Thousand Tales: Learning To Fly

by Snow Quill

Wings, Immortality, and a War of Trolls

When aging pilot Andre nearly dies in an airplane accident, he decides it's time to upload. He has his brain removed and scanned into Thousand Tales, a game where ordinary players compete with the AIs and former humans who live inside it. He takes full advantage of his new digital life, becoming a high-flying pegasus and learning the magic of the sky. He's just in time for a strange little war. The digital world seems overly cute at first, but there's more going on than people leveling up.

Spells and transformation are easy in this world, but building a society isn't. Can Andre fight in a way that will get his virtual land taken seriously, and equip his new friends to make a difference in the world of humans?

This story is also available as a book at ! A complete version of this story is going to be posted here, but the Amazon edition is much longer. Want more free content instead? Try , a short story collection in the same world, or the preview of "Crafter's Heart" here on RR, or the version of "Crafter's Passion".

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Snow Quill

Snow Quill

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Surprisingly, this story is actually pretty good quality. I'm finding very few issues with it, although it can get a little weird at times.

I think if I were to point out one of it's larger flaws, if you could call it that, I would say this story might be a bit niche. For some people, there might be a little bit of discomfort with the inspiration it is VERY LOOSELY based on. I would suggest you ignore that and keep going. Once you actually notice the story for what it is, you might be able to enjoy it.

On a side note. There has been a review posted before me that is just utter bullshit. It provides no context on what they disapprove of in the story and merely posts a mediocre rating with a derogatory statement that honestly makes me disgusted with the review.


 Ok! who showed the mascot humpers the internet.