The Perks of Immortality

by cjet799

Original DROPPED Action Adventure Fantasy GameLit High Fantasy Male Lead Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

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After living decades and dying hundreds of times, Kegan has learned that he has finally passed some test that the cruel spirit had given him. Now, Kegan has the ability to gain “perks” that can make his life much easier. He is looking forward to finally having an easy life with the new perks he has earned.

Rules to keep me honest for the perk system:

Spoiler: Spoiler
1. The purpose of perks is to help the MC live longer and do new things each life.
2. The perks can be unlocked by getting hurt or killed.
3. The perks can be unlocked by putting in a lot of effort that isn’t easily duplicated in a new life.
4. Perks are generally beneficial enhancements to the MC’s body.
5. Perk costs can be lowered with more impressive achievements to unlock them.
6. Perk costs can be lowered by repeated death or injury from something the perk protects against.
7. Perk costs are increased for quality of life improvements that don’t benefit survival.

I want to avoid one of the pitfalls I see for other LitRPG stories where the game elements barely relate to the story, or offer very little information. If people are skipping over and not reading the perks then I'm doing things wrong. So I promise to try and make the perks interesting, sometimes humorous, informative, and relevant to the story.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 Completing the Tutorial ago
Chapter 2 Goblin Infestation ago
Chapter 3 Goblin Infestation ago
Chapter 4 Goblin Infestation ago
Chapter 5 Goblin Infestation ago
Chapter 6 Goblin Remnants ago
Chapter 7 Goblin Remnants ago
Chapter 8 Character Respec ago
Chapter 9 Goblin Infestation and Goblin Remnants ago
Chapter 10 Goblin Remnants ago
Chapter 11 Village Life ago
Chapter 12 Preparing For War ago
Chapter 13 The Battle of Valleyforge ago
Chapter 14 Dealing with immortality ago
Chapter 15 A New Companion ago
Chapter 16 A Journey Down the River ago
Chapter 17 The Bone Tower ago
Chapter 18 Pursuit ago
Chapter 19 Battle of the Orcs and Bone Knights ago
Chapter 20 Hard Choices ago
Chapter 21 Picking A Fight ago
Chapter 22 Scorched Earth Defense ago
Chapter 23 Cleaning Up The Valley ago
Chapter 24 The Final Trap ago
Chapter 25 A World Of Perks ago
Chapter 26 World Stones ago
Chapter 27 Will Fight For Food ago
Chapter 28 Mercenary Life ago
Chapter 29 Revenge ago
Chapter 30: Diplomacy ago
Chapter 31 Hibernation ago
Chapter 32 Turning Thieves Into Suppliers ago
Chapter 33 The Creek Bridge Battle ago
Chapter 34 Battle Cleanup ago
Chapter 35 Extermination Group ago
Chapter 36 Old Memories ago
Chapter 37 A Full Stomach ago
Stopping ago

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A very well-thought out concept and well written MC allow everything to fall into place.

If the writer sticks with it, this should become a top story on this web site.


This novel has the halmarks of being a great series I have enjoyed every minute of reading it. Please give it a shot.


Mindwipe Meets Total Recall

This story has a simple premise and it makes it fun as a result: We don't know if the MC was originally a modern man lost in time or if this is just a poor sap dying to live again in a game simulation.


What we do know is as the story progresses, the MC grows in knowledge and power as he dies and learns. 


Hopefully in the end, our MC is powerfull enough to stop dying so much. could be that one day he WILL wish for a perma death...true immortality is not a good thing...


The story is great, the grammar is flawless (at least as far as I can remember), the style is... what even is style? And the main character is pretty darn neat! I. Want. MORE!!!

I'd love to see him bring more and more stuff with him through each life, and perhaps show what happens to his body and home when he dies in one world and ... for lack of a better word, 'joins' another?


I'd say "droning" - bland description of events


The work is pretty average as far as rrl goes. definitely not deserving of being on the top works. made it to chapter 3 and couldnt go any further

story seems poorly thought out with no direction beyond surviving trials that come MC's way. also very nonsense.. in the first chapter he meets goblins, okay cool.  Then the goblins start eating everything including the dead, no description of what they're like, just that they enter a clearing and start eating.  Then they start pooping, no wait, they're giving birth.  Then they eat the babies too. ?? initially going to give this a three, now i'm taking it down to a 2.5 because as I write this out I think how poorly written this is  

style. Author's writing style doesn't give us a good look at what's going on.  very superficial and even the superficial look is pretty poor.  chapter 1 and we're thrown into action already which is fine, but it doesn't really make any sense.  

Grammar.  is fine so far.  

Character.  What character? I don't know any characters in the story.


good story, shitty update schedule.

Reviewed at: Stopping

Other than the sloppy update schedule, everything else about this story is good. 

it seemed like the story started to meander, then in the latest chapter ( chap. 36 ) we got a nice back story, though not a complete one it is something and gave some direction to the story. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Personally, I found the valley part to be fun, the story of the hero restarting over and over again to accomplish the impossible by stacking the odds in his favor over each restart is what drew me to this story (and here I can't help but compare it to the mother of learning  in it's premise. )

Spoiler: Spoiler

An epic/heroic fantasy above average.

Reviewed at: Chapter 34 Battle Cleanup

Pretty good example of heroic fantasy, as for me.

MC is a badass, kinda overpowered a bit, but its explained later.

The story has some LitRPG elements, 0 % of any romance and/or relationships.

Basically there is only 1 character in the story, which is our MC.

Will follow the story for sure.


I don’t normally write reviews, but I love this one so much that I want to offer the author whatever encouragement I can. I read tons of stories on this site and as stated this one is my absolute favorite. It  plays with my favorite themes that this community writes around and still manages to be a breathe of fresh air.

The installments are shorter and farther apart than I would like, but I look forward to every one of them. Take as much time as you need to keep up your originality and quality. I will be here. 


The grammar on the whole is decent, and the story is enjoyable. Its got the right kind of vibe, and enough of a premise to go far