Who am I?

Freya looked at her own hand. A dainty, delicate, and fragile hand which know not physical hardships. No, not my own hand, Original Freya's.

Questions, like waves of ocean, overwhelmed and drowned her after her fight. Why was it that she was good with the sword? Even when Ori had never trained with the sword before?

Was it talent? As she knew how to move, how to use the sword; without thinking consciously to do so. Talent, because that was the most convenient excuse?

She looked at Celeste which was still held with her right hand. How is it that I knew the desired length of my sword? A conclusion which came after practicing swords with knights. How is it that I knew that I need a durable sword? Because other swords broke easily when I held them.

Her eyes then turned to the ground to see the man she had just beaten. How did I win? Why is it that I know those taps would work? How was it that I was able to escape from that battle unscathed? When Ray was so close to death facing the same opponent? Why was it that I felt a sense of familiarity when holding the sword? Like-- it's a part of my body.

Who am I before becoming Freya?


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