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When Freya woke up, she had no recollection of who she was.

She soon found out that she was a beautiful 16 years old girl and was of a noble family. Overwhelmed by questions of herself and the world around her, she decided to search for answers. To search for the truth.

Follow her adventures in unveiling magic, and most importantly: herself.

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Novaldy Felix

Novaldy Felix

Group Leader (V)
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Word Count (VIII)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The Girl Named Freya ago
II. Freya Learns Magic ago
IIS. Extra: Everyone Thinks That Something Was Off ago
III. Freya Found the Perfect Place for Information ago
IV. Freya, a Meddler, and The Noble ago
V. Awe ago
VI. Freya Developed a New Skill ago
VII. Freya got a Visit ago
VIII. Freya Teaches the Sword and Ready for Adventure ago
IX. Carriage Ride Bothered Freya ago
X. Elaine in Library ago
XI. The Feather ago
XII. A Common Aim ago
XIII. In a Bar ago
XIV. A Fight ago
XV. Extinct Formulae Magic ago
XVI. Freya, The Swordswoman ago
XVII. Taps ago
XVIII. Power vs Technique ago
XVIIS. Freya ago
XIX. The Next Morning ago
XX. Colors ago
XXI. Fairies ago
XXII. The Jobs ago
XXIII. Scouting ago
XXIV. Silver Arrow ago
XXV. Fury ago
XXVI. Bandits ago
XXVII. The Assault on The Main Base ago
XXVIII. Celeste ago
XXIX. Pain vs Failure (1) ago
XXX. Pain vs Failure (2) ago
XXXI. A Peculiar Opponent ago
XXXII. Form ago
XXXIII. Crisis ago
XXXIV. One ago
XXXV. Those Who Could Move and Those Who Couldn’t ago
XXXVI. Those Who Finally Moved ago
XXXVII. Rubbles ago
XXXVIII. Fire ago
XXXIX. The Burning Beast ago
XL. Dealing with Invulnerability ago
XLI. Chaos and Order ago
XLII. The Chaos Within Freya ago
XLIII. Unyielding ago
XLIV. Reason to Fight ago
XLV. Lost ago
XLVI. Against Destiny ago
XLVII. The Reason For The Blinding Light ago

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a good storie. It is well written. You should continu your work.

crazy cupcake wizard
  • Overall Score

Is this a perfect story? definitely not, but it doesn't necessarily have to be in order to be enjoyable. The grammar needs polish and our main character needs fleshing out, rather than occasinally being a nice peice of cardboard, occassional bad transitions, and other things worth fixing. So why did I give this a 4/5? Well, in spite of my complaints, I think that this has potential, and at times can be fascinating, but unfortunately can feel like a rusted iron sculpture in terms of its need for polish, inspite of an excellent premise and fascinating moments. Will I keep reading this? Perhaps. Do I think you should, at the very least, give it a try? Yes. There can be a lot to enjoy here, and I'm actually quite excited to see more of this author in the future.