The World Tree holds as many worlds as it has leaves. Three keys are all it takes to replace the stablilty of the nine regions with an apocalyptic war, and the possibility of total destruction.

The Asgar and the Jotun hold one key apiece, and the third key changes hands from possessor to possessor. But when one of the soldiers of the Asgar deserts, that key is lost. With two keys on the loose, whomever can assemble all three can control existence.    


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Group Leader (IV)
2nd Anniversary
Word Count (16)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Sven 1 ago
Dudley, chapter 2 ago
Luke and Elliot, chapter 3 ago
Billy Sunday, chapter 4 ago
Bendia Bones, chapter 5 ago
Thomas Thompson, chapter 6 ago
Kid, chapter 7 ago
The Mechanics, chapter 8 ago
The Argo, chapter 9 ago
Rowling, chapter 10 ago
Reitman, chapter 11 ago
Inspector Hamelin, chapter 12 ago
Sven, chapter 13 ago
Dudley and Joel, chapter 14 ago
Luke and Elliot, chapter 15 ago
Billy Sunday, chapter 16 ago
Bendia Bones, chapter 17 ago
Thomas Thompson, chapter 18 ago
Kid, chapter 19 ago
The Mechanics, chapter 20 ago
The Argo, Chapter 21 ago
Rowling, chapter 22 ago
Reitman, chapter 23 ago
Inspector Hamelin, chapter 24 ago
Sven, chapter 25 ago
Dudley and Joel, chapter 26 ago
Luke and Elliot, Chapter 27 ago
Billy Sunday, chapter 28 ago
Bendia Bones, chapter 29 ago
Thomas Thompson, chapter 30 ago
Kid, chapter 31 ago
The Mechanics, chapter 32 ago
The Argo, chapter 33 ago
Rowling, chapter 34 ago
Reitman, chapter 35 ago
Inspector Hamelin, chapter 36 ago
Sven, chapter 37 ago
Dudley and Joel, chapter 38 ago
Luke and Elliot, chapter 39 ago
Billy Sunday, chapter 40 ago
Bendia Bones, chapter 41 ago
Thomas Thompson, chapter 42 ago
Kid, chapter 43 ago
The Mechanics, chapter 44 ago
The Argo, chapter 45 ago
Rowling, chapter 46 ago
Reitman, chapter 47 ago
Inspector Hamelin, chapter 48 ago
Sven, chapter 49 ago
Dudley and Joel, chapter 50 ago
Luke and Elliot, chapter 51 ago
Billy Sunday, chapter 52 ago
Bendia Bones, chapter 53 ago
Thomas Thompson, chapter 54 ago
Kid, chapter 55 ago
The Mechanics, chapter 56 ago
The Argo, chapter 57 ago
Rowling, chapter 58 ago
Reitman, chapter 59 ago
Inspector Hamelin, chapter 60 ago
Sven, chapter 61 ago

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