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With magic all but lost, mage guilds are few and far between. The Sleeping Dragon guild, a lingering relic of the past, continues to operate any way it can. So long as the price is right, the talented individuals of this guild can handle any mission thrown their way, legal or otherwise.  

As a courier for the Sleeping Dragon Guild, Cross prefers things simple. He keeps to a tight (albeit rather lazy) schedule and does his best not to deviate from it. But things do not always go according to plan. When he crosses path with a young girl claiming to be a Spirit Goddess, he and his fellow guildmates are pulled into a dark scheme over a century in the making.



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This was a little slow to start, but once you get going, it is one of the best on this site.   I am truly surprised by the lower rating it has.   The story is solid, the grammar is good.  Occasional misspellings is the worst thing you can say about this.  Its just a solid, entertaining ride.  Looking forward to more.


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Takes strong impressions from Fairy Tail

Have you ever wondered what Fairy Tail might be like without the fanservice and the shounen stupidity? This story might give you a good idea.

The story is playing in a universe where magic is fading and technology is ascending. Steam trains are running through the plains while the last magic guilds are fighting for their survival. Only the rare few can practice magic and even those are weak hedgemages.

Cue in the protagonist of this story. Two rather week mages, a pyromanic bomb builder and a thief... and a loli claiming to be a spirit goddess trying to recover her lost memories.

Overall it's a very good story, but there's one major weakness and that's the beginning. It starts In-Media-Res and the plot takes a long time to unfold. The first chapters largely seem to serve to introduce the main characters and are pretty much irrelevant plotwise. If the author wants to publish this at some point I'd recommend to rewrite that.

Once the plot has taken off things are accelerating pretty quickly though. Maybe even too quick. Maybe it'd be better to do some of the character building stuff after the plot start/discovery of our beloved spirit loli.

Storywise I can't complain much. Generally the plot makes sense, the antagonists have good reasons for their behavior, but the heros seem a bit reckless. Maybe tone that down a bit, it gives the story a very anime-like feel.

I haven't seen any major issues with the grammar, but then I'm not a native speaker.

The cast is very heterogeneous and the two mages have well developed personalities and motivations. They're teenage friends/rivals and perhaps lovers in the future, but their goals seem to differ quite a lot. Maybe I just overread it, but the thief seems a bit forgettable, though that might be only in comparision to his flamboyant rival/friend the pyromanic heart-throb bombmaker Romeo and the anime-stereotype loli spirit goddess Makina.

Quite frankly I'd prefer the author would tone down the anime for the last two as it makes them look like carricatures while the rest of the cast is played straight.

Overall I can definitely recommend this. If you liked Fairy Tail, you'll like this. Some semi-wacky guildmates going on awesome adventures that may or may not have worldshaking consequences.

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Pretty cool. I follow it on fictionpress. It's really good and unique. The story and character development is good too. The grammar is top notch. The only problem then was the irregular updates, I hope the author makes changes to that.