DCO- Dungeon Core Online

DCO- Dungeon Core Online

by Glyax

James hates his real life. He spends his days being bullied in school, and at home he simply reads and plays games. The only thing he has to look forward to is immersion. When he is immersed in the virtual world he can be whatever, whoever, he wants: He can escape the world that has thrown him away.

As such, when a new game, Dungeon Core Online, comes out, James is excited to play. He immerses himself as soon as he can, but when he is set to create his character he is instead offered a different choice. Now, James is the Dungeon Core and he suddenly finds himself wielding more power, with more options, than he's ever had before. The only downside... there are people in the real world who do anything, even kill, to gain the power of a Dungeon Core in the virtual world.


*Currently Updates Every Friday Starting August 16, 2019*

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Nice start, beware of change of genre later.

Story starts as a very nice dungeon building story with many nice unique ideas. A very nice and enjoyable read.

Until it suddenly is no longer about dungeon building but about conspiracies, the MC being completely and utterly at someone else's mercy and it being a totally different genre (for people liking that genre it might be nice, no idea. I do not like (and if it started as that kind of genre just would not have read or rated it) and I defnitely do not like the inconsistency of genre of suddenly ending in that genre after so many chapters...).


Solid but with its flaws

Reviewed at: Chapter 66

Well I have been slowly bliztikng this story and here are my thoughts.


a) James is not a real gamer, he keeps making too many dumb mistakes and is WAY to slow on the uptake for me to beleave he was a "top teir" gamer.

b) James is a wimp who is willingly sacrfising real work money to a npc for some very stupied reason. Also I hate that pixie like delete her. See point a) if he was a real gamer with that much power he would be beholden to any npc (devs/admins yes but never some npc)

c) The level designs are good I can easly envision them A+

d) The fights are wonderful! A

e) as a nerd I like the references. some may find it heavy handed however

f) Too much time outside of the game. I don't care about his school life, his partents, Goverment BS or his bully (save maybe the tiny revenge aspect) or this admin stuff. 


This book is really good, the main character is fun to read, the system is good, the plot might be a little slow but i like books that do that the right way like this one did. But the fairy "Rue" makes me want to immediately swat her with the nearest boot or anything, seriously she is the most annoying dungeon helper I have ever seen, and i've seen a lot. Even when the story progressed I tried to keep going and ignore her, but no, she sucks and drags the whole story down. Honestly if she was changed than this story woul be at least 4 stars but as of now she drags everything down


An insane but fun story

Reviewed at: Chapter 127

The Good:

This story will drive you crazy only to then pull you back in by making that crazy thing awesome. Come into this story expecting puns, easter eggs, crazy shit. I had a ton of fun reading this and can't wait for the new chapters to come out.

The Bad:

The MC is pretty wimpy and the pixie is basically abusive. The beginning part is pretty cringy to read. 

I still don't love the kind of relationship they have. A lot of jokes made to cover up any serious feelings that come up. Hoping that this is just so they can grow as characters later on.

If you're looking for a serious story, this is not for you. 


Got to say was not expecting to laugh so much but exploding sheep just hit me really hard for some reason. Great story so far and a have no qualms recommending it to others.


I hate when a story is centered around a week willed main character that has an  abusive companion. The pixie isn’t funny to me she’s a b and shouldn’t be in the story. Most dungeon story’s end up this way when they have a girl companion. The mc loses all  semblance of control over there choices.


New Bad guy ruins the story

I loved it right up until the new twist with a new bad guy. It was entertaining as is and would have loved to see where it could have gone but the new bad guy totally ruins the entire story.


Needs some work on basic grammer and spelling. but the story flow is captivating, and the charecter building is fully flesh out.

I can't wait to see what happens next! Will our pixy minx and our beloved core ever truely share anything but teasin? will Rue learn to controle her gambling? What new puns will show up next to split my side? Will our faverite explorers ever get their shrubery? What new foe will our core acsedently(or not) piss off? New typs of mimics or something more sinister?

I cant put it down once i start reading and can very clearly imagine the characters as the live and interact. I laughted my butt off so many times, plus come on, some of those pun just HAD to be made. All in all good adventures to be had by all, with a toss of mystery, romace and good old gamer rage.


The only two problems i had (even i struggle with this so no big) is: One is some spelling, grammer pronoun errors which could at a quick second glance could have been easly caught. and the second is this book due to its rather steamy romace parts and teasing should be apropreatly labled as atleast 13+ somewhere easy to see in your book expanation.(not saying it not there but its easly missible at the moment)

My rating 9 1/2 / 10


Nice story. Bingeworthy. A good concept & the best part being tempting the readers to look for the references made in the story for the young gen people who may have not read about the content mentioned.

Hatsoff to the writer for intriguing the readers to actually look up for the referenced media if they already dont know about it in this age of online content availability.

wise dragon

a dungeon game I would like to play

Reviewed at: Chapter 344

well what do we have here? A dungeoncore, check, a dungeon fairy, check, a virtual reality run by government, che...., waith what?!

Yes this fiction is not like other dungeon fictions i've ever read, to start at the beginning, it is set in the future in a game, I am not a gamer myself but this fiction has made me laugh manny times with it's references, interesting dungeonmonsters and more, I am excited to see more of this fiction.

it is funny, hilarious sometimes and the characters are intereasting and well written in their own right

This fiction gets a good place in my draconic hoard