“If you don’t behave, I’ll arrest you in the name of love,” the girl said, forming a heart with her hands.

The crowd, mostly men, watching the girl, cheered in unison. At the same time, their cameras began illuminating the girl with the flashes, the clicking noise spreading throughout the street.

Miura Miu was barely paying attention. Even so, when she heard the commotion, she stopped to watch the scene from the other side of the street.

Can’t believe there are people who’d do something so embarrassing like this in front of a crowd like that, the teacher thought. She’s one of those… what do you call them… cosplayers, right? In a way, she’s amazing for doing this…

Despite not having any interest in cosplay, Miu kept watching. She’s so young… and yet she’s using an outfit like that… The cosplayer was dressed as a sexy cop, with a blond wig, a mini and tight black skirt, pantyhose, a blue shirt, a cap, and high heels.

As she turned around for the cameras, she twirled a pair of silver handcuffs around her finger, putting the other hand to her lips. “Let’s not bother the people, okay?” she asked, winking.

That had the opposite effect; the guys only got more and more excited and louder.

That’s supposed to be something cute, right? I think brother says it’s moe… or something stupid like that… ah! The stupid one is my brother!

Just thinking of her older brother was enough to make the woman mad. Can’t believe I had to waste my day off coming all the way to Akihabara just to buy this stupid anime, she thought, looking at the heavy bag she carried…

“Please, little sister of mine! I really need this!” she recalled as her older brother begged with his head almost touching the ground.

She refused right away, but her brother still insisted to the point it got annoying.

“If you want that much, then you can go by yourself! This is my first day off in a long time and I’d like to finish grading these tests to enjoy it.”

“You know I can’t go. There’s a major off meeting today and then there’s an event to get a rare set for the Rider of Black! I can’t miss either of these important appointments!

“Then go buy the anime tomorrow…”

“I can’t! There’s already another buyer and Kazuma-shi can’t hold it for me forever. Please, little sister!”

The teacher refused again and again. But her brother was so insistent she caved in.

I can’t believe he worn me down… Maybe that was his plan. To annoy me so much I’d want to leave the house, she thought, waiting for the sign to change to cross the street. But I’m not gonna hand him like that… I’m gonna make you work for this, stupid brother!

Miu crossed the street, careful to avoid bumping her huge and heavy bag into anyone. Can’t believe this old anime was so expensive… Guess since there’s only in VHS, that’s expected. But how can he spend money on something like this as if it was nothing? I know he has a successful otaku related blog, but still…

Ah, shoot… When Miu realized she had to walk close to the cosplayer and the crowd, she quivered. So many people, she thought, stopping. But a second later, the teacher headed towards them.

She was almost on the other side of the commotion when she glanced at the cosplayer. Kanzaki-san…? Miu was so surprised she stopped near the crowd she didn’t like.

The girl dressed as a sexy cop was, undoubtedly, one of her student, Kanzaki Yuki. Despite the make-up and the blond wig, the teacher couldn’t be mistaken of the face she saw every week in school.

The cosplayer noticed the teacher halting to watch her. She turned to Miu with a smile.

“That pretty onee-san over there. No loitering. If you wanna watch Kiki-chan, then come closer and don’t block the street. Or I’ll have to arrest you too,” she said, twirling the cuffs, winking again.

The crowd grew quiet for a moment as they turned to the teacher.

“Kanzaki-san?” Miu said, not hiding her surprise.

The cosplayer faltered, the corner of her eye twitching. The girl managed to keep her smile, but it became too strained,

The crowd became even quieter as they glanced between the woman and the cosplayer. Some began murmuring, but it soon spread. And what they were saying was the name Kanzaki-san.

“A-as I suspected all along. You’re a bad girl who needs to be punished,” the cosplayer said after she recovered somewhat

Still with her strained smile, Kanzaki-san walked as fast as she could without running towards the teacher.

The teacher, still too stunned to do anything, kept quiet as her student cuffed her.

“Please, don’t say anything for a second,” she whispered, staring Miu in the eyes.

Even if she didn’t understand what was happening, the teacher could tell her student was begging. When Miu nodded, the relief was plain on the girl’s face.

“Everyone, I’m sorry but we need to end things here for today. I need to punish this bad girl, or I won’t be a good cop,” she said, waving her hand at the crowd.  There was a murmur of sadness spreading among the crowd. “Thanks so much for coming today. Hope to see you all during the event next month, when I’ll be selling my newest photobook.”

Some smiled with the news, but most had a look of disappointment. As the crowd began dispersing, some snapped a couple more pics.

The teacher winced and tried to cover her face.

“No photos of the bad girl here,” Kanzaki said with a sly smile, bringing the free finger to her lips. “Even if she lets, I don’t wanna people recognizing her after I’m done punishing.”

The last guys became red as they imagined what the cosplayer cop would do to the woman. But at last, they left, and the street was clear of her fans.

She knows how to handle her fans, Miu thought, watching as the guys looked back at them once or twice.

Kanzaki-san’ sly smile disappeared right away. With a nervous look, she turned to the teacher.

“Hi, sensei…”

“Kanzaki-san,” Miu said in a low and calm voice, despite being handcuffed. “Could you please take these off and explain to me what is going on and why you are dressed like this.”

“Erh… This is… er…” The girl widened her eyes and bit her lips. The next moment, she dropped her shoulders and glanced around. “Fine, I’ll tell you everything. But not here.”

The cosplayer grabbed a bag on the floor and dragged the teacher by the handcuffs before she could say anything.

“Wait, Kanzaki-san… I’m still…!” Miu had to focus on her foot while carrying the heavy bag to avoid tripping.

Without saying a word, the cosplayer led her teacher around the corner and then to a little ramen shop.

“I’m… not… hungry… Kanzaki-san…”

“Not the ramen shop, sensei. Look closer,” she said before pulling the teacher to the alley next to the shop.

There was a narrow stair leading to the second floor of the restaurant. Still dragging her teacher, she climbed the stairs and opened the door

It was a cosplay shop.

Amazing, it was the only thing Miu could think as she tried to see all the rows with clothes that looked as if it had come out directly from an anime. The shelves on the sides were filled with weapons, ranging from medieval ones to futuristic guns and glowing swords.

“Master, can I use the back room?” Kanzaki shouted to the seemingly empty store.

A woman with blue hair appeared from behind one of the shelves. There was a couple with her, but she nodded to the cosplayer

Almost without stopping, the girl led the teacher to the counter and then through the door behind it. The room was small. There was a sofa and a table with a sewing machine and a few unfinished clothes.

After she closed the door, Kanzaki let go of her teacher’s handcuffs.  “Please, sensei, don’t tell this to the school!” she almost shouted, bowing almost to ninety degrees with her palms together.

Miu opened her mouth but had no idea what to say to the student begging before her. What should I do…?

“Eh… First, please, take these off, Kanzaki-san,” the teacher said, raising her hands.

The surprised crossed Kanzaki’s face for a second. Did she really forget she still had me in handcuffs? Miu wondered, not sure if she should get mad or laugh.

Kanzaki looked through the pockets of the skirt but found nothing. Then she searched the little pocket on top of her chest.

She’s rather… ample, Miu thought, blushing a little, not sure where to look. I think it’s bigger than mine…

After a while, the student looked at the teacher with an apologetic smile. “Sensei… you’re not gonna believe this…”

“Don’t tell me you lost the key…?”

“Ops,” Kanzaki said, smiling as she scratched her head.

“That’s not a laughing matter. Please, find a way to take these off!” the teacher said, having trouble to maintain her calm voice. What a way to make this day even better… and all I had planned was to grade a few papers!

“Wait here, teacher,” the student said and left.

“And where am I supposed to go with these?” Miu mumbled as the door closed.

The teacher sighed and sat on the couch. Hope it doesn’t leave a mark, she thought, scratching her wrists as best she could. Soon she stood again, looking around the room. This is cute.

There was a red and pink comb with a green jewel on it. It’s for cosplay too, right? Must be one of those historical shows.

“You like that, sensei?” a voice asked.

Kanzaki was back, and to Miu’s relief, she was holding a small silver key.

“Ah, yes. It’s very cute. It’s for cosplay, right?”

The student flashed a tiny smile for a second. “I can be too. Master makes and sells this kind of comb during summer for girls who want to look their best for festival and stuff.”

“Eh… she’s very skilled,” Miu said, still eyeing the comb.

“Here, sensei.”

“Ah, no wait…”

Ignoring her teacher, Kanzaki placed the key on the table and picked up the comb. After she undid a few knots on the short black hair, she placed a lock behind the teacher’s ear and placed the accessory.

“My hair doesn’t look good with this kind of accessory,” Miu said in a low voice, not looking herself in the mirror.

“You’re wrong, sensei. It looks really good on you. Look.” Kanzaki pulled a mirror from her bag and turned to the teacher.

Hesitating, Miu glanced at the mirror. Wow… it’s only a comb, but it makes such a difference… amazing, the teacher thought. Only then she realized she was smiling.

“See? I told you,” Kanzaki said, beaming.

Miu chuckled and blushed as she looked away. She has a cute smile… Wait, I’m not here for that! Only then the teacher remembered she was still handcuffed.

Without a word, she raised her hands bound together by the plastic accessory.

Once again the surprised filled the girl’s face. With another apologetic smile, she picked up the key form the table. But when she was about to unlock the handcuffs, she pulled her hands back, hiding the key behind her back.

“I’ll free you if you promise not to tell anyone about me cosplaying, sensei,” she said, trying to keep a serious face, but failing to hide her despair.

Miu stared her student back. She’s really desperate… even though our school doesn’t forbid this kind of activity as long as it doesn’t affect her studies… In the end, the teacher sighed.

“Kanzaki-san, are you really blackmailing your teacher?”

The girl flinched at those words. She opened her mouth but said nothing. Then pressed her lips, averted her gaze and dropped her shoulders. “I’m sorry, sensei. I should do this… But please, promise you won’t tell the school about me. Please.”

The teacher stared her student in silence. It’s clear that cosplaying isn’t just a hobby to her… Sighing, Miu lowered her hands. “I promise I’ll listen to you.”

Kanzaki’s face lit with a smile. “Thanks, sensei! Thank you so much!”

She was so happy she jumped to hug the teacher, completely forgetting about the handcuffs.

Miu couldn’t keep her balance and they fell together. “Ouch…”

“Sorry, sensei…” Kanzaki said, chuckling.

“This isn’t a laughing matter…”

At that moment, the door opened. The blue haired woman peered into the room with a blank face. As she saw the student on top of her teacher, she smiled. “I was wondering why you’d bring a handcuffed woman here. Now I know. Sorry to interrupt.”

Only then they realized who the situation looked.

The student was hugging the handcuffed teacher with her head on the woman’s breast. Miu’s hands were pressing against Kanzaki’s crotch.

They both became red at once.

“It’s not what it looks,” they said together and exchanged glances.

That only made the woman’s smile widen. “Please, don’t mind me. Take your time,” she said before closing the door.

Kanzaki took a deep breath and chuckled. “Sorry for this, sensei… I can’t believe this anime fan service actually happens…”

“I don’t get what you’re saying, but could you please get up? My hands are…”

Still red and with the girl’s help, the teacher stood up and was set free. She looked at her wrists. There was a red mark around them. Suddenly she smiled and rubbed her wrists. I’ve seen this so many times on TV.

“Thank you, Kanzaki-san,” the teacher said, patting herself to clean some of the dust. “Now, could you please explain why are you dressed in this costume and what were you doing?”

Kanzaki closed her eyes and took another deep breath. The smile was completely gone from her face. “First, it’s not a costume,” she said, a bit too harsh. “It’s a cosplay. I was doing a little show for my fans because I couldn’t go finish my cosplay in time for the event. Thanks to a certain someone’s replacement test.”

“Don’t blame me for your failing grade. You recovered with ease later. But why were you doing a show for those… for your fans?”

“Because I’m KiKi,” she said, pressing her lips and waiting for a reaction after her news.

Despite the student’s face suggesting as if she had revealed some major secret, the teacher had no idea what it was.

“Eh… I’m sorry… Is that supposed to be a famous name or something?”

The student seemed too shocked for a while. After she recovered, she shook her head while sighing. “KiKi is one of the biggest cosplayers in Akiba right now, almost at Yuuno’s level. I’m so famous I have over a hundred thousand fans in my social media.”

“That’s… amazing…” Even though it still didn’t make a lot of sense to the teacher, a hundred thousand followers was something she could understand. “So you’re a… famous cosplayer, is that it?”


“And those ota… people watching you were some of your fans…” The girl nodded, the pride stamped on her face. Little by little, the teacher was beginning to understand. “I don’t know a lot about cosplays or cosplayers, but what character are you representing?”

The girl’s face lit with a smile as she crossed her arms and raised her chin. “It’s one of the main girls in a game I’ve been playing. Not only she has the best ending, she’s the coolest by far, catching the bad guys while being sexy… I think I fell in love at first sight.”

“So you dressed like this lady cop today because you like her?” The girl nodded once again, her smile even wider. But the teacher’s face became red again. “That’s not one of those… adult’s game… isn’t it?”

I see brother playing that kind of game all the time… And those games aren’t suited for children!

“So sensei knows about that kind of games, huh?” Kanzaki mumbled, her smile turning sly.  She leaned closer to the teacher. “What if I was playing that kind of game? Would sensei punish this bad girl here?”

Miu widened her eyes, her cheeks even redder. “Of course, I would! You’re a kid and shouldn’t be playing that kind of game,” she shouted, turning her face away so she didn’t have to look into her student’s eyes.

Kanzaki’s blushed, her smile widening. “You’re so strict, sensei,” she whispered, backing away a bit. “But don’t worry. I played the safe version for all ages of the game. At best, there were a few kisses. No sex scenes at all… unfortunately.”

That made the teacher’s face go a wild shade of red. “H-h-how can you say that like it’s nothing?”

The cosplayer’s smile turned even slyer. “What, sensei? Why are you getting all worked up because of a word like sex? Wait a minute… Don’t tell me… you’re a virgin…”

Miu widened her eyes and tried to get some distance between her and the student. “This isn’t something to discuss with my student. I’m here because I saw you dressed like this in the middle of the street!”

Kanzaki laughed and covered her mouth with a hand. “Actually, we’re here because I brought you, sensei. But okay, let’s put the topic of your virginity aside. What are you gonna do about me being a cosplayer? Are you gonna report to the school?”

Suddenly all the teasing and fun left the cosplayer’s face. All that was left was an anxious girl.

The teacher grew quiet for a moment, her face getting back to its normal color. “There’s nothing to report, Kanzaki-san. It’s not like our school forbids this kind of activity. Not unless it’s endangering the student somehow or affecting their studies,” Miu said in a reassuring voice.

The relief was plain on the girl’s face. She sighed heavily. “Thanks, sensei.

“But I do have a few questions. Do your parents know about this cosplaying of yours?”

“Yeah, of course. There’s a lot I couldn’t do without their consent.”

“Like what?”

“Like working as a cosplayer model or releasing the photo books.”

“Cosplay model…? Photo books…?” Miu tilted her head. “Do you work as a model wearing those cosplays?”

“Yep, sensei. It’s part of high-level cosplayers world. Anime and manga companies hire me to cosplay their characters. You know, advertising their product or promoting the work.”

“Huh… That’s amazing, in its way… and the photo books? Are those for companies too?”

“Ah, no. They’re for me. You have no idea how much money I make every event with those books.”

“Hm… I had no idea…” I think brother has a photo book of a cosplayer… I’ve seen a couple… but he uses the books for…!  Once again Miu’s face became an alarming shade of red as she stared at her student. “You should stop doing that, Kanzaki-san! D-d-do you have any idea what your… fans… use your photos for?” Just finishing the sentence was hard enough for the teacher.

Kanzaki let out a tired chuckle, shrugging. At the same time, her eyes lost its sparkle and became listless.

“Yeah, I do know… but there’s nothing I can do about that. Besides, it’s not like I’ve never done that kind of thing with a photo of a cute cosplayer, so who am I to complain? That’d be hypocrisy.”

“You’ve done it too…?” The teacher was so red she could feel her face heating up. She averted her gaze but couldn’t stop glancing at her student through the corner of her eyes. “How can you say stuff like that like it’s nothing?” Kids these days…

Kanzaki’s sly smile was back right away. “I haven’t said anything, sensei. You’re the one assuming what I do,” she said, the teasing never so explicit in her voice.

Miu pressed her lips and groaned. I’m being teased by my own student!

“Sensei, you’re so pure it’s too cute… and alluring,” the cosplayer said suddenly, biting her lips. “That’s so irresistible it’s not fair.”

“Is teasing your teacher also part of being a cosplayer?” Miu asked, her voice a little louder than she wished.

“A little. Since this character is a bit of a teaser, I have to act too. I mean, cosplaying isn’t just about dressing up as the character. We need to act as them too.”

Under her student’s stare, Miu gulped. “That seems harder than I thought… Cosplay is a serious business then…”

“It is, sensei! You have no idea how much work I put in each character and costume. And to people like me, who takes cosplay almost like a profession, it’s even harder!” the student said, getting excited on her own. There was nothing of the teasing girl anymore, but the next second, her smile faded. Tears appeared on the corner of her eyes. “But there’s a  lot of people who just treat it like it’s something weird and make fun of us…”

“It’s not weird at all, Kanzaki-san,” Miu said in a low voice, getting closer to her student. When the girl raised her head, the teacher showed a gentle smile. “I don’t get cosplays or cosplayers, but even someone like me can see how much you love it. If one of my students treats cosplaying loves cosplaying, there’s no way it’s weird.”

“Thanks for saying that, sensei.”

Before Miu could do anything, Kanzaki hugged her. The girl buried her face on the teacher’s chest, but it wasn’t enough to muffle her cries.

The teacher was taken aback for a second, but then patted the girl on the head. “There, there,” she said, letting her student pour out all her pent-up emotions.

After some time, the girl let go of the teacher. Before she raised her head, she cleaned the tears.

“Sorry for getting all emotional like this, sensei. When I was in middle school, a teacher found out about me being a cosplayer. But all she did was lecture me and say that I shouldn’t engage shady hobbies as long as I was studying at that school… she didn’t even try to understand like you.”

“Well… Not that I’m defending a teacher who won’t listen to his students. But speaking from an outsider’s point of view, it’s a bit hard to understand this world. I mean, even though you’re supposed to be cosplaying a cop, you have that mini-skirt…”

A mini-skirt that’s too erotic even for someone in my age! Mui decided to keep those words only for herself.

Kanzaki let out a chuckle and showed her teasing smile. “To be completely fair, this outfit isn’t her uniform. She used that when she was trying to seduce the player. So she deliberately wore this kind of skirt. But don’t worry, sensei. Look.”

The cosplayer slid her hand to between her legs and slowly began to lift her skirt.

Miu widened her eyes, blushed and looked away. “What are you doing? Don’t lift your skirt,” she said, this time a lot louder than she wished.

“It’s okay, sensei. Take a look,” the student said.

Miu made sure she didn’t look. Her neck began to hurt, but she still forced herself to look at the ceiling.

“I’m gonna continue like this until you look, sensei,” the teasing voice of her student reached the teacher.

Pressing her lips, Miu caved in and turned her head slowly. Underneath the student’s skirt and under the pantyhose, Kanzaki wore bloomers.

“See? No one could see my panties, no matter how much they tried. But I think some people were happy with this too.”

The teacher panicked. Almost tripping, she raced to lower her student’s hands and the skirt. “What are you doing? What if someone walked in? A young girl shouldn’t be doing this kind of thing!” she said, glancing at the door.

Kanzaki only laughed. “Are you saying I can do this when I’m older, sensei?”

Miu flushed and pressed her lips. “Of course not!”

“Sensei, you’re blushing too much,” Kanzaki said, beaming. “It’s too cute.”

“Stop teasing your teacher!” Miu shouted. “I’m here trying to understand you and you do that!”

“Yes… you’re right, sensei. You are listening to me,” Kanzaki said in a low voice. Her smile became gentle as the girl blushed. “Sensei… could you… do me a favor…?”

Despite her red cheeks, the teasing was completely gone from the student’s face. There was only a girl asking something to her teacher.

Even without knowing what it was, Miu could feel it was important to the girl.

“What is it?”

“Could you…” Kanzaki played with her fingers, staring at the ground, her cheeks even redder. Then she looked at the teacher through the corner of her eyes. “Cosplay with me…?”

Without warning, Miu felt her heart thumping louder. She blushed and averted her eyes. There’s no way I can say no to her now… Hope she’s not talking about a lewd cosplay… “Only this time,” she said, barely above a whisper.

The student’s face shone with a smile. Without warning, she jumped to hug Miu tightly. “Thanks, sensei. You’re the best!”

The teacher groaned but couldn’t push her student away. “Just this time…”

“I know! I’ll go get the cosplay.”

Without wasting time, the girl ran out of the room.

Can’t believe I agreed to cosplay with my student, Miu thought. But despite that, she couldn’t help but smile. Kanzaki seemed so happy. Even though she’s usually surrounded by friends, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her like this… Guess she keeps that part of her life to herself…

“Sorry for taking so long, sensei,” Kanzaki said, panting a little when she was back. “Here’s the cosplay!”

In one hand, the girl had a black top hat, a cape and a white sort of glasses. In the other hand, she had a black tuxedo.

“What cosplay is that…?” The teacher asked, not managing to hide her hesitation. I feel like I’ve seen clothes somewhere… a long time ago…

“It’s from a magical girl anime from 90’. This is the protagonist’s love interest, Masked Tuxedo. I’ll be cosplaying the main character. I already have everything prepared.”

“You want me to cosplay a guy…?” Miu stared at the clothes while pressing her lips.

“Don’t worry, sensei. Since you’re tall, you’ll look so handsome in this,” Kanzaki said, beaming at the teacher.

Once again, that smile made Miu’s heart thump faster. Under that smile and eager expression, the teacher could do nothing against it. She accepted the cosplay and to one of the corners that had a curtain hanging from the ceiling.

I really can’t believe this… my day started with me planning to finish grading the last papers. Then brother begs me to go all the way to Akihabara to buy some old anime. And somehow it ends up with me about to cosplay with my student

Ignoring the sudden embarrassment for undressing until her underwear with her student a thin curtain away, Miu put on the cosplay. It’s harder than I thought… especially since I’ve never thought I’d ever wear a tuxedo…

“Are you done, sensei?” Kanzaki asked from the other side of the black fabric. “‘Cause I am.”

“Yeah… I’m done too,” she said in a low voice.

With her heart thumping loud, Miu pulled the curtains open. On the other side, Kanzaki waited for her in a sailor outfit, a red ribbon on her chest, red boots, a tiara and a blond waist-length wig.

She looks beautiful… It’s hard to believe it’s the same girl wearing that sexy cop cosplay…

When the girl saw her teacher, her face filled with joy and surprise.

“You look amazing, sensei! Much better than I expected!” she exclaimed, circling around the teacher to see every side. She nodded in approve, her smile widening. “Let me do your hair for the top hat.”

“Thanks…” Miu blushed and bent down a little. This is so embarrassing… but it’s surprisingly fun… “You look good too, Kanzaki.”

“Thanks,” the girl said, beaming after she was done. “But you look better, sensei. Ah, I know! We should register the moment. The birth of the cosplayer… eh… Miura Miu… eh… ah! MiMi!”

“Wait, I don’t know about that—”

“It’s perfect! KiKi and MiMi, cosplaying together for the first time,” the girl interrupted the teacher, too occupied with pulling her cellphone and taking many photos.

After a lot of photos from every possible angle, the cosplayer was satisfied.

Despite only standing there, Miu felt tired. She sad on the couch and took off the top hat. Her hair was a little moist with sweat. “This is more tiresome than I expected,” she said, but even so, she was smiling.

“Trying to imagine how you’d feel after spending the entire day on your feet and taking pics with thousands of fans,” Kanzaki said with an air of superiority. “That’s an event.”

“I quiver just thinking about it.” Miu let out a weak chuckle.

“Don’t say that, sensei,” Kanzaki said, yawning as she sat next to Miu. “Because I want us to go to many events and become the number one cosplayer duo. With our powers combined, we can beat Yuuno-chan…”

Before she finished, the girl fell asleep and lied on the teacher’s lap.

Miu looked around, not knowing what to do. But the next moment, she smiled as she struck the student’s hair. She’s so lively when it comes to cosplay… it’s much better than when she’s at school…

“Ara, I didn’t mean to interrupt,” someone said. Miu looked up to see the owner of the cosplay shop opening the door. “Is that KiKi’s cosplay…?”

“Ah, yes… she asked me to wear it…” Miu blushed. It’s embarrassing, but for someone else to see it too… How does Kanzaki do this?

The woman hummed as the stared at the teacher and student.

“I never thought I’d see the day she’d share that cosplay on her own…”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“That cosplay has… a lot of history. KiKi made it herself for her… partner. But the girl did something unforgivable and KiKi left that cosplay here ever since. To think she would ask you to wear it… she must really like you, sensei,” the woman said and then left.

Miu felt her face burning. She looked at the girl lying on her lap. Then, a moment, later, felt her heart beating faster. She closed her eyes and continued to stroke Kanzaki’s hair.

Can’t believe I’m having this feeling for a girl again, she thought. But despite that, Miu couldn’t stop smiling. Guess it’s not that bad…


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