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Chase Berrymore dreams of adventure, excitement, and getting the heck out of her pastoral halven village.

But when adventure finds her, she'll be scrambling to save everyone of her family and friends from a decades-old conspiracy. Outmatched in almost every way, she'll have to use her wits, charisma, and a bit of divine favor to figure out the path to victory. But the odds are bad, and even with an Oracle's foresight, she can't save everyone. 

Even worse, she'll have to figure out ways to deal with the weird and nigh-immortal beings that call themselves "playas..."

A litrpg romp with a very non-standard protagonist, set in the same world as the "Threadbare" books.

CLAIMER: My name is Andrew Seiple. I am a writer, and I both write this story and own the rights to it.
I will be posting this story on Spacebattles.com, SufficientVelocity.com, RoyalRoad.com, and my Patreon. I reserve the right to remove it from any and all platforms as needed to facilitate my sinister long-term plans. 
Cover art created by Amber Rimkus, licensed per agreement.


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Andrew Seiple

Andrew Seiple

2nd Anniversary
Word Count (16)
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Small in a good way

Even small beings can make great things and that is especially true when when Andrew Seiple is involved.


After the epic of a plush bear trying to find his little girl owner which has being eternally on this site's top 10 best rated novels, Andrew brings us a new tale in the world of Generica!


This time we follow the tale of a small halven (halfling/Hobbit) girl which just happens to be the gossip master between the bored teenagers and children in a small village on the countryside which uses her network of secrets to prepare and hide her dreams of leaving her village.

Chase may be an adventurous young girl, but she soon discovers that those adventures may be a bit too much for even her when she meets secrets she shouldn't have met and finds out exactly why the forest near the village is said to be dangerous...


The characters of Small Medium are interesting and multifaceted showing different emotions and reactions to the situations and that does play a big role as how the story unwraps itself.


Chase Berrymore, while our MC may be small she is certainly made of strong stuff but even with her race's natural mental resilience she is still in a deep corner of her mind a young girl, and it's exactly that which makes Chase a wonderful MC. Logical and steeled by circumstances she may certainly be determined to use anything and everything at her reach, but even steel can be battered and bent, stress and exhaustion both physically and mentally will constantly assault our small girl and for more then once she will felter and that makes Chase certainly one of the most human-like characters I have read about.



But don't jump to conclusions~

This may be a litRPG~ 

And Chase may be many things like an Gossiper, an young girl, a small medium and even a trickster but she is certainly not a hero~!

At least not how you would expect it, and so you don't need to worry about long and endless chapters of how the MC is strong and how she will search for more power without any further reason to~!

Instead you will meet a novel where the story and development of the characters is the main focus and our squared blue friends so much used on litRPGs are just small detail like the icing of a cake.

So if you like adventures~! 

Come delish yourselves with the figurative cake that Small Medium is~!

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HE DONE DID IT AGAIN - Hidden gem and whatnot

First of all can we stop for a second and appreciate that the author gets more work done than chinese sweatshop?

I just don't understand how the hell this hasn't blown up. The system is awesome, the story is well thought, none of the character fall flat and it's just well written.

I know people have an aversion to LITRPG, but this isn't basemeant dweller enters game and becomes the leader of humanity, this is halven deceiver encounters a conspiracy and goes on a fucking adventure.

Don't be discouraged by the shitty thumbnails, Threadbare is God Tier and Small Medium is pure gold.


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The Amazing adventures of a Small Medium

What a nice story this was, and a worthy favorite! As expected from the author of Threadbare, this is a good sequel to that story. I am certainly going to read any future stories by the author.

Chase Berrymore is a Halven living in the sleepy village of Bothernot, while halvens are typically aversive to adventure, she instead longs for it, considered a oddity by her family and the rest of the villagers. But one day adventure finds her, and it is more than she has asked for.

On her grand adventures through the world of Generica, Chase saves her own village, uncovers some of the grand secrets behind the world of Generica and its people, meets all kinds of people, solves murder mysteries and eventually saving the world.

The characters in this story are all amazing, well thought out characters with complex emotions and backstory. Even the villians here can be relatable which is something i dont see that often.

The very best character for me is Chase, she is just a such deep character, that develops and changes a LOT during the course of the story, while still sort of staying the halven girl she always was.

One of the things im liking the most is her powers, and the way she uses them, its very rare to see this kind of class in stories, and most of the time they are done badly, not here, Andrew Seiple can make the weird or hard class combinations work, and he does it perfectly. Her being a oracle adds so much to this story, and it is done here in a way thats overall balanced, with her using the job to the best she can, yet however neither her or the job are flawless. The other characters ofcourse are also important, and add even more depth to this amazing story.

The story builds further on the world created in Threadbare, featuring major additions, especially considering Threadbare was focused on a very isolated kingdom. But also delves further in the mystery thats the world of Generica, there are some quite good plot twists related to that throughout the story.

This story is basically the sequel to Threadbare, taking place in the same world as Threadbare: Generica, it can be read as a stand-alone book all fine, however i dont recommend missing out on the great story thats Threadbare, also there is a character from Threadbare that appears in this story, even if the appearance is sort of minor.

Ill be sort of honest that i dont find this story to be as good as Threadbare overall, but it still comes close! It may not be the plain fun read that is Threadbare, but i consider this story to have even better characters, to have actual emotion in it, even more than Threadbare did.

Overall very good grammar, but not fully without flaws, there are the occasional typo's, or even wrong numbers in the character sheets. Since this version is considered the draft one, errors like that do not get corrected. But even this is already better than the majority of the fictions on royalroad.

Andrew Seiple just has that kind of writing style, that keeps you reading, totally enjoying the story until the most recent chapter, and its no different with this story. The prose is just excellent, pacing is just about right. This story has an excellent balance between character development and interactions, worldbuilding, action scenes and adventures.

Just about the entire story is good but personally i find that the quality does improve during the course of the story, and that the later parts are better overall. Theres plainly about nothing i can nitpick, even if some parts are weaker, even those weaker parts are better than the majority of stories on royalroad.

A worthy follow-up on Threadbare, this story is certainly worth a read. I thus sort of recommend any fan of Litrpg or Fantasy to come read this story, it is one of the more enjoyable stories to read on this site.

  • Overall Score

I'm a big fan of Threadbare and from what I've read so far, this story is shaping up to be really good. The MC is witty and smart, albeit inexperienced. Her starting quest to help her family and friends is gripping to read. Finally, like Threadbare there is a nice mix between high stakes and some light-hearted characters/events.

Something I specifically want to mention (and excuse me for the minor rant): One of the nicely avoided pitfalls in LitRPG for Small Medium are levelling skills. A LOT of stories on Royalroadl make the mistake to go way in-depth and descriptive about powerlevelling. What happens is that 50+% of the word count ends up describing the minutia and details of how to levelup and become stronger. Followed up by strangling and slowing the pacing of the story down. It literally becomes a drudge to read quite a lot of the fictions on RR.

Small Medium like the predecessor Threadbare avoids this problem very well. At the bottom of the chapter you'll find the Character Sheet(s) inside a Spoiler Tag and the progress that is being made (I usually skip them). Subsequently, chapters don't get bogged down with never ending descriptions on levelling stupid skills when I can't be arsed to be interested in such details.

Now. For my final verdict. Go read this. It's pretty good and deserves to be high up on the ratings, rankings and views. The story and setting will likely hook you. The grammar is good and I haven't had issues with jarring sentences. Chase and her companions are likeable. The antagonists are at the very least not mindless flat drones with zero good motivations for their actions.

Disclaimer. I'm not a good reviewer, but this is shaping up to be a good story (currently 16 chapters in). There's obviously a chance the story might end up weaker later on, but it started of strong for the current moment. The writer also has a nice finished story on RR in the form of Threadbare to vouch for this fiction.

To finish with. I have honestly no clue on what to critique or give feedback on for the author to improve at the time of writing (a better reviewer or basically someone that reads good fantasy fiction will probably have at least something). The grammar, story, style and characters are all really good, at least in my humble opinion. It's enjoyable to read and I want to read more!

  • Overall Score

Andrew Seiple and his Theadbare world are back!!! 

Threadbare was one of the first completed stories I've read here and really stuck with me for a while.

Now the magic is happening again,  the new characters are enjoyable, the world building expands very well... and whenever I'm not smiling, I'm laughing.

If you haven't read Threadbare, you may miss a few things but it's clearly not a problem. (Go read it too anyway!)

This needs to be Trending! 

  • Overall Score

One of the best on this site

This is one of the few stories that I rate 5 stars and probably the best example of litrpg I've ever read. It has remained consistantly good since its first chapter and I would recomend Small Medium to anyone reading this.

  • Overall Score

Wonderful Adventure

This is a very creative adventure story with much less grinding than you usually find in novels like these.  The author finds novel ways to make the character fight and interact with other people in her story.  I think it is a fantastic story.

  • Overall Score

Threadbear was a clunky story, but it made up for it through adorableness, character development, and a beautiful world.  It also got much better as the story progressed.

Small Medium is just as adorable, but all the clunkiness is gone.  The world doesn't cater to our tiny Halven, and even "luck" and "fate" play by the rules.

  • Overall Score

Viewing a world from a diffrent perspective

Reviewed at: The first book is out!

Based in the same world as Threadbare, this story builds greatly uppon the tapastry that is Genarica. Showing us more of this amazing world and some of its history. A tale of groth, self discovery, and the ocaisonal wresteling move thrown in for flavor

Steven 'Bull' Ratkovich
  • Overall Score

8 chapters in and really enjoying this.  Its a bit different, but so far a lot of fun.