She finally saw a creature who's not pure human.

Freya was beyond curious. She wanted to ask many questions towards the small flying being. Why were they there? What kind of magic did they just use to make them invisible? How do they live? What kind of culture do they have? How much does their facts check out with what was written in books? That was her first time seeing a being whose race was not human ever since waking up as Freya. As much excited as she was, she decided to remain on track. There were more pressing matters.

'Why did you lead me here?' Freya asked. If they wanted to ask for a favor, they should've done it in a better place. An isolated part of the library was not the right place to do so.

'I apologize,' Jerry said, he had a high-pitched voice. 'Unfortunately I have to set up our meeting in an obscure place. Forgive me,' he bowed his head. 'Please listen to our request; and if you choose to decline on helping us, we will have no complaints as we are aware that we can't offer you much.'

Freya looked around to see the fairies surrounding her. All of them had a sullen expression on their face. What happened to them? Freya could only assume that they weren't stealing books on their own free will. Freya placed a hand on her shoulder. The whole situation seemed bothersome now, but Freya decided to listen. 'Please start, I'll listen.'

'Thank you,' Jerry said, overjoyed. 'Where should I begin? If I were to start from the very beginning it would be too long. And if I start from an uninteresting part, you'll get bored before I finish.'

The fairy mumbled on by himself. Were all fairies like that? Who made the indecisive fairy their representative?

'Okay, I should start as to why we approached you. Yes. That'll be a good way to start,' he said. 'Miss Freya, we've decided to consult to you as Reina over there--' he pointed at one part of the shelf where a female fairy with long curly hair was sitting. She gave a wave to both Jerry and Freya. '-- she saw your battle with one of the general of the newly formed bandit group Skulls, the man who had lots of tattoos. Seeing how dependable you are, Reina suggested us to approach you and ask for your help.'

'... What help?'

'To free our brethren,' Jerry answered. 'You see, there are 4 Extinct Magic Formulae user in Skulls. The 3 generals and The Leader. The Leader, who goes by the name of Vath, is stronger than the 3 generals combined. He's able to see through our invisibility and kidnapped some of us. He's an evil man. He threatened that he would kill our kind if we do not do his bidding. Please! Save our brethren! You and your friends are our best hope. You have won against a general without any hardship and one of your friend also managed to beat another general, though he didn't have it as easy as you. But, please lend us your help!'

Freya tried to process the information. She tried comparing their situation with hers and was thinking on whether or not her relationship with them could be a win-win situation. 'If I get the whole thing properly... you've been stealing the books around right?'

'That is correct,' Jerry replied.

'Meaning: you know where the books are correct?'

'Correct Miss Freya.'

'Perfect! I want to read the books which you stole, so you'll lead me to them if I help you out?'

'We can lead you to the books right now if you want,' Jerry said.

'That's not how a deal works Jerry,' Freya said, he really was gullible in nature so she decided to give him an advice. 'What assurance do you have that I will still do my part of the deal if you lead me to the books now? There's an order to things.'

'I see...' Jerry was learning. 'So you will help us?'

'Yes,' Freya nodded with a sincere smile. She could hear the fairies small joyful cheer when she agreed to help. Their sullen faces were filled with hope. 'Do you know where your brethren are kept?'

'We do. But Vath keep watchful eyes on us! That's why we're discussing this in an obscured place. If only he isn't, we could pick the locks easily and free our kind! Jeremy over there excels at picking locks,' he pointed at the ground near the shelf, Jeremy wore a glass and a graduation hat. He looked smart.

'Know what?' Freya proposed. 'All of you get closer, we're discussing this thoroughly. I need to know your crew for this to work.'

A total of 6 fairies, including Jerry, was now around her. Everything seemed to be going in her favor, as their paths coincides.

'First: tell me about you fairies. Why are you here, your purpose being here in the first place, and what magic you used to be invisible.'

The other fairies, not wanting to talk, eyed on Jerry. Freya was starting to get it: Jerry must be a chatterbox, that was why he was picked as a representative in the first place. 'We are Book Fairies, Miss Freya. It is our job to make sure that books are appreciated. We simply give humans the incentive to read books and after that it's all up to them. Basically, if there's an under-appreciated book which is good, we help share the news and help its popularity.'

Sharing news... Freya thought. Noted.

'We use water magic to become invisible. By controlling water droplets, we alter the light's reflection and thus becoming invisible.'


'Now, introduce me your crew and their specialties.'

'As you know, I'm Jerry. Not sure about my specialties, but I know of the others.'

'That's Reina as you already know, she excels at seeking rumors. No rumors go unknown to her. If any author got an affair or the likes, you can be sure that she will know of it. She was the one who spotted you in the first place.

Besides her is Jeremy. He's really smart as you can tell. He has a wide variety of knowledge and able to pick locks. Once, there was a case where a certain book was stolen and kept in a secure safe. Believe it or not, Jeremy was able to break it open easily.

The rest has similar faces as you can see, they're triplets brothers. From left to right is Light, Night, and Wright.'

Freya wondered if they were a quadruplet, the fourth would be Tight. Freya shook her head. Focus.

'They're good at spreading information. Any book can become popular if they share it around. Even A True King! Can you believe that? I actually proposed it to them as a dare and a joke. Yet, they were able to popularize such a bad book!' The fairies chuckled.

Although Jerry claimed that he had no specialties, Freya could tell that he had one. The atmosphere had become livelier. Freya could see that the other fairies had smiled because of his explanation. Not to mention, he was able to identify his crew's specialties. He was fit to be a leader.

'Nice to meet you all,' Freya said.

'Likewise!' Jerry replied and they rest nodded.

Jerry, Reina, Jeremy, Light, Night, Wright. Yes, got them all remembered.

'Let's review our objective: to free other fairies correct?'

'Yes,' Jerry replied with an excited nod.

'Jeremy, you can open the locks to free other fairies from their captivity as long as Vath isn't looking yes?'

'That is so,' Jeremy spoke.

'That means: as long as we're able to distract Vath you should be able to free other fairies right?'

'Yes,' Jerry replied, he was happy that they were getting a step closer to freeing his brethren. 'But how are we supposed to distract him?'

Freya smiled, she got a plan inside her head, a good one. 'That's where the triplets come in.'

'Us!?' The triplets, shocked, said synchronously,


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