The Planar Archivist

by Dissonance

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Slice of Life Strategy Supernatural

The humans of Astalon have always wondered what lay beyond their home. At night, the skies give all that observe a reason to ask that question. In midst of the stars, beyond the moon and the edge of the world, what is there to see? What wonders await? 

In the place after the world, in the great Beyond, what could possibly be lurking?

Astalon. Caereith. Ibbeathis. Kalsdyn. Ilbithar. Blackrend. Cassima. Ooum. The Everfrost.

Nine names. Nine realms.

Brought together in a single, great collision, nine of the uncountable number of realms in Beyond are destined to converge and eventually become one. In this mess, one boy immediately finds his life thrown into disarray with the entry of a mysterious plane-crosser. A girlan Amarid from Caereith that has accidentally found herself crossing into Astalon, and straight into a collision course with Theodore Auric's life.

Now, armed with his quill, a notebook, and an intense desire to learn, what could possibly go wrong?

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A really good Prologue

So far, from the prologue I've read, it is filled with detail and interesting characteristics. I'd be very interested in exploring this world that Dissonance's created further.

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Exceeds standards and then some

**Written as of chapter 7** 

If you've read anything else from Dissonance you will know that there is no real half-assing done here.

The world, the characters, the magic, hell even the fantastical races of the book have variance and uniqueness to them. 

The writing really has the ability to make the characters become real right there on your screen. Reading what these characters are doing and how things are thought through is very natural and fluid. Emotions are conveyed in a realistic manner causing much more of a connection to build when reading about these characters.

The world(s?) seem to be chock full of enrapturing magical settings working aptly with the rest of the story.   

I can't wait to see this book take off for all it has set itself up to be!

human 000
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In all the novels I read most the time they make every human agreedy warmonger creatures and people from other worlds as crazy people who want to conquer the human world. Now I am not saying that there is no evil or darkness  in this world it just that it shows the good side of everything and give us hints that there is a drakness and evil people every were just like our world. our Mc is curios very curious b

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Just love the way they write from this story to the next one. Keep up the good work. :)

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This review is as of book 1 ch. 4. 

I have thus far really enjoyed the story. Theodore is a pretty unique character and author has personified him fairly well up to this point. Other characters that have been revealed thus far also make a lot of sense, and no interaction seems particularly forced. It seems to be going in a good direction.

The only thing I am worried about is how he is going to meld all of these realms together. It seems like some of the realms have really advanced tech(or maybe magic?) In comparison to some of the other worlds. As we have seen in the prologue, some worlds have energy rifles and aircraft while other worlds just have simple technology like bows and swords. We will see how the author meshes that contrasting power that differing worlds have due to the difference in technology and whether it makes sense. I personally have a hard time imagining the energy blaster people not taking over all of the realms since they already seem over powered in comparison to other realms. Anyways, we will see.

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Another good work by Dissonance

I discovered Dissonance with his "Necromancer & CO". It is one of my favourite works on this site and I must say it really saddened me to learn you decided to end it. 
To the topic at hand: Planar Archivist is without a doubt another good example of competent writing on Royal Road. A compelling Story, believable and enjoyable characters that seem to be growing at the appropriate pace. There are small grammar errors that do not in any way subtract from the immersion in the story and I'm sure they'll disappear with a bit of proofreading. 
What else can i say? Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward the next chapters!