DCO- Dungeon Core Online

by Glyax

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Dungeon GameLit LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reader interactive School Life Secret Identity Strategy Virtual Reality

James hates his real life. He spends his days being bullied in school, and at home he simply reads and plays games. The only thing he has to look forward to is immersion. When he is immersed in the virtual world he can be whatever, whoever, he wants: He can escape the world that has thrown him away.

As such, when a new game, Dungeon Core Online, comes out, James is excited to play. He immerses himself as soon as he can, but when he is set to create his character he is instead offered a different choice. Now, James is the Dungeon Core and he suddenly finds himself wielding more power, with more options, than he's ever had before. The only downside... there are people in the real world who do anything, even kill, to gain the power of a Dungeon Core in the virtual world.


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Great puns

Great dungeon building

And an annoying fairy.... Don't let me get started.

And the real life development is seriously lacking, but as I haven't read past chap 30, I will update that part of my review later.

Overall Score 3.5/5

Okay, I'm Chapter 63 caught up and.......

Okay, chap 30 and before is like prelude and after it everything starts to mix together real nice, the Real life and the Virtual one...

It's hard to discribe, but suddenly we get this information of the real world, and boy do things start to get crazy (in a good way :P). I'll first explain his nature.

James represents the gamer nature in all of us, the gamer hero in us, the greedy one, the obsessed one. He's like that group of gamers who stopped an armed robber who tried to rob the net cafe they were playing at.

And so, things start to get crazy... As the dark plot hidden in both the real and virtual life finds its way into James life... A gamer in his core... He will show you that this crazy adventure is just his playground and he will show it through actions.

The fairy is less annoying.

Grammar is still meh, but it does not take from the story. So I'll give it a 4 stars from the previous 3, but please take some time and proofread.

everything else is prfeeect! :)

The short version/conclusion for bored people.

One of the greatest Dungeon building stories out there, and even if you aren't into that, it's still worth reading and trust me, you won't be disappointed.

  • Overall Score

Got to say was not expecting to laugh so much but exploding sheep just hit me really hard for some reason. Great story so far and a have no qualms recommending it to others.

  • Overall Score

Updated review and all I can say is wow

I made a previous review about this at about ch 8 or so and I'm making this at 52 and all I have to say is wow. It's just amazing what you've done here with all the different mechanics and I love the feedback he gets. One of the best things ever is having an epic boss intro and adventurers just shitting themselves. I legit evil laughed at the secret boss. 5 stars my friend. You done good.

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Hate pixie companions

I hate when a story is centered around a week willed main character that has an  abusive companion. The pixie isn’t funny to me she’s a b and shouldn’t be in the story. Most dungeon story’s end up this way when they have a girl companion. The mc loses all  semblance of control over there choices.

  • Overall Score

 This dungeon VR game has hilarious developers and amazing potential for growth. It might be interesting to see how the physical and immersed worlds influence each other, but even if the story never turns to focus on that it'll be an amazing read because of the fairy, dangers of new technology, well-populated dungeon, and most of all the references and puns. GL HF, Glyax.

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This book is really good, the main character is fun to read, the system is good, the plot might be a little slow but i like books that do that the right way like this one did. But the fairy "Rue" makes me want to immediately swat her with the nearest boot or anything, seriously she is the most annoying dungeon helper I have ever seen, and i've seen a lot. Even when the story progressed I tried to keep going and ignore her, but no, she sucks and drags the whole story down. Honestly if she was changed than this story woul be at least 4 stars but as of now she drags everything down

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A fan fic from a dungeon core novels fan

In a proper mind set, you could appreciate this story for what it offers. As story itself, this is not good.


Well, the author is more about showing off and talking about the story than telling a story.

The style is honestly self congratulatory. Look at how awesome this thing is. Look at this detail, isn't it great?

It was honestly irritating.

And the pop culture reference. That is what counts as jokes in this story. I find them obnoxious.

It doesn't really feel that it was trying to tell a story. It just wanted to show off.

Still, it kinda works as a show off that is why I would not give it a bad score. If you are into what this story is about, that is in a proper mind set, you could appreciate how this story is written. It would reward you.


As I said, this story is just for showing off. It is wish fulfilment. Story is not its concern.

I mean, it doesn't even bother to make sense. For example, the immersion technology is used for everything. Working, business, gaming, vacations, everything even prostitution.  People even starts to reject reality and stay immersed instead of living in the real world. But even with all of that, there is one thing that doesn't get transferred into immersion technology and that is education. The very first chapter has the protagonist in school being bullied. Why does the school remains incredibly primitive? Prostitution has become high tech but school barely improved?

And such world building blunders abound.

And, as typical with such wish fulfillment stories, cliche abounds. It is not really that creative or original. This story is more of a hodgepodge of various ideas from other stories. But, it kinda works in a wish fulfillment fic like this. After all, it just wants to have fun with the materials, not to create anything new.

Its greatest fault would be its massive amounts of infodumping. The author is so into dungeons that the author explains in minutiae. There are even chapter devoted to such. This is the same as how someone would talk on and on about their subject of interest to other people whether or not the other person find it interesting. To people who is like the author, they would find such details interesting and they would find pages after pages of the minutiae really riveting; others would likely not enjoy it as much, or at all.


Okay. This. Grammar is really great. I almost no complaint about. The grammar errors I found is very minor and rare or just not obvious. The most common errors are with the commas. But it is not that obtrusive.


Eh . . . They are really uninteresting to me.

There are some who dislike them, like with Pixie Rue for example. Some readers hated her bitchy character. For me, her character is just really uninteresting. She is just so one note, flat, monotonous, predictable, cliche. I really find nothing interesting about her.

Some readers also dislike James/Glyax for having no spine. For lacking his own incentives and letting others manipulate and lead him to do what they want or not stand up for himself.

But, then again, as I said, this is a wish fulfillment story. James is a self-insert character. He is what is called an Ascended Fanboy character. A fan of something (dungeon stories in this) that have his wish as a fan fulfilled. For wish fulfillment, he fits. But for those who isn't exactly into dungeon stories or have prefer a different kind of dungeon story than the author is making, this character is annoying.

Me, I find James really boring. Again, I'm not into wish fulfillment and I'm not engaged by that kind of story and character. A character whose sole purpose is wish fulfillment doesn't have anything to offer.

And every other character is there for James. To feed his ego and to show his awesomeness. Again, not interesting.


Overall, just a wish fulfillment story.

You know what? As a wish fulfillment, it kinda works. If you are the right kind of person or put yourself in the right mindset, this would be really enjoyable.

As a story itself, it is not really good. It is strongly focused on its wish fulfillment aspect and doesn't care about the other elements of the story.

A recommendation for dungeon core fiction lovers, those who are into the god-like aspect of the genre.

For others, if you read this, approach it with the correct mindset. It took me sometime to be in that mindset, especially when I'm very critical with the stories I consume.

This story is just for fun. It is utterly nonsensical and ridiculous in many aspect and, objectively, it is a bad story, but it isn't trying to be a great story in the first place. It is a product of the author's love for dungeon core fiction and having a fun with it.

  • Overall Score

Nice start, beware of change of genre later.

Story starts as a very nice dungeon building story with many nice unique ideas. A very nice and enjoyable read.

Until it suddenly is no longer about dungeon building but about conspiracies, the MC being completely and utterly at someone else's mercy and it being a totally different genre (for people liking that genre it might be nice, no idea. I do not like (and if it started as that kind of genre just would not have read or rated it) and I defnitely do not like the inconsistency of genre of suddenly ending in that genre after so many chapters...).

  • Overall Score

"Skip Dialogue" button is jammed

Ever rapidly hit the skip/next button, hoping to be un-slaved from a strict and "single option only" tutorial? Only for it to never fully go away? I thought that was what was going on until chapter 12. Then it dawned on me, this IS the story. The MC is actually pushing all player decisions onto the PC. Then pretends the remaining not-really-an-option "options" are important. The natural evolution of this is idle mode, followed by offline idle mode. I've decided to take the author's lesson to heart and drop this story, even though there's 28 more chapters to read. Someone else can read them for me, form their own opinions of them for me, and I might or (most likely) might not throw in an edit later acknowledging or denying said opinions. 

Michael Mellenthin
  • Overall Score

This is the first content I have read like this.  I have greatly enjoyed it.  Can't wait to see more.