear?'

'Perfectly clear milord,' Vienna replied. He looked at a man who appeared from the shadow behind Vath. He was a tanned slim man, his white hair must have also been the side-effect of Extinct Formulae Magic, tattoos were covering his whole body, and he seemed to be lacking expression. While Vath gave off a sinister impression, the new man who just showed himself gave a cold-dead impression.

Vienna hoped for the best; that she would be able to deal with Silver Arrow with the new man's help. Although Vienna was able to beat Silver Arrow's magician, she wouldn't like to face their mysterious leader. The Silver Arrow's leader who had beaten the strongest general of the three without magic and with a sheathed sword. Vienna wasn't liking the soon-to-happen confrontation, but facing the Silver Arrow would be way better to her than with Skulls leader, Vath.

'Perfect! Now...' Vath continued, still not done yet. 'Don't think that I don't notice you, you pesky fairy!'

Vath jumped quickly near the door of his room with inhumane speed and grabbed a small object from the air which was transparent. The transparency soon dissipate and it revealed a fairy with white suit and a small red tie. Jerry.

He was scared; it was only natural. The fairy was in the grip of a man who could easily shatter stones, the man himself had proven it by destroying his throne chair's arm. What was stopping the man from squeezing Jerry to his demise? Jerry was totally at the evil man's mercy.

'Still rebellious eh? I gave you freedom and it seems that you don't even want it.'

Jerry had himself pride, but of course he was willing to throw that away to the trash bin if he needed to, so long that the act would allow him to live. What use of pride when he was dead anyway? As much as he wanted to retort to him; that what Vath gave wasn't freedom and that Jerry would fight for it, such statement wouldn't help his situation at all. Thus, he apologized. 'S- S- Sorry.'

'Ha Ha Ha!' Vath laughed. 'Pitiful creature. So pitiful that I actually feel mercy! Horus! Lock this fairy with his other kind!'

Vath tossed Jerry to the new man as if he was a small ball.

Horus caught the fairy with his hand and looked at Jerry with a dead stare.


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