A Hand-Woven Universe

by Lukis_Aurelius

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Non-Human lead Strong Lead Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

What happens to a world of Magic and Dragons when a cultivator bursts into their universe? What about when a cultivator is raised right under their noses?

How do Wizards and High Elves, Dungeons and Dwarves, fare against an unknowing cultivator and the Laws of the Universe?

Epochs ago an Immortal left his inheritance behind on a dying plane of existence. 

Now, at the edge of what was once desolate world, the immortals inheritance is about to make himself known. And his name is Noone.

An original cultivator of his world, unguided, and unrestrained.

Noone is the powerless child of a civilazation locked away at the edge of the world. When tragedy occurs, and his world is turned around, he inherits the Will of The Ancestor. An ancient legendary being who protected the conclave of Tapestry, until the desolate world above would become re-inhabitable.


IMPORTANT: This is a long-form narrative. If you don't enjoy slower-paced world building then this isnt the novel for you.

NOT: a systems/reincarnation story


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. The Beginning..? ago
2. Trouble ago
3. Heredity ago
4. Silence and Sea Stones ago
5. Like the Stone, Like the Stream ago
6. Two Fish In a Pond ago
7. Hot Tea ago
8. Blessed Build ago
9. Tapestry Under Siege ago
10. Starting Work ago
11. A Year In The Mines ago
12. A Day Of Rest ago
13. A Proper Opportunity (Part 1) ago
14. A Proper Opportunity (part 2) ago
15. Coming of Age? ago
16. A Land Before Time ago
17. Relax, This Is Only The Beginning ago
18. The Fall ago
19. Danger In The Clouds ago
20. Immediate Disadvantage ago
21. Spoils ago
22. Soup For You ago
23. Trisha ago
24. Oh What A Colorful World ago
25. Inchoate ago
26. Unfathomable ago
27. Rest ago
28. What Stone? ago
29. It Is What It is ago
30. Zoning In ago
31. Tobias...? ago
32. Take Me To Porose ago
33. Elder Omias ago
34. Smile ago
35. Unwoven ago
36. No Matter What ago
37. Entering The Warehouse ago
38. Chapter 38 ago
39.What Was That? ago
40. Eephie ago
41. Whoosh ago
42. The Fall (part 1) ago
43. The Fall (Part 2) ago
44. The Fall (Part Final) ago
Chapter 45 ago
Chapter 46 ago
Chapter 47 ago
Chapter 48 ago
Chapter 49 ago
Chapter 50 ago
Chapter 51 ago
Chapter 52 ago
Chapter 53 ago
Chapter 54 ago
Chapter 55 ago
Ch.56 Emergence ago
Chapter 57 ago
Chapter 58 ago
Chapter 59 ago
Chapter 60 ago
Chapter 61 ago
Chapter 62 ago
Chapter 63 ago
Chapter 64 ago
Chapter 65 ago
Chapter 66 ago
Chapter 67 ago
Chapter 68 ago
Chapter 69 (100k Word Special) ago
Chapter 70 ago
Chapter 71 ago
72. Breakthrough!!! ago
Chapter 73 ago
Chapter 74 ago
Chapter 75 ago
Chapter 76 Fight! ago
Chapter 77 ago
Chapter 78 ago
Chapter 79 ago
Chapter 80 ago
Chapter 81 ago
Chapter 82 ago
Chapter 83 ago
Chapter 84 ago
Chapter 85 ago
Chapter 86 ago
Chapter 87 ago
Chapter 88 ago
Chapter 89 ago
90. Noone's First Fight ago
90.A Q&A ago
Chapter 91 ago
Chapter 92 ago
Chapter 93 ago
Chapter 94 ago
Chapter 95 ago
Chapter 96 ago
Chapter 97 ago
Chapter 98 ago
Chapter 99 ago
Chapter 100 ago
Ch.100 QA ago
Chapter 101 ago
Chapter 102 ago
Chapter 103 ago
Chapter 104 ago
Chapter 105 ago
Chapter 106 ago
Chapter 107 ago
Chapter 108 ago
Chapter 109 ago
Chapter 110 ago
Chapter 111 ago
Chapter 112 ago
Chapter 113 ago
Chapter 114 ago
Chapter 115 ago
116. Eephie ago
117. Innocents ago
118. Patience ago
119. Prepare Yourself ago
120.Catch It ago
121. Training ago
122. No Time ago
123. Suddenly, Direwolves. ago
124. Entering Pinepass ago
125. Pinepass Temple ago
126. Paladin Clayton ago
127. Master Hopborne and Novrada ago
128. Good Job, Kid. ago
129. Quality Food ago
130. When I Was One... ago
131. Magic Sense? ago
133. Sarah and Clayton ago
134. I can do that... ago
135. Bandit Camp ago
136. Ten and Eleven. ago
137. They don't stand a chance... ago
138. An Armory ago
139. Enchanted Weapons ago
140. Selling out? ago
141. New Battle-Axe ago
142. 2 liquid 4 fire ago
143. Into the Adventurers Guild ago
144. 'Pile-O-Heads' ago
145. Is it a gnome thing? ago
146. 3-Question Oath ago
147. The pendant? ago
148. Epoch-tribes? ago
149. I miss Liter... ago
150. Steak Au Gratin ago
151. Enormous Power! ago
152. Three Percent. ago
153. Towards Stone-Eye. ago
154. General Armuu ago
155. Approaching the Front Line ago
156. Show Me the Body ago
157. Get some perspective, Noone. ago
158. Entering Stone-Eye. ago
159. Deserted City? ago
160. Lifesaving Treasure ago
161. Fight in the pit ago
162. Drider ago
163. The Dependable Paladin ago
164. SWITCH! ago
165. Cruelty towards one's self. ago
166. Mostly, he felt weak. ago
167. A sudden farewell ago
168. Outnumbered ago
169. Somewhere warm? ago
170. An enevitable explanation ago
171. What comes next? ago
172. An unlikely ally? ago
173. Possibility of Hope? ago
174. Her ago
175. A familiar cast. ago

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Waste of time till a major rewrite / rough draft

I would say till chapter 20, it's good and interesting to read , a good 5/5 i would say. Even the next few chapters are tending to be okay-ish (4/5).

But after that it's plain filler with no start and no finish, it's meant to be confusing, to be as vague as possible so the author won;t need to bother explaining anything. (1/5 since grammar is good at least)

Oh, and its not a simple filler meant to add something to the larger plot while not being canon like any side-story or multiple pov like it was since the start.

At first i thought all this vagueness and lack of details was meant to put the mc and the community in the dark about something, but then the author said fuck it and threw any and all foreshadow there ever was in the story and said : " Fuck it, let's kill everyone with unxeplained zombie plague made by the most unforeshadowed villain in the story (he's not even a villain,he's just a plot device that somehow can just up and kill everyone with his book knowledge somehow, like i said, it's so vague and in 70 chapters not explained ,clearly he doesn;t give a fuck about explaining). 

Oh let's powerlevel the mc for no reason and make him half plant after killing and regrowing him in a plant cocoon.

Let's siwtch focus to some unrelated people since everyone else is dead and make them meet the mc after climing back up from the destroyed community.

Before they meet, let's add more bs powerlevel to him by making him absorb the magic bones of the dead people in the town. (at this point the story became a shitier wuxia where mc got forcefully and unxeplained orphaned for plot reason and only he and his soulmate that left before the plague could get to her survived and MARK MY WORD, THEY WILL MEET! after some kind of sect adopted her or forced marriage her to a young master that he will need to beat but since he is so weak everyone will thing he will lose but actually the bs will make him win ).

Chapter 76 is the new low of the story, so yeah,nothing else to say besides:  forsake the shitty plot devices and plotholes and stop covering the reader's eyes more than the mc.


Edit: 13/02/2019

So, i just came to see if anything changed ,but it seems is the same plot going forward.

Heh, author actually gave a crap about this review ,who knew? Well, 2 stars imo is draft material with 4+ being something readable on this site. So i changed my 1.5 to 2.

One thing tho, you wrote 90 smth chapters from what you say will be around 600 chapters story. It is not the reader's job to read something that doesn't make sense untill 400 chapters in the story.We don't know how the story will progress, it might suck, only the author knows how the events fit in the "grand scheme".

It's the story's and author's job to keep the reader engaged by making the story coherent,good and fun to read.

There have been a lot of people telling you since the story started going downhill that you need to take a step back and rethink but you kept going with the "grand scheme" that all will make sense later. You can bs someone into reading 50 chapters expecting the plot point started 90 chapters ago to come to a conclusion but you can;t bs someone into reading 400 chapters for the MAIN PLOT to make sense.

The main plot is the foundation of the story ,if it has holes it's bad, if you keep building over it instead of patching them ,then you might find yourself midway with nothing to build on since it toppled into a hiatus.

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Cool concept but has some issues.

Its a great concept, and I really do like the idea, but there is something in the way it's been written that kindof throws me off. I regularly get confused because I can't picture the world and when I do try  I start noticing contradictions.

Spoiler: Spoiler


Many of the characters don't seem consistently inhuman that may be by design but that would need require it being consistent  they do act like humans some times and at other times they act like the nonhumans they were portrayed as.


I am a stickler for detail and really miss that at times.

Good job, keep writing you definitely seem to be good at it, just work on certain small details and this could end up being quite a good read. :)


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Great start, but went wrong.

I like your story! I don't understand why we needed to read so much chapter about Tobias, Sarah. I don't believe it gave something more to the story. 

The death of the inhabitant don't bother me, however the lack of information on the reason do bother me. It look like they are dead for conveniance. I will stop reading until there is more chatper and i will wait for more clarity. 

In overall it's a good job but i feel like we fell in the clichés of the genre :/ 

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good start new concept

Really like your story this feels fresh and not like something i have read before

haven't found any grammatical errors, easy to read

hope this gets the amount of readers it deserve in my opinion

Thanks for the chapters  :) 

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Enthralling world-building and beautiful story

Although this is a "cultivator" type novel, it couldn't be further for any tropes of the genre. The author creates a complex world, starting small and mysterious and slowly revealing answers while showing us a wider world. There were a few chapters that were a bit slow as they marked a transition in the story, thankfully they are over as of the time of this review. I removed half a star for this because I don't agree with a choice the author made in regards to the plot. I realize this is a purely personal point of view and some people in the comments clearly didn't mind the author's decision.

The characters are rich and colorful. Our hero starts off as somewhat of a blank slate and grows through the chapters in a very organic way. I'm not sure exactly how he will end up but up until now, he has integrated his experiences in a realistic way and that comforts me as to the future of this story.

Style-wise, I'm not a big fan of long winded descriptions and yet I didn't skip them because they were simple, to the point and highly evocative, the way the author describes the world and the hero's feelings resonate with me and a couple of scenes even made me pause to visualize and appreciate the feeling the MC should be feeling at that moment.

I removed half as star for grammar because I tend to read this story as soon as it's posted and I saw a couple of issues. Now, don't misunderstand : even just after posting, there are less errors here than in 90% of the good stories here, after they are edited. It just wouldn't be fair to give 5 stars as that would imply the grammar is flawless (it almost is).

TL;DR : Great story, very different from what you can find here usually, good change of pace, can't wait for the next chapter.

  • Overall Score

I’ve never been a big fan of cultivator stories but this one has caught my eye.. the beginning is pretty interesting and has me wanting to see how it turns out. Def worth the read

  • Overall Score
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The novel feels professional and has a nice flow to it, it is quite unique and I have yet to read something similar.


The grammar is nice and I don't see many mistakes... so far, the story flows well and isn't to fast or to slow.


The character development could be worked on but other than that this novel is a very enjoyable experience.

  • Overall Score

Super interesting world building

As of Ch. 56

Good look going forward, i think right now I'd give it a 3.5/5 on RR's scale. It's super well written in terms of grammar, and you have 2 moderately interesting characters, and HAD an interesting world, until it just....stopped developing. but the pacing, the lack of character follow up at times, the inconsistent MC, constantly being shown as super man, and then getting lucky to survive any actually dangerous situation... it has issues that I'm just tired of. 

  • Overall Score

This story has a very interesting concept that will keep you hooked the author is also very talented at writing and will make you feel for the characters definitely worth the read.

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At the point of me writing this, only 85 chapters are available. Even so, I highly recommend you sit down and read this. The author even notes in the synopsis that this is a long-form narrative, so the story will take a little time to pick up. None the less, if you can work your way through the first 60 chapters or so, you'll have come to get an idea of the world that the author has built. In addition to how the story will pick up later and revolve around the MC. Do be warned though and this is not a spoiler, but more of a warning. There will be a fair share of hardships seen by the characters and some might even get emotional. That is something beautiful, as it shows the authors ability to write vividly and describe emotional scenes in detail. On the other hand, I believe it is one of the reasons keeping this story from climbing the rankings, as some people are unable to 1. take the slow narrative with patience. Or 2. Get through the emotionally driven bits of the story. None the less, if you can make it as far as I did at the very least, you'll have found a fondness for the characters, especially the main character.

Something to keep in mind is that the narrative at times can become a little complex for some, so read carefully if you do take the time to read through this story like I did. I noted that some people had trouble with the beginning of the story; personally I believe it's more of peoples tendencies to skip ahead. xD
Over-all, at least to the point that I have read to. 8.8/10; I'd give it a higher score, if the updates were higher, or in larger volume. x3 I'm just looking forward to more; good luck with every ones reading and thanks for taking the time to read this!