The Power of Formations

by em_rez

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Magic Male Lead School Life Secret Identity Strategy

Emmet Laghaz loved puzzles.

All day, all night, puzzles. Ever since he was a child, Emmet could turn anything into a puzzle.

[participant in the NaNoWriMo Royal Road challenge]

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Emmet Laghaz ago
Chapter 2 - Old man Maury ago
Chapter 3 - Horu-beetle ago
Chapter 4 - Sun Beam ago
Chapter 5 - Progression ago
Chapter 6 - Wolf Pack ago
Chapter 7 - Mana ago
Chapter 8 - Wolfie ago
Chapter 9 - Saber-Toothed Bear ago
Chapter 10 - Saber-Toothed Bear (2) ago
Chapter 11 - Formations ago
Chapter 12 - Setting Off ago
Chapter 13 - Soaring Heights City ago
Chapter 14 - Gemini Academy ago
Chapter 15 - Orientation ago
Chapter 16 - First Day of Classes ago
Chapter 17 - Maisy ago
Chapter 18 - Job ago
Chapter 19 - Trial ago
Chapter 20 - One Week Later ago
Chapter 21 - Literacy Lessons ago
Chapter 22 - Six Months Later ago
Chapter 23 - Hoverboard ago
Chapter 24 - The World ago
Chapter 25 - The End of Year Assessment ago
Chapter 26 - End of the Year ago
Chapter 27 - Harbinger Complexity Class Equivalency ago
Chapter 28 - Advanced Formation ago
Chapter 29 - Locomotive Car ago
Chapter 30 - Tasks ago
Chapter 31 - 'Stinger' ago
Chapter 32 - Rollercoaster ago
Chapter 33 - Tauruk ago
Chapter 34 - Revelation ago
Chapter 35 - Maisytown ago
Chapter 36 - Wings ago
Chapter 37 - Results ago
Chapter 38 - Goodbye ago
Chapter 39 - Silva Creature ago
Chapter 40 - Fruity ago
Chapter 41 - The Sky Wheel ago
Chapter 42 - Maisytown Park ago
Chapter 43 - Expansion ago
Chapter 44 - Board Meeting ago

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Must Read for CS Grads or Students

This story dives into cool characters, neat (and strong) magic systems, and bases itself off out CS theory and fundamentals to a light degree, making this deeply enjoyable for someone who is going through this now (I caught that P/NP thing half way through, sneaky author).  Pushes all the right buttons for me. 


 As of chapter 30 its a great start. Its quite light hearted and cheerful, i blew through all 30 chapters out atm in a hr and a half. If your looking for a lighthearted story this is the best on RRL by far. Just reading it put me in a great mood.


Good story, One Issue

As of chapter 30, the mc has done a ood few amazing things. And while there is a tag for secret identity, he has received 0 credit for most if not all his work.

He doesnt have some moniker or pen name he hides behind. He doesn't have a secret identity. He just never gets any credit and it goes to someone else. 

Personally I never liked secret identities where people have to pretend to be weka or dumb but I thought I would give this one a chance. 

I was not dissapointed so much as I was upset and annoyed that the character hasn't received any credit for his work and then blows it off like it means nothing. I to a point that all he cares about are puzzles but it's inhuman, just, unnatural to have absolutely 0 reaction that that while still feeling peer pressure and other reactions. 

The mix of no anger but still being scared, sad and shy annoys me. If a character has emotions then they need ALL of them. Not just the ones they need to push the story along. And if he struggles with emotions it needs to be presented more directly.

I know I've said a lot of negatice things towards the story. However I do love it. And my criticism comes from that love. I want to be able to love the story and know its the best it could possibly be. My perspective may not be perfect but its all I can give.

Thank you for reading and please give the book a chance before blowing it off because of my comment or any other.


Glaring Setting Issue: Not Recommended

I just had to put down this fiction after only few chapters due to unsuspendable disbelief. The main point of the story is you can make something powerful by connecting energy dense material in esoteric way. Not much raw material treatment needed, nor deep knowledge about it. Just be perceptive and you'll intuitively know what to connect to what and bam, death-ray.

Not death-ray obviously, but I suspect something like that will appear later.

It's not a faulty setting per se, but author forgot to account its implication. If things like remote combat buff can be assembled by uneducated farm boy, the adult farmers must have something better, either by assembling it themselves or by buying it from others. I can, right away, imagine a better plouging device, anti pest device, non-fertilizer growth improvement device, so on and so forth. With such technology, food price should have been driven low. And to get by, farmer must had a thirst for new wondrous device, to increase their productivity. To set only main character know about such easy powerful device in his whole vilage is dumb.

It is then exacerbated by knowledge that, in only few days travel, there is town that is technologically much more advanced. No travel ban has been imposed, why the knowledge didn't spread? No different language or culture implied, why the tech didn't spread?

Oh, there are other issues than warrant low score, please read other reviewer to get some ideas.


Initially flawed, but improves with time

Reviewed at: Chapter 44 - Board Meeting

I'm a little late to the party, but I thought it would be worth adding a review as this story sits in the Best Rated on the site. This isn't written to step on the author's work, but to hopefully point out some of the areas that can be improved. The story begins simply, with the protagonist Emmet and his brother Yorick doing nothing but farming, fighting, and working through a puzzle book that builds fundamental formation knowledge. The characters start off as very thin representations, the genius farm kid inventor and the aggressive farm kid warrior, don't develop until Emmet makes it to the Gemini school as a tagalong squire (at which point Yorick exits the story). Emmet slowly fleshes out but it really isn't until Maisy enters the scene that the characters start to feel life-like, with projects, goals, and desires of their own.

Further, some of the worldbuilding was clearly rushed as part of the NaNoWriMo writing goals. Certain issues are left floating or unresolved until plot relevant. The lack of recognition that Emmet receives for his work despite running multiple businesses with tens of thousands of customers and the attention of nobles, somehow managing to avoid speaking with his five roommates for the better part of two years, that the puzzle book written by the founder of the Gemini academy has no outdated algorithms or concepts despite the time it would take to become the world's most renowned formation school. As a self-made millionaire student tutoring dozens of others, mentored by one of the most renowned graduates and constructing amusement rides, there's no way for him to fly under the radar, especially when he runs a business that literally completes and improves hundreds if not thousands of other students' weekly homework. Additionally, after Tarhoh (or Torhah as it's written several times) regards Emmet as a natural genius and diamond in the rough and makes the effort to enroll both brothers in their respective schools, he never checks in again to see if there are any issues.

The magic system is foundationally well-built, pulling a number of ideas and concepts from computer science (algorithmic complexity, NP vs NP hard, logic gates, and circuits), but the actual construction and debugging is lightly touched on for as often as it appears. Not that everything needs to be explained in tedious detail, but there's little information actually describing how algorithms and efficiency are improved or even used. The theory is very well fleshed out, but the application could use some work.

All that said, each chapter improves on the last. The dialogue becomes significantly more natural, descriptions more fluid (no more chuckling pervertedly or lewdly at contraptions), and the story progresses in a much smoother fashion. It's encouraging to say the least and the last 10-15 chapters are the most enjoyable as a result. It's unclear whether the author will continue the story, but I hope that they do. From the beginning to the most recent chapter, there's been a significant improvement in quality and I hope to see what they make of it going forward.


18 chapters in, and I am very much enjoying the story.  It has lots of world-building, without doing infodumps.  It has action, without being overwhelming an non-stop.  It has humor and an interesting MC.  

Still waiting on more information as to how the magic system works, and so much else.  Given that the story is being told from the pov of the MC, and he doesn't know yet either, I imagine we will be learning all these things as he does.   

Overall, this is a well written, entertaining story.

Disciple Cross

Show don't tell is the number one rule in storytelling. The first chapters before the academy were fine in execution, it gave a good description in Emmet's character but then you realize that he's a really 2 dimensional character that can be summed up with 2 characteristics: genius and hardworking, that's it. It was bearable at the start because his brother gave a nice foil to him but the problem really escalated during the academy arc. Essentially, what I'm getting is he's discriminated but he meets Maisy then he overcomes every flaw and he is basically a genius because he loves puzzles and is hardworking. Nothing's wrong with that premise but the problem lies in our inability to see how he's progressing, we're just being told that he studies and works and studies and works and then 2 months in he has a boatload of cash. There's also the inherent problem with the formation aspect, we can't actually visualize it, we're being fed a lot of terms that stems from an imaginary concept and Emmet is supposed to be extraordinary becuase he can debug these so-called complex things under 10 minutes. The main character doesn't have any motivations or flaws, he doesn't work toward any goal that he himself wants, he just likes puzzles amd that's it. Oh, and worldbuilding too, he literally just read it from a book.


The power of a likable main character.

Admittedly, their are a few holes in regards to the weakness of Emmet's farming home town, with the only thing making any sense being that the economic system has some sort of castelike restriction that makes sure towns dedicated to  tasks like food production aren't allowed access to any sort of formations. There are, of course, a few more issues in the logical details within the story. Regardless, Emmet is so likable and fun to read about that I never noticed until after finishing all of the chapter's available and I looked back in retrospect. I strongly recommend this one it's a lot of fun and time will fly while reading it. 


This novel is truely amazing. It has a flowing style which is easy to follow. Athough, I do think it could use a little more planning of the story, but, I understand that is hard to do for a web-based novel such as this. The characters in the story are well defined when they need to be. I especially like the interactions of the MC with the other recurring characters. The word building and magic system started very simply, but it gets deeper and more complex as the story progresses. I'm definetly looking forward to more. 😁😁😁

Silent Rain

One of the hands down best Rags to riches book I've read. This is an absolute binge worthy title and it's not even complete! The novel is easy to read and has strong visuals that draw from both modern and fantasy concepts. 

one could argue that material description can be lagging behind at times, but you can generally get the idea by reading the paragraph and understanding the subtext. 


according to the author themselves releases are at his discretion which is lamentable, is completely justified by the effort they put into their writing. 


For any who have considered this novel, please pick it up and rate them just as honestly as the rest of us. Because this work earns those 5 stars.