Freya returned to the library after morning training.

Her course of action there was still the same: she took a ladder just for herself and went from shelf to shelf, reading on the ladder. Apparently, reading fast to the point that it was as if she was merely flipping pages bothered people. Some passerby would look at her with a mocking expression, accusing with their facial gesture that she was just playing around while in truth she was reading. Freya didn't give a single care to what other people think of her. She got herself a few things to concern about though: like, perhaps people would report her for seemingly mistreating the books and she would get kicked out of the library. But, what are the chances of that happening?

Freya had finished reading half of the books inside Arkef's grand library. She was disappointed as her search still bore no fruit. There were a few reasons why Freya had decided to make Arkef her first destination of her journey. First of all: she got no past. Freya didn't know anything of the world around her and what better place other than a library to learn about the world? Secondly: Elaine's analysis the previous day was spot on, Freya was indeed searching for a specific information. However, she didn't feel like sharing it to her crew just yet. In fact: that specific information was the whole reason why Freya decided to go on a journey in the first place.

Another section of the library finished, Freya sighed. Still can't find my answer.

Lethargically, she slowly climbed down the wooden ladder. If only she could find an answer, her journey would comparatively be easier. If only she could... Regardless, Freya was confident that she would be able to settle her problems even if her library search was to no avail. It would just be difficult and that was it.

Freya stepped foot on the ground and finished her descend. She then lifted the ladder with one hand and was prepared to move to another shelf. Magic was a wonderful thing, as it was convenient for Freya. The ladders of Arkef's grand library had all been enchanted with Formulae Magic, which made the ladders light, light enough to carry with one hand.

I wish I can use magic, Freya thought. But, there's no use thinking of the things I can't do... Besides, I have quite a convenient magic myself.

As Freya was moving to another bookshelf, she looked around to see people inside the library. Each and every one of them, she perceived, had their own unique color surrounding them. Freya was able to perceive 'colors' when everyone else wasn't able to. The very same convenient ability which helped her identify that the Inconvenient Suicide Magic formula was written by Laguna.

Freya looked at a man sitting on the floor of the library with his legs crossed, wholly engrossed with the book he was holding. Coating him, Freya could see a greenish-blue color. She then looked at a librarian carrying piles of books. Surrounding her body was a yellow-orange color. Every person had their own unique color. Much like fingerprints which are unique to every person. That colors, she could use to identify a person. Laguna had her own distinct color surrounding her; and that very same color was there in the formula of Inconvenient Suicide Magic.

Other than that unique color, Freya could also see a second color. A color which indicates magic. A good example for that would be something like yesterday's fight, where Freya noticed a trace of green color on Tatz's cheek. That green color was the color of wind magic. Freya could perceive such color and it helped her greatly in identifying magic.

At least I'm not completely without magic.

Freya had reached a new section of the library and leaned the ladder onto the shelf. She raised her hand and did some stretching before continuing her search. It was time for her to continue to work hard. Thus, she climbed the ladder.

As she climbed the ladder, she saw something odd happening. Thinking that she was tired from all that reading, she stopped her climb and rubbed her eyes. She opened her eyes again and it was confirmed: she wasn't seeing things. A book just flew off the shelf and was suspended in mid air. As if-- held by something.

Although slight, Freya noticed a light-blue color near the book. A color which indicated magic.

Someone was using magic to lift the book.

The book which was in mid-air, flew away slowly. Was that how the group of thieves stole the books? If so, it was no wonder that no one had been caught in the act so far.

The light-blue color indicated water magic, but how does that work in lifting the book up? Was it that Freya's ability to perceive color was wrong, or was it that there was a method to use water magic which she didn't know of? Whatever it was, Freya was curious. The book was begging to be followed by her.

It was also for that reason, that Freya was suspecting a trap. She had fought with Tatz without hiding her identity. If one of his ally was around when Freya fought him, the ally would know of her face and perhaps would exact revenge to Freya, for leaving Tatz to Arkef's knights and having him imprisoned. Because, it seemed that the flying book was leading her somewhere.

Freya wasn't carrying Celeste at the time. The library forbid weapons and Freya had to leave Celeste in the library's safekeeping. Strictly speaking: if Freya followed the flying book and it turned out that it was a trap, Freya wouldn't really be able to fight back without Celeste around.

She needed to make a decision. Was it a trap or not?

If it was a trap and Freya didn't carry Celeste, she would surely be in trouble. If however it was not a trap; and Freya decided to first get her sword and let the book out of her sight, she would lose her chance to follow the book. In a short moment, Freya had decided her course of action.

Worst case scenario that it was a trap, Freya had a trick she could do. A trick that even Elaine didn't know of. Thus, she followed the book.

The book didn't fly straight, it weaved up and down, and it matched its speed with Freya. When Freya ran, the flying book picked up its pace. When Freya slowed down, so did the book. The book's behavior was more and more leaning towards that of a trap. The book took a path from a crowded place to a quiet place without any person.

Definitely a trap, Freya thought. Despite that, she proceed to follow the book.

Freya finally arrived at a desolate place of the library, where the lighting was dim. The book finally stopped and dropped to the ground. Whoever it was leading her there, was content with his or her work. 'Show yourself,' Freya said.

Although the book had dropped to the ground, the light-blue color was still suspended in the air. Surrounding her, a few more of those blue-light appeared. A magic attack? Freya considered the possibility, but she didn't feel any harm intent directed towards her. Freya kept her calm and relaxed the tense atmosphere. She raised her hands and spoke: 'You've led me here for a reason right? Show yourself. As you can see: I am not carrying any weapon and you can say that I am harmless.'

The light-blue color which was suspended in air came closer towards her in a weaving manner of up and down. Although faint, her ears picked out flapping sounds. Can it be?

The light blue color slowly fades, the magic was being undone, and a creature appeared. It was the size of a small melon and had a beautiful clear wings behind its back. It also had a humanoid shape. Freya had seen an illustration of their kind in books. They were fairies.

All this time Freya had thought that the book was affected by magic. While in truth, the fairy was the one affected by magic, to be invisible, and he simply carried the book to attract Freya's attention. The fairy which was in front of her was a male. He wore a white suit and a small red tie, his figure was plump, and his expression looked gullible. In fact, every other fairies surrounding her looked plump and gullible.

'Pardon my rudeness, my name is Jerry,' he spoke. 'I'd like to ask for a favor.'


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