Apocalyptic Trifecta

by Macronomicon

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Magic Male Lead Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

S4M Protoype 0000, or Sam to his friends, is the commander of an elite team of clones, designed to be the perfect soldiers. He and his team have been trapped in an automated training facility, their neural networks perfectly replicated to move them from one body to the next in an endless cycle of training. For five hundred years.

The world above ended long ago, but the advanced technology that keeps them there has only begun to break down, giving Sam and his team a chance to escape the hellish conditions they were born into, and rejoin the world above.

The only question is: what do they find when they reach the surface?

For lovers of sci-fi and fantasy fusions, a supersoldier thrown out of time!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Born in the Dark ago
Chapter 2: Elves with Guns ago
Chapter 3: The Great Escape ago
Chapter 4: What's your Juristiction? ago
Chapter 5: The Most Dangerous Game ago
Chapter 6: 'Unsuspecting Villagers' ago
Chaper 7: Little Billy ago
Chapter 8: A New Deal ago
Chapter 9: Civilization ago
Chapter 10: Big Red Speedbump ago
Chapter 11: The Other Guy With Wings ago
Chapter 12: Molting ago
Chapter 13: Horned ago
Chapter 14: Negotiations ago
Chapter 15: The 'Abandoned' Base ago
Chapter 16: Vampires ago
Chapter 17: The big Guns ago
Chapter 18: Night Moves ago
Chapter 19: Still Breathing ago
Chapter 20: Better Luck Next Time ago
Chapter 21: A History of Violence ago
Chapter 22: Young Theold ago
Chapter 23: The Ex-Girlfriend ago
Chapter 24: Old Supersoldier ago
Chapter 25: New Tricks ago
Chapter 26: Catching a Ride ago
Chapter 27: Worth his Weight in Gold ago
Chapter 28: Plastic Surgery ago
Chapter 29: Supersoldier Walks into a Wall ago
Chapter 30: They've got History ago
Chapter 31: Credulous Bastards ago
Chapter 32: Take a hike ago
Chapter 33: Sam's Speech ago
Chapter 34: Buffalo Buffalo Billy ago
Chapter 35: The Heist ago
Chapter 36: The Man in the Ring ago
Chapter 37: Captured ago
Chapter 38: Hospitality ago
Chapter 39: Sam the Dragon Slayer ago

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  • Overall Score

No likeable characters and Hero is ZERO

This story is well written, with great grammar and decent worldbuilding but I'll be damned if there is even 1 likeable character even including the MC. I think it is just my personal bias but everyone is a huge p.o.s and Ive never read a story were EVERYONE is a piece of garbage, usually a few with most being likeable but here I just hate everyone.

The MC is some kind of cloned super soldier but is willing to let his friend of hundreds of years get killed and then defended the murderer from his other friend of hundreds of year, who just watched her lpver die, instead of doing anything Id expect from a soldier. Then he does the 'right thing' and gets used for blood sport while harboring a need to paint himself the hero to the people he cooperated with and as soon as the person that killed his friend shows up and says sorry everything is hunky doory, nah man thats bs this dude is just a robot without any honor or human emotions with his one dimension being "I wanna help" I thought it was just an early chapter thing but 10 chapters in and this dude is still a dunce, definitely not the badass marine he was desribed to be, even a cop or swat would put down someone that killed their friend that was unarmed because he was carrying a injured teamate this is too much for me.

Jacksonion Democracy
  • Overall Score

The story is well-written, no problems with updates BUT I LITERALLY WANT TO KILL EVERYONE IN THIS STORY BESIDES THE MC(S), like they are manipulative ungrateful basturd at best, and brain-washed $hitheads at worst. Everything else is great, but the I hate 99% of the people, and the MC (Sam) is so damned obsessed with the laws and morality (even tho he is repeatedly walked on like a carpet).

  • Overall Score

Liked the idea. And the first couple chapters. But the changing POV bothered me. Give it a shot if bouncing POVs dont bother ya

  • Overall Score

A riproaring adventure

Rather unusual worldbuilding, with the cybernetically augmented clone and the human hating technologically advanced elf joining forces to stop the human raised internet loving dragon. More of a Gamma World/D&D crossover than Shadowrun, if that means anything to you.

Through chapter 19, no grammatical errors at all that I noticed. Lots of action, lots of floating plot threads that could bite our Main Character in the butt. Recommend .

  • Overall Score

Could be better, had potential but could not fulfill it.

Crappy main character.

Doesn'tact his age.


  • Overall Score

A supersoldier, an elf and a dragon.

The concept of a supersoldier clone that has his memories transplanted through lives is solid on it's own. Slap an apocalyptic future with elves from another dimension and the coolest dragon villain I ever read about and you got me by the balls.

Now, I could make a tasteful review with separated parts describing the different aspects of the story. But I will just gush about whatever I liked and remember while I write this. Sorry about that.

The protagonist and his pals are really nice while they are there, they make a dynamic that I can see kinda happening. Dunno, supersoldier and shit. Yeah. It's cool, really.

After that we have a whole world that just amazed. Well, the coliseum bit kinda sucked. I did not really like the way shit was portraid there, thought better of the elves. Aside from that it is really amazing to just imagine how the world is while the characters interact with it. There's always a tidbit of info that just shines an idea on your head and shit, I love it.

The main character always has an conflict, be it emotional or a giant fucking dragon-dictator-doctor extraordinaire called Billy. It is as good as a villain as it sounds ridiculous.

I'm still on the afterglow of binge-reading it tbh.

If you read till here, you probably have the patience to read till chapter 7. Heck, read it as a standalone.  It introduces the villain that only appears as background or a direct confrotation later on the story. Which only makes it better really, after this chapter you'll know what an awesome thing to expect on the story.

A story that keeps on giving on almost all aspects.

  • Overall Score

Great writing, fun setting, 3d characters. This should be a published book.

  • Overall Score

Mc is a weak bitch and when in doubt of how to proceed takes off his pants and asks for a spanking and some soap to pick up

  • Overall Score

8 Chapters out when writting this, I look forwards for more. Thats the best review I can give at the moment.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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Hidden gem I'd recommend reading

Honestly this story needs more love. Great characters, well paced, Rock solid magic system, comedy in all the right places without being overdone . Seriously good read. Ignore everything after this sentence. ........................................................

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