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VII. Freya got a Visit


Elaine couldn't help but to commend Freya for her growth the past week ever since she had an immediate battle with a noble. The next day after that duel, it seemed that she got herself a drive which motivated her to be active. Freya then learnt magic and absorbed knowledge as if she was a sponge; she read all the books in her library and committed every each of them to her memory; even the most complicated of Formulae Magic. She also challenged knights guarding the estate to have a swordfight with her and steadily improve at a monstrous rate. At first, she was barely able to win; since she got a habit of losing her balance when dodging; soon after, the knights stood no chance against her.

Elaine too had a battle against Freya during that span of that week, it was incomprehensible to her as to how she was able to read her every move. Freya was able to predict what kind of magic Elaine was about to use and responded appropriately to each of her magic, even though she got a variety of it. Freya has somewhat changed, she thought, not just in fighting capability, but also in her ability to forge new relationships with other people. She had gotten along well with the residents of the estate; and ever since the duel she had with the noble, she was able to befriend the people from the city who previously despised her. Overall, Freya has grown at an astounding rate. However, Elaine wonder if all those power had made Freya conceited, as she was turning down a very important guest at the moment.

'She's busy playing chess with her attendant and told me to turn you down.' Elaine wondered if Freya had lost some of her sanity after the duel.

'Turned down? Me?' The man said; he laughed in surprise. 'Can you believe that?' He asked the person who was standing beside him. The person next to him was none other than the noble from that particular duel. However, his presence was overwhelmed by the man who was laughing.

'To think that she would turn down the royalty is preposterous.' The noble remarked.

Elaine knew full well of the person standing in front of her; who's currently laughing now. He was about as old as Freya and was a carefree man. He wore gray formal men's clothing woven by high-quality fabric. He didn't carry with him forms of identification but his face was well-known by the people. His eyes which was soft could be sharp at judging people and his light words could carry weights when it was needed. His short black hair was ruffled, but appearance sure can be deceiving. His name was Raymond Astrallis, The Prince of Versen, the royal heir and next to be King.

Freya must not be in her right mind to decline such an important person.

'So, what can I do now so that she'll allow a visit?' That was not something a soon to be king should say and his companions; a few guards and advisor, knew that the prince was not carrying his usual pride.

'Do you want me to just tell you the exact word she said to me or should I sugar coat it?' Elaine was unsure which would please him more. She was an expert in magic, not in human communication.

'What did she actually say?' He was curious.

Elaine cleared her throat and began: '"I couldn't care less if he's a prince or a soon to be king and what not. I've no interest in letting annoying people in and that's it. He can wait outside for eternity for all I care."'

Again, the prince laughed. 'She seems to hate me.'

His companions however didn't take that sentence Elaine spoke of with the same attitude as his. Instead, they were greatly offended and those who were carrying weapon were ready to wield it. The prince had no intention of stopping them. Elaine took her stance in response. She knew that the situation would soon turn ugly.

'Ah, it's the noble from before.' A voice joined in, Freya was walking out to the estate's entrance by herself. 'Elaine, you told me that the visitor is the prince of the country, not the noble.'

'I'm the visitor here. Nice to meet you. I must say that you look gorgeous wearing a dress.' The prince stated. Freya then gave him a look. She then tilted her head sideways.

'Aren't you a knight?'

His escorts' patience had went through their limits and was ready to be violent. How many times would their prince be ridiculed? However, the prince stopped them with a gesture of his hand. 'You're not wrong. I was wearing knight's armour at that time anyways. I'm not a knight though. I did told you to expect a visit right?'

'You did, but I've no recollection of agreeing to it.'

'Hmm. . . That's bothersome. I'd like to talk to you though.'

'I'm going to go to take a sword I ordered a few days ago. You can join me and we can talk whilst we walk, I don't mind if so. Your followers need to wait here though.'

The prince wanted to consider her proposal but Freya didn't give him the time to think as she walked away. 'Sounds good. All of you wait for me here.' He said to his group.


'I haven't introduced myself have I?' He started a conversation as they walked. 'My name is Raymond Astrallis, a pleasure to meet you.'

'I'll call you Ray if you don't mind.'

'Usually I would mind, but I'll make special exception for you.' He was surprisingly relenting.

'So, Ray, what do you want to talk about?'

'You remember the noble you fought? He's actually no noble and just a guard of mine, his name is Dunnford. I was surprised that you managed to pull a win against him despite his Special Magic, care to explain your victory? From the very beginning on why you decided to step in and your thought process during the battle.'

'. . . I don't mind.' Freya was a little lazy to recall the details of what had happened but there was not much harm in doing so. 'At that time I jumped in just because I felt like it, that's all. I couldn't possibly block his iron sword with wood so I decided to parry it by knocking the side of the blade when I interfered. What I noticed then was that the blade sunk to the ground, an extraordinary sharpness. Which led me to believe that that was wither a sword enchanted with Formulae Magic to sharpen it, or the use of Elemental Magic. Either way, I was taking caution of it.'

'Hence the reason why you decide to dodge the second swing.'

'Yes. I also figured of the possibilities. If the usage of Elemental Magic was there to sharpen the sword, then I assume that he also got magic to defend himself. If it was Formulae Magic enchanted sword, I assume he focus more on defense or have a Special Magic. My first thought was to just hit him and confirm my theory, but as I dodged his sword and swung mine, I noticed that he was aware of my counter and didn't flinch. Which led me to believe that he did have some sort of magic to defend himself afterall. So I decided to give my attack a little variation.'

Ray placed a hand under his chin upon hearing that, thinking and considering her story. 'Dunnford used Elemental Magic to sharpen his sword, wind element. And he got himself Special Magic. His special magic however, allows him to be invincible against normal attacks. No sword could scratch him, no fire can burn him, nothing can cause him to bleed. Yet, you made that shield looks like nothing, with a wooden sword. Just what exactly did you do?'

'That's a trick you can do with a sword. I'll show and explain it to you when I get a hold myself of a sword. It just so happen that we arrived at the blacksmith's shop.


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