Elaine's fight with Ray was a thing of the past.

In Arkef's grand library, Elaine could not be more satisfied of the books she found there. Although their knowledge of magic were all shallow, it covered a wide array of magic. Freya's family library's books were more deep in content, however they were all specific. In comparison, Freya's library was more suited in mastering magic, while Arkef's was better at adding knowledge of magic she never heard of. Elaine got herself a vast amount of knowledge of magic, but in corners of the library, she smiled merrily as she found herself new magic she never knew about.

As she finished reading a particular book, she couldn't be any happier. The book had interesting theories and she couldn't wait to share it to her disciple, Freya. With light steps, through the library, she seeked for her.

Arkef's grand library was a public library; meaning: there were many people there inside that library. Most of them were scholars and historians from different countries, that much Elaine could assume as they had this 'research' aura surrounding them. Other than historians and scholars, were people who loved books. Not only books about certain field were there in Arkef's library, it also had itself story books and novels. She could see people sitting on the library's floor with their legs crossed, absorbed by the very book they held with their hands. So many people there and she still couldn't find Freya.

Instead, she almost encountered Ray and barely managed to stop on her tracks. Elaine did not want to ruin her day by meeting Ray. He was hogging an entire round table for himself and there were piles of books on it. From afar, Elaine could read some of the titles of the books which were on the table. 'History of Countries', 'Conflicts and Wars', 'Strength of The People', etc. Basically books about countries, which made sense for him to read as he was a Prince and a soon to be King after all. The book he was reading, which he held with his hands was titled 'A True King'.

In truth, Elaine never hated Ray's actions. The only reason why he was at his current position was not only because of his luck and Bloodline Magic, but also due to his hard work. When he once lost in a sword fight, he would train day and night to gain victory. When he failed in certain area, he would stay up all night to gain knowledge on that area by reading. She was sure that a reason why Ray would join Freya's journey was only because he found himself a path to whatever he was achieving, which happened to coincide with Freya's. If only Ray wasn't ever so harsh with his words, Elaine knew that she would find Ray a pleasing companion to have. However, that was not who the man was.

Elaine continued her search for Freya. She will learn a thing or two from this book, she thought.

It was a mystery for Elaine, as to what caused the change in Freya. She was-- different, unlike the Freya she always had known. There was this newly attained determination in her eyes. The very same eyes which used to be empty and void. Her face which used to be filled with gloom was now more lively. Elaine couldn't help but be disturbed by the changes, but she had decided to throw away her suspicions. She had properly checked her with her magic and there was nothing wrong with her health. Her change was on a good path; and Elaine would be a bad person if she stopped that change simply because she felt disturbed. Elaine didn't know of the cause, but that was not her concern. Her student had changed for the better and as a teacher she should be proud about it.

After a while, she found Freya flipping books on a ladder which was leaning on a bookshelf. Elaine didn't greet her yet however; instead, she hid behind a bookshelf. She found that Dunnford, the knight assigned to Ray, was talking to Freya. Eavesdropping was not a good behaviour, she knew, but she couldn't help being curious.

'Lady Freya, can I speak with you for a while?' Dunnford said. Apparently their conversation was only beginning.

'Only if you drop the formality,' she said while still flipping pages of books. What was she doing with the books?

'Then, I want to talk about Miss Elaine and Master Ray with you,' he dropped the formality rather fast. 'I need help.'

'What help?' She wasn't looking at him when she talked and was occupied with whatever it is she was doing.

'I know, this sounds pathetic, coming from a knight. But, I'm a man built for battles. Physical battles. And I must say: their quarrels made my head-- no offense to them-- sick. It would be no exaggeration for me to say that I prefer to be in a battlefield than sitting in a carriage with them. I just... can't.'

Elaine's face flushed listening to his statement. She covered her red face with the book she was carrying. She felt guilty as it turned out that there was a poor victim of her quarrel with Ray. But, what could she do? That person always find a way to get on her nerves and would often times hit her pride. She couldn't just sit still and receive all those insults. Sorry Dunnford, she thought. I'll make it up with you sometime, but I'm afraid you need to bear with it until your so called Master stops.

'Our journey is only just beginning; and that means even more carriage rides right? More rides, more quarrels. This is beyond my expertise. For that, I ask for your help, please.'

Elaine felt all the more guilty as Dunnford said those words with desperation in his tone.

Freya was still flipping pages, but after a while, she stopped switching books and slid down the ladder she was on. She stood in front of Dunnford and placed a hand on his shoulder. 'I suppose we can both agree that they're childish?' She gave him an empathical stare.

Whilst placing a palm on his forehead, he agreed. 'Unfortunately so.'

'Seeing that you're a knight, someone who fights in a battle with physical strength instead of words, I understand your trouble and I'll do my best to help. I'll promise you that.'

'Thank you. Your thought alone matters a lot to me already.'

'In the meanwhile, I know that a knight and a library is not a good match with each other. I'm sure you're itching to swing your sword and train. So, why don't I recommend you a book which you can enjoy reading?'

'What is it?'

'It's called "Adventures of Girome". I've read it and it's a great book. The story is good and it's filled with action. Check it out.'

'Okay. Thank you.'

'No problem.'

With that, Dunnford took his leave. Elaine breathed a sigh of relieve as Dunnford didn't go through a path which would meet her. She was unsure on how to face Dunnford, as she felt guilty and embarrassed at the same time. However, she promised to herself that she would definitely treat him well.

'You heard that right Elaine?'

Freya's sudden question startled Elaine. How did she know? Feeling that her effort to hide herself was no longer needed, Elaine revealed herself. 'Since when?'

'I know you've been there ever since Dunnford started the conversation. Eavesdropping is bad, but I felt that you need to hear what he was about to say, so I let it pass,' she said nonchalantly as she picked a book and started flipping pages again. 'Try doing something about it.'

Elaine sighed. 'Nothing I can do about it. If anything, you should convince Ray instead. Putting all those aside, I brought a book for you to read.'

Freya set aside the book she was flipping back to the shelf and accepted the book Elaine was carrying. She held it in her hands, flipped the pages swiftly, and gave it back to Elaine. 'Interesting,' she said. 'Thank you.'

'... What do you mean interesting?' Elaine had herself an amount of love towards book. So when Freya said the book was interesting even though all she did was flipping pages, she was a little riled up. 'You didn't even read it.'

'I did read it,' she said without facing her as she picked a random book from the shelf. Elaine wasn't believing her.

'Explain to me what you have read then.'

Freya was silent for a while, but she then opened her mouth. 'The theory of Eva Rosette about space and time is interesting. Irrelevant to me, but still interesting. I personally like how she theorize that time and space is not at all different but of the same thing. That time is simply a type of space. Regardless, she put great effort in her magic formula and I have to say it is impressive. It is sad however, that the validity of the formula can not be confirmed due to the fact that whoever uses it travels to a different space and never to return. Her theory is impractical for me. But, her usage of Formulae Magic is a good example I can follow.'

Elaine was surprised at Freya's answer. 'You've read this book before?'

'What are you talking about? I just read it as you gave it to me just now.'

'For goodness sake, you were only flipping pages then Freya.'

'Believe it or not, I was reading it.'

'I would believe you if you're using magic to do that, but you're not.'

'Nothing to discuss then,' Freya shrugged with a smile. 'If you'll excuse me, I plan to devour this entire library.'


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