Living a Long Life as a Legend

by bor902

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama GameLit High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Secret Identity Strategy Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

Reincarnating into a game-like version of a medieval magical world was fine and all. A good blend of two enjoyable tropes. Lock wished he'd been born with a bunch of cheats sometimes, sure, but he could settle with being functionally immortal by abusing the system as well. 


All rights to the art belong to Stefan Koidl, you can find his works here


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  • Overall Score

So far this story has been well written and entertaining. 

My only real complaint is the disconnect between the first arc and the rest of the story so far. In the first we are introduced to a mostly "good" Lock who is learning from his experienced Grandfather. Although a bit bland, this version of Lock is still compelling and would be interesting to follow.

Arc two "good" Lock is nowhere to be seen. Instead we have a slightly jaded 80 year old man in the body of a 16 year old, executing schemes and offering wisdom. I enjoy this version of Lock more, but there was no transition between the two. As it stands Arc one functions as somewhat of a bad introduction to the actual story.

I understand that this is only pertinent criticism in the case of a re-write/ major edit for publishing purposes, but I wanted to articulate it none the less.

All that aside, I'm enjoying the story! Thank you bor902, and keep up the good work.

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I really like how he did't explain how the MC was reincarnated and didn't make any flashbacks about it, youl gradually start to make up his previous life from his thoughts as he lives his current one, which is a really good way to do it in my opinion.

I find the style good though slightly boring at times.

The characters feels very real. The MC is a callous and pragmatic young(old) man so he can be easily classified as a villain but he has his hang ups and morals, and is more or less affected by other people, like any other human.

The story is still in the early phase so i may add things later.

  • Overall Score

Not my thing (but maybe it's yours)

Reviewed at: Chapter 33

Tl;dr: The story isn't bad, it's just not my thing. And I wouldn't even leave a review on it being this negative if I didn't feel tricked by the first Arc. There are plenty of stories that aren't for me and that's fine, but this one was written as if it had emotional depth and interesting characters, then those are tossed aside for an edgy, emotionless murderer that only thinks about sex.

While I can say that it's not bad, and to be honest think it might be the exact novel for some people, I just can't do it. 

The author is clearly trying to write an intelligent, smart and clever MC but doesn't seem to know how to do that so he simply makes everyone around the MC dumb. For instance, it isn't until our MC from another world (which I will get into in a second) chastises two would-be ninjas (who exists in this world for some reason) on how unstealthy it is to dress as a ninja in broad daylight before anyone in this world even sees the issue with it. So we are lead to believe that common sense doesn't exist in this world because you can find the thief or assassin simply by looking for the person who looks like the stereotype. Now this wouldn't be an issue of they were the DnD style thief that is really just the scout/trap disarmer so dressing like a thief is fine as they are all above board, but this is every rogue and assassin that we have seen thus far of which all the ones we've been introduced to have been members of the crime syndicate of the city, like the ones not trying to get caught being assassins. 

Furthermore, it's not clever to just lie to the reader or omit critical information. This seems to be a running theme, where the author wanted to write an isekai book that didn't seem like one but had no idea how to introduce that fact. So we get an MC who out of nowhere we find out isn't actually a 16-year-old but an immortal being who can reincarnate. And I do mean out of nowhere. The only hint to it is weird sayings that only someone from modern earth would say then out of nowhere start referring to his previous life. Like what? Fine whatever, poor writing and I am not trying to bust their balls or discourage them, but it doesn't' end there. The author wants to write a litRPG style book with stats and skills and levels but wants to hide information that the MC has despite that being the antithesis to why litRPG's are enjoyable. For instance, at the end of Arc 1 the MC levels up and also performs a ritual with his chosen god, these events give him new skills. Instead of telling us what skills they are the author just hides them. Literally just showing, **** where they are despite the MC clearly knowing what they are so only us readers are left in the dark. Then skip to the start of the next arc the MC randomly uses a skill that doesn't even make sense with anything we've seen thus far and the only thing the author can say is, "If you remember we went out of Arc one with three skills that were gained but remained unrevealed... The answer to which tree it was taken out of is up to you, as I only plan on releasing this information a bit later." (actual quote) This is an issue because we have no clue what nonsense the MC will just pull out of his ass at any given point. Next thing we know we are going to get jebaited where the MC gets stabbed in the back and he actually has a skill that reflects the damage back on the attacker despite no warning that this was a planned event. I understand the desire to want to add suspense and tension to the story so you keep things a mystery, but it simply is bad writing to do so in such a misleading and uninteresting way. It's the same issue with when Superman died and then they brought him back, once you do this kind of nonsense I have no reason to trust anything you say and the stakes are out the window. 

Finally and I won't touch on this much as it seems a very common complaint that even the author recognizes, but Arc 1 and Arc 2 seem like two different books. The MC doesn't even act remotely the same, and things just happen because he is the MC and so he should be involved in things. Like in Arc 1 the gist of it is that the MC is coming to terms with needing to kill his own grandfather who is asking to do so. A very interesting and thoughtful start. Arc 2 is, the MC found a random ritual for no reason at all (literally nothing is explained why he knows about it, its just something he is involved in for some reason) where he wants to stop it because it gives him easy EXP which makes no sense as he is strong enough to solo the dungeon they are doing the ritual on. He could simply just go grind that or somewhere else without all this cloak and dagger nonsense, but no we need to introduce the two hot twins who fall in love with the evil murderhobo MC. 




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Pretty good, the MC is coming out very nicely, not a holy banana or a psychotic one. His motivations are slowly uraveling, and the system being present in the everyday life of everyone is a nice and refreshing take on an overused thematic. Just wish the chapters were longer.

Gabriel Sacco
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LLLL and the anti-hero

Reviewed at: Chapter 46

Living a Long Life as a Legend is an anti-hero story with a main protagonist (named Lock) that's neither good nor inherently evil.

Chaotic neutral or chaotic evil would be more fitting for Locks character.

When you first start reading dont expect a full blown moral character whom you support fully. Lock tends to be apathetic to normal people and doesn't go out of his way to do good deeds. Locks main goal could be described as doing things that interest him and training to become stronger than all those around him.

The authors writing is generally well thought out and detailed enough to where you can enjoy the pace of the story and also learning about the world Lock lives in.

The author is quite new to writing tends to have some cliches in his writing that seem lazy or not all together thought out but I believe with time and experience and maybe a little editing the author can and has to some respect make a compelling story that has us questioning the morals of Lock and his motivation while also seeing being able to relate to some parts of Locks character.

This is a story for the bold that will have us loving Locks patience and well thought out plans while also seeing the mistakes hes made along the way due to his Apathy and the unpredictable aspect of life. 

I'd say LLLL is a story to read and learn from while having a few good laughs and interesting and compelling fight scenes.


  • Overall Score

Unfortunately, this story is honestly pretty bad

Reviewed at: Chapter 38

I say unfortunately because almost everything thing is in order for this story to be good: the English is acceptable, the length is there, the plot is obviously planned.

So why isn't this a good story?

Because the authour writes like what I remember "gifted" kids in high school used to act like. Using big words that aren't actually the right word, strange phrasing to make things seem more complicated than they are, and a main character that is "smart" and "verbose" except this same MC is too stupid to simply refraining from answering pointless questions and does nothing but blabber on and on about pointless bullshit.

Smart people don't give sermons over every little thing. And this shows up perfectly in the contradiction of the MC dealing with the 2 ninja girls he hires for the second big event that involves the MC.

The MC literally says "these girls are just helpers, I don't like them and I don't want to like them. I'm going to not talk to them or interact with them as much as I can so when this is over I can just go on my own way and make money and level up and stuff."

So of course the MC insists on taking the one girl under his wing, giving sermons on "how to be a rogue class" and when the girls ask "why are we killing these people?" instead of being smart and just saying "focus on your job, dont' ask questions" he comes up with some kind of elaborate plan to act like a sociopath because.... he was too socially awkward to say no?

If the MC wasn't a huge douchecanoe, this story would probably be great. As it is, unfortunately, this story is not great.

hakatri gin
  • Overall Score

Develops the potential of LitRPG by focusing on the characters

Reviewed at: Chapter 50

A work that doesn't saturate with blue screens and instead treats the system as an everyday thing, as people from a system world would do

The MC clearly has a big plan and it unravels slowly while we are witness to the amusing way he fulfills his more immediate goals, his amorality and self imposed rules make him an interesting character, not to evil because of choice and not really good because of practicality

The other characters also have their personality and its not simply told but we can see how they react to the MC and to different situations and learn their personalities from there, we know them from how they act on the inside and outside

The world slowly unravels as we know more people and more objetives, no boring infodumps, a novel to look forward to

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Beautifully scripted

Reviewed at: Chapter 63

Till chapter 63


This story definitely needs more views, beautifully written and the linguistics the author uses to define things is truly appreciated. Perspectives and POVs are done in a very intricate yet novel way. Overall, worth praise and investing time. 

The character lock still needs polishing hence a star lesser, and at times certain character details seem to be forced or patched upon. Will change it in future if I feel its improved. 

Moses Lambert
  • Overall Score

Quite well-written. Peculiar world - odd system of inheriting powers. I'm on Ch 11, looking forward to seeing where this goes...

  • Overall Score

Wow, what a world and what a story.

Reviewed at: chapter 20 (arc one end)

Considering the vast majority of series on this site revolve around violence and sex, genuine pathos is not something frequent visitors would expect but that's exactly what you get here: a realistic portrayal of what it means to lose a family member and how it can affect your own view on death. Now, there's plenty of great action and monster-slaying as well. Don't misunderstand. But there's more here than just that. Give it a try, I think you'll like it.