Although fiction, Adventure of Girome referenced non-fictitious events.

After lunch with Freya and Dunnford; and of course after squabbling with Elaine, Ray had went back to the library to continue reading Adventure of Girome. Still, he took a full table for his personal use and he planned to keep it that way. That book he was reading, was a magnificent book in his opinion.

Adventure of Girome told the story of a man who was on his path of becoming King. In his path, he face challenges and often times need to prove himself worthy of carrying the title of a King. Girome would have to defeat beasts, save lives, and solve a nation's problems. What was fascinating, was that the nation's political problem would sometimes be mentioned in that book and Girome's solution was applicable in real life. Girome also showed the quality of a King and in a sense-- Ray learnt more from that book compared to 'A True King'.

Time passed as Ray read the book and when he came to realization, he was done with reading Adventure of Girome volume 2. Dunnford was a loyal servant, thus he had waited for Ray to catch up with the reading so that he could enjoy volume 3 with him. As Ray was finished with reading the book, he ordered Dunnford to fetch volume 3. However, after a while, he came back with a sour face.

'Master Ray,' Dunnford said. 'I'm afraid to inform you that it seems that there's no volume 3.'

'But it's a trilogy,' Ray said. Under the title of Adventure of Girome, in small letters, was written 'a trilogy' after all. 'Is it still unpublished yet?'

'Even worse that that Master Ray. The author of the book had published the book around a month ago before he passed away. The library gladly received it, but they have yet the time to copy the book.'

'So they don't allow us to read it until it's copied?'

'They left it in the archives until they have time to copy the book. However, the book was stolen.'

That was the worst case scenario. If the book was unpublished, at least Ray would have the comfort that in time he would be able to read the third volume. But since the author died and his book was yet to be copied, volume 3 might just be lost forever. What a waste! However, Ray shook his head instead of giving up on reading that book. 'What do you mean stolen?'

'Someone took it without consent,' Dunnford replied.

'How do they know that?'

'They assume that is so.'

'Assume? Couldn't they have just misplaced it?'

'Master Ray, lately Arkef is not in its peaceful state. I've heard from the librarian that there are recent cases of libraries getting burnt by a group of criminals. The librarian also said that there are many cases of books disappearing from the libraries. Judging from the books, the thief is targeting rare books. The motive is believed to be wealth. There are also rumors that the criminals and thieves are working together for their aim: steal books, burn the others to make them more rare, and sell it when the price rises. At least that was what the librarian told me.'

'... Arkef is not doing anything about it?'

'They're having internal problems with their politics.'



And that was Ray's story as to why he approached Freya. Freya was still reading on a ladder and Elaine was at the time near her. Ray announced his proposal regarding the matter: 'I say, that we strike the thieves den and reclaim the books.'

'No one wants to help you Ray,' Elaine remarked. She didn't bother looking at Ray and was reading her book.

'No one wants your help Elaine,' Ray retorted. He then looked at Freya who was on top of a ladder. 'However, help from someone who is a master of the sword is greatly appreciated.'

'I'll pass,' Freya said instantly. She didn't have the slightest interest to help Ray. Her eyes were still on the books and she didn't bother looking at Ray either.

Upon hearing her answer, Ray was disappointed. Having Freya on his team to reclaim the stolen books would make things easier compared to without her. She had managed to prove her worth by beating The Undefeatable Dunnford in a handicapped situation. Her coming along would mean a lot. Ray turned the gears inside his head and tried to think of a good reason for her to join.

He knew, that Freya had decided for her first destination to be Arkef to search for information. That very information she was seeking for, was the reason she kept reading books in Arkef's grand library. Although Ray didn't know what information Freya wanted from the books, he knew from Dunnford that there were other important books which were stolen. Thus, he played his card.

'Seeing that the stolen books are important books, I'm sure you would want to read them.'

Freya paused for a while, closed the book she was reading, and smiled at him. 'Yes, yes I do. But, I'll depend on you to retrieve them for me.'

'What makes you think that I'll let you read the books I reclaimed if you're not helping?'

'Then don't. Good luck with reclaiming the books Ray,' Freya gave a fast reply. Either she was not thinking at all or she was fast at it.

'Ha.' Elaine snorted as she heard Freya's rejection. Ray wanted to mock the magician, but there was nothing he could say. The cold hard truth, was that his request was blatantly rejected by Freya. Dunnford, decided to respect Ray by not giving any response at all. Which, to Ray was mockery as that meant that Dunnford was being considerate to him.

'... Tell you what, why don't you get Elaine to go with you?' Freya asked.

Elaine was the person who answered the question even though it was clearly directed to Ray. 'As if I would ever work with him. It's a different story however if he knelt down and begged me to.'

'Such a shame!' Freya said in a playful tone. 'Since, the thieves stole books about magic too. Good ones. And since you're not helping Ray, I guess you'll never read it Elaine! But, there and then, it's your own decision after all. I guess hating Ray is more of a priority that learning new magic.'

Elaine raised an eyebrow and eyed Freya with suspicion. 'You're just making that up. How do you know that the thieves stole books about magic?'

'See for yourself Elaine! See for yourself,' Freya picked a new book and flipped the pages.

Elaine gazed at Dunnford and she was overcame by guilt. She had caused him an uncomfortable ride and she knew that Dunnford liked Adventure of Girome. Not to mention, she couldn't dismiss what Freya said about books regarding magic. 'Fine,' she placed the book she was reading back to its place and looked at Ray. 'I'm willing to help.'

'I wouldn't depend on you,' Ray said.

'Whatever,' Elaine decided to not bother. 'Freya, you're not going to join? Non-helpers don't get a part to read the books.'

'I'll have to decline. Best of luck to you three.'


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