“Hahaha! I've got you now! Make me a wizard!” Quickstep said to the system. The choice was easy to make. When the words wisdom and intelligence appeared, the other two options were quickly discarded. Who does not want to be smart? Definitely, not him. Quickstep aspired to be the brightest ant there is and ever will.

“Affirmative, host.” The system replied to Quickstep.





100% complete

Host: Quickstep

Replicated Form: Wizard (Tier D Early Stage)

Estimated Power: 7,100 stars

Shop Points: 278,500

Transmogrify: 5

“Transmogrify completed. Congratulations, host. You now have 5 existences available to transmogrify,” the system reported after the successful change of Quickstep’s form.

“Wow! This is it! I feel more intelligent now. Hahaha!” Quickstep was delighted. He finally overcame one of his most obvious shortcomings. He was now a true genius worthy of praise and awe.

He didn’t change form but stayed the same hulking giant that he was. Only his abilities and strength were interchanged together with his new identity of a wizard.

“Hahaha! I am a prodigy now. Now the prodigy is I am. Truly magnificent!” Quickstep was joyful at this moment. He thought that he had accomplished something bigger than he was. Quickstep was thrilled to have this newly gained intelligence.

“Let me check if I can answer the riddle of the clan that has plagued the minds of the elders for generations. Hmmmm. If I remember it correctly, it goes on like this. If a carpenter ant can live up to 12 weeks which has 84 days, how many days can an ant live for an eternity?” Quickstep thought of an answer for this problem.

He believed that with his wisdom and intelligence, the riddle of the ages of his clan would be solved in no time.

1 second

60 seconds




Three thousand six hundred seconds has passed by in a flash and still Quickstep could not think of the answer.

“I do not believe that with my wisdom and intelligence as a wizard that I can’t find your solution.” Quickstep muttered as he persevered once again to try solving this riddle.

1 second

60 seconds




Another thirty six hundred seconds went by and Quickstep has yet to reach a conclusion.

“Hahaha! Really worthy of the reputation as the clan’s top riddle. Watch me crack your mystery into pieces!” Quickstep once more delved into the legendary riddle.

1 second

60 seconds




One hour was was gone in another blink of an eye and Quickstep was now sitting on the ground in confusion.

“How could this be? Is the riddle of the clan really that powerful? Maybe my wisdom and intelligence is still not enough to solve this riddle. Do you know the answer?” Quickstep asked the system for her opinion about this puzzle.

“Negative, host.” The system answered Quickstep.

“I expected it also. Even I who have already transcended from a lowly mortal ant into a higher form of existence can’t answer, how much more you, which have no body and is only a voice.” Quickstep said to the system as he was shaking his head from left to right. It was sad to be a system, he thought.

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