The birds were chirping cheerfully, the morning air hits her skin, and even when her eyes were closed; she could feel the sun shining brightly. She opened her eyes to see such a joyful morning from her bed through the window. The sky was clear and showed no sorrow.

Still lying on the bed, she stretched her hand towards the ceiling. Her hand was elegant and dainty, no sign of hardships but instead the opposite. Her hand must have been taken with such care to a point where no fault could be found on it. Her skin was smooth and her fingernails were just beautiful. Other than the hand, she noticed that the ceiling was decorated with paintings of angels.

She pushed aside the blanket covering her, rose up, and stood beside her bed. An amazing discovery it was to see that she was wearing a cute pinkish dress-like pajama. There was a dresser beside her bed and she looked at the large eclipse mirror. Her reflection showed a girl in her teen with violet hair which reached her neck and amethyst pair of eyes. She must say: that she was rather a gorgeous elegant beauty when she looked at her face.

To the front of her bed was a study desk with chair. To which both wood furniture looked as if it were made from expensive high quality material. On top of the table was a book, feather and ink, and papers. She went to the table and observed the writing which was supposed to be her's. However, it was astonishing when she couldn't read the content. It was not because the handwriting was bad; rather, it was the opposite of 'bad' handwriting: a perfectly neat writing. However, she could not read it. Mayhap, it might be related to the odd feeling she had when she opened her eyes.

Someone made a few knocks on the door to her room. Soon enough, the door opened slowly and a maid appeared, pushing a butler trolley into the room with tray of food on top along with tea set. 'It seems that milady Freya is awake.' She said with a smile. The maid had long elegant jet black hair. She wore a black and white uniform and her gesture showed kindness along with hospitality. Apparently, Freya was her name. 'What tea would you like to start the day with if I may?' Her voice was somewhat soothing.

'Anything is good. Thank you.' The maid seemed surprised when the word 'thank you' came out of Freya's mouth.

'Milady, is anything wrong perhaps?' She wore a concerned look. What was so wrong in expressing her gratitude by saying thanks? Saying thank you should be the norm should it not?

'Why do you say that?' There was no harm in asking. Perhaps 'thank you' was unusual and Freya had made a mistake.

'My answer might offend you.'

'It won't.' So 'thank you' was inappropriate? Freya really didn't get it. 'Please do tell.' It seemed to her that the maid's confusion grew deeper as Freya used the word 'please'. Something was definitely wrong there.

'It is just that, the words: thank you and please, rarely; almost never, came out from milady's mouth. Hence, my worries towards milady.' she said.

Freya was not sure how to react. The reason for the maid's confusion was truly absurd and ridiculous to the point that she was dumbfounded, she didn't show it on her face though. Was that not the way to act with a maid perhaps? Freya was clearly the master and her position surely was more superior to her. Maybe that was why the words 'thank you' and 'please' were not supposed to be used that often. Nevertheless, that would be a ridiculous proposal to her and she would still like to use those word whenever she sees the situation to be fit. If it would make her seem less superior, then so be it. The master servant relationship status was not agreeing with her personality.

'Expect me to use it more often then.' Freya felt that she lose the moment she took the whole situation seriously, hence she decided to think of it as a trivial matter.

'. . . Very well, my recommendation is jasmine tea. Please wait for a while.'

Thus, she brew the tea. She took a pinch of jasmine from a labelled pot. She assumed that the label said 'jasmine' and tried to use those characters to figure out the writings in her book. It was of the same character and made a few things clear. However, it would be best if someone would read the book for her instead, as figuring it out by herself would be time consuming. However, she couldn't quite bring up the question as the maid would be more concerned towards her. 'Can you read this for me because I can't read it even though I should be able to?' No matter what, the question didn't sound at all right. As if she could ask that. Freya didn't want to be superior, but she didn't want to be inferior either.

'Milady, here's the tea.' The maid offered to her. It seemed that Freya had taken some amount of time thinking about the best question to ask without drawing suspicion.

'Thank you.' Clearly, the maid was still not used hearing that word of gratitude. The tea tasted delicious and hit the brain just right for idea to surface. It seemed that she found a way to ask about characters without arousing too much suspicion. 'You can read right?' Maids were usually illiterate after all.

'Yes, I do.'

'Then do you mind if I test your knowledge on characters?' It sounded totally random but it works. Seemingly the maid was not used to be asked a 'request' instead of being given an 'order'.

'I do not mind if milady wish me to.'

'Okay then.' she said. Seeing that the book on top of her desk was important, she searched the drawers to see what was likely to be a novel. 'Read to me the first few pages.' She handed the book and the maid received it. 'Though, first of all,' she couldn't miss that chance, 'try writing your name on this paper.' It was quite embarrassing not knowing the maid's name. Fair enough, the maid did as she was told. She wrote her name on a piece of paper with the feather and ink, then she read the book clearly. Freya was also reading beside her, though she didn't read it out loud.

The maid read it slowly, which was the best speed for Freya to figure out how to read the characters. When she finished with what seemed to be chapter 1, Freya could then read on her own. She looked at the paper where the maid wrote her name and it read 'Laguna Maleinez'. 'Laguna' is a nice name, she thought.

'You can stop now.' Freya said with a smile and Laguna obeyed. She seemed to have a question though. 'What's in your mind?'

'If I may, what is milady's purpose, asking me to read?'

'Just a whim. Don't think about it too much.' She couldn't exactly say to her that she could not read and need her help can she? 'I need some time alone. Could you please leave me by myself for a while?'

'Breakfast might get cold if milady asks for time.'

'It is fine. I will summon you back when I'm done.'

'Very well.' Thus, she excused herself from the room through the door while pushing her trolley.

Now that she was left alone all by herself, Freya felt that is was only right to read the book which was on her table. Her gut feeling was telling her, that the book contains an important answer which she wanted to know. She picked up the book from the table and went to the bookmarked page. She read it from the very first line. This was written in the book:

'Inconvenient Magic

A magic which is entirely possible to do and have an effect which surpass the human comprehension. However, such magic proves to be useless from time to time and no one generally uses it. Even though the magic has effect almost unimaginable to the human mind, it is practically useless. Hence, the name: Inconvenient Magic.

Examples of Inconvenient Magic:

-Inconvenient Suicide

A magic which adds a random personality of a random targeted living being into the body. The target could be of a different race, from an entirely random place, from any age, so long as it is categorized as a living being. The magic, can only be done to oneself and can not be done to another person except for the caster himself (simply because it is impossible to cast it to another person). Such magic is considered as suicide as it pulls a random personality from a living being into the body and replaces the original personality. The original's personality is unknown of when this magic is done (perhaps erased from existence, hence Inconvenient Suicide). Some people consider it as worse than suicide as who knows what the new personality would do with one's body. It is a magic which does what sounds impossible, however due to its impractical use no one generally uses it and it is classified as Inconvenient Magic.'

Below the description was the magic formula itself.

Freya finally understood the weird feeling she was having ever since she woke up. The feeling that the body she was moving was not her's and that she was not Freya. It seems, the original Freya had casted such magic onto herself and pulled an entirely random personality into her own body. It seems that she had gotten herself involved by chance into a complicated situation.

For one thing: why would the original Freya even cast such magic onto herself?

It makes no sense.


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