The fairies each got their own job to do.

As Vath had ordered-- threatened was a more exact word, the fairies had to stole books for his bidding. He was working with the Ruler of Arkef's son: William, so that he could rise up in power. In exchange for William being a ruler, he promised to grant Vath an enormous reward. The political schemes which kept Arkef busy were all done by William, all to allow his ploy to work in his favor.

Their scheme was simple and effective. Vath would destroy and burn libraries, he would also order the fairies to steal books. All in an effort to make it look as if a group of thief was trying to steal books and increasing the rarity by causing wreckage to libraries. Increased rarity= increased price. However, that was not their plan. It was all a ploy, to purposefully make a villain, which William will handle. When William appears to be a hero by solving Arkef's problem; reclaiming the stolen books, he would surely gain the support of his people and raise to become the new ruler. That was their master plan.

The fairies were forced to steal books, they had to as their brethren were being kidnapped, locked in a certain place inside Skulls' base. That was their job now: to steal books.

However, after meeting with Freya and discussing what to do, Jerry and his crew each had their own hidden job now. A secret job which Vath knew not of. A Job, which they were willing to do.

Jerry, the fairy with a white suit and small red tie, was assigned to be the leader of his own crew. He was there to make sure that their operations were done right. And, should there be an emergency or anything important, he was to report to Freya who would be in Arkef's grand library, reading books. Basically: control the situation and relay what Freya needed to know.

Reina and Jeremy were in the information gathering group. Reina were supposed to seek out any information she could get regarding the bandit group called Skulls and if possible get their weakness. She would also see if Skulls got any enemies which could be useful for them to make bandit groups fight each other. Jeremy on the other hand, although he should be able to pick locks easily, there was no harm in being safe. He was tasked to make sure that he knew of the locks he was to deal with. It would've gone horribly wrong if it turned out that Jeremy couldn't pick the locks, so he needed to make sure he could do it.

The triplets: Light, Night, and Wright, on the other hand... were given the most important task.


'Silver Arrow!' Freya shouted as an idea struck her in her discussion with the fairies. She broke the sudden silence which came right after the triplets' surprise when she had told them that it was up to them to distract Vath.

'Um... Miss Freya,' Jerry interrupted. 'As much as I hate to break it to you: fairies can't shoot arrows. And if we can, since our arrows would be small, it would hardly do anything. Not to mention, I don't think it'll distract Vath. Also--'

'Now, now,' Freya cut the little fairy short. 'Listen to this Jerry.'

Freya cleared her throat.

'Swift, unwavering, and strikes sharp on target. Silver Arrow. Yes. You heard that Jerry? Triplets?'

'W-we do,' Light said, still shivering from their task of distracting Vath.

'B-but,' Night followed.

'What-- what does that has to do-- to do with anything?' Wright ended the sentence. They were hugging each other as they were scared of their task.

'Okay, okay,' Freya said with a smile, she had phrased their task in a scary way and she was to blame for their fear. 'I can explain, I do owe you triplets that. It's a simple plan actually.

'My crew, just like me, is planning to reclaim the books you fairies stole. To do that, they're planning to strike at Skulls' base. I expect them to slowly beat their bandit groups one by one until they eventually catch Vath's attention, as an annoyance he need to rid of. However, if it's just that, it lacks impact. The impact which we need to distract Vath greatly. Therefore, I need you triplets to share of their story of beating Skulls with an eye-catching slogan.

'Swift, unwavering, and strikes sharp on target. Silver Arrow. That's the slogan. This will surely affect our plan greatly. Their target: Skulls. Yes. Perfect.'

Freya could see the relieve on the triplets faces.

'Phew! I thought we have to distract him directly!' Light said.

'Imagine if we have to do that!' Night added.

'Thank goodness!' Wright said.

Before concluding, Freya was reminded of something and called Reina. 'If you got scandals on William, ask the triplets to share it.'

'Okay,' Reina replied.

With that, the plan was set in motion. Random unique gears, different each and every one, had turned, working together for a purpose.

'One more time,' Freya gestured with her finger. 'What's the slogan?'

'Swift, unwavering, strikes sharp on target. Silver Arrow!' The fairies said together in harmony.


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