A Hero Returns

by Daddy Ike

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Aren Damoder, one of Dunia's most revered heroes, arrives in the lands of the Kingdom of Damore. He goes to save Thyderalis from a gruesome future, no matter the cost. Despite the killing, the manipulation, and the lies he had done for the sake of the world, he still yearns to be who he was. Will he fall under his desire to be a paragon or continue to sacrifice lives for the greater good?

Hiding among the masses, he travels with Layette, a knight who strives to be as great as the legendary figures before her. Together, along with many companions and battles to come, they will end the conflict between two major alliances and bring peace to Thyderalis.

(Arc 1 of the Chronicles of Thyderalis series)

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Daddy Ike

Daddy Ike

Ya Boi

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
I.1 (RE) ago
I.2 (RE) ago
I.3 (RE) ago
II. (RE) ago
III. (RE) ago
IV. (RE) ago
V. (RE) ago
VI. (RE) ago
VII.1 (RE) ago
VII.2 ago
VIII. (RE) ago
IX.1 (RE) ago
IX.2 ago
X. (RE) ago
XI.1 The Academy ago
XI.2 An Eadburt's Pride! The Clown Lord Schemes? ago
XII. A Friend to Confide To ago
XIII. Nyx ago
XIV. Merlin's Conviction ago
XV. Her Uncertainty ago
XVI.1 Quarrel Among the Strong ago
XVI.2 An Upcoming Bout: Segenam Challenges Harley! ago
XVII. The Festivities of the Hawkwoods. Aren's Investigation Goes Grim?! ago
XVIII. Layette Meets A Familiar Face. The Witch of Sargata Reveals Herself! ago
XIV.1 The Twirl of Blades: For Her Freedom! ago
XIV.2 The Display of Power ago
XX.1 A Deal Unbroken: The Onion Knight Swears Fealty! ago
XX.2 Raynord Born Anew. Mercenaries From Foreign Lands? ago
XXI. The Conflict Settles. What is Aren Scheming? ago
XXII. Zyna and Aren Meet! Harley's Mysterious Intentions? ago
XXIII. Harley's True Intentions Revealed! What is Zyna Planning?! ago
XXIV.1 Raynord Finds the Yukihara! A Country Girl Stumbles In? ago
XXIV.2 Savoring On Takoyaki. Who's That Mysterious Woman In The Slums? ago
XXV. Raynord's Sense of Justice Prevails! Was This A Trap?! ago
XXVI. Their Plans Revealed: An Upcoming Assault? ago
XXVII. Raynord Clashes With Aifa! A Mysterious Samurai Saves Zellius! ago
XXVIII. The Chain Maiden vs The Grand Hero: What Is Her Hidden Power?! ago
XXIX. The Monster Under the Robe ago
XXX. Her Hopes and Dreams, Shattered ago
XXXI. Stallion and Rin on the Run! A Surprise Attack on Eadburt Estate?! ago
XXXII. Even Villains Have Dreams ago
XXXIII. The Lower Elites Revealed! Segenam and Stallion, Fight On! ago
Another Update ago
I'm Back ago

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 An interesting, if fragmented tale. The writing is definitely improving as time goes on!

I'm still not sure if I like the main character, but I like the turtle and the other characters, and every character has a bit of story.

I found the story elsewhere, but it's interesting enough so far that I hope others will find it too. Even if real life does keep kicking the author's idea of writing schedules upside down, it's ok to follow it slowly.