Dual Cultivation

by MyLittleBrother

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Romance Harem Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Secret Identity Strong Lead Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Disclaimer: I don't think this novel needs a disclaimer, right? 


Su Yang was sentenced to life in prison within the Eternal Retribution Cliff, where only the world’s most violent and evil criminals dwell.

His crime?

He seduced the Moon God’s wife, kidnapped the Dragon King’s sister, and shared beds with the Heavenly Emperor’s beloved daughter.

He later meets a mysterious old man who would help him escape prison by reincarnating him.

In his new life, Su Yang swears to find his lovers again and hold them in his embrace.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Mysterious Old Man ago
Chapter 2 - Suffering to Find a Single Partner ago
Chapter 3 - Waste of a Handsome Face ago
Chapter 4 - White Pearl Treasury ago
Chapter 5 - Pleading for More ago
Chapter 6 - Three Seasons Snake ago
Chapter 7 - Extracting the Poison ago
Chapter 8 - This Is Why You Are Still Single ago
Chapter 9 -Wetting the Bed ago
Chapter 10 - Beauty Waiting by the Door ago
Chapter 11 - Stick Your Butt Towards My Way ago
Chapter 12 - Overwhelmed by Pleasure ago
Chapter 13 - Feeling Ashamed ago
Chapter 14 - A Group of Beauties ago
Chapter 15 - Senior Sister Spectating Her Junior Sister ago
Chapter 16 - Touch Me More, Daddy! ago
Chapter 17 - Horrifying, yet Tempting ago
Chapter 18 - Lingering Fragrance ago
Chapter 19 - The Only and True Path to Heaven ago
Chapter 20 - Pure Yang Flower ago
Chapter 21 - And You Call Yourselves a Man? ago
Chapter 22 - Deathmatch ago
Chapter 23 - Sword Intent ago
Chapter 24 - His First Love ago
Chapter 25 - Inner Court Disciple ago
Chapter 26 - Acting Like a Dog in Heat ago
Chapter 27 - The Jade Slip Beside the Pillow ago
Chapter 28 - Five Cultivation Stages ago
Chapter 29 - Cripple ago
Chapter 30 - Searching for a Partner ago
Chapter 31 - I Want Your Yin Essence ago
Chapter 32 - How Are You Going to Be Responsible? ago
Chapter 33 - Awakening of a Dragon ago
Chapter 34 - Their Dual Cultivation (18+) ago
Chapter 35 - I Want to Try Putting It in My Mouth... ago
Chapter 36 - Mission Hall ago
Chapter 37 - Sword and Gold ago
Chapter 38 - Swift Feather City ago
Chapter 39 - A Lively Restaurant ago
Chapter 40 - The Four Great Families ago
Chapter 41 - You Heard Me ago
Chapter 42 - Golden Carriage ago
Chapter 43 - Shadowy Figure ago
Chapter 44 - Heavenly Constitution ago
Chapter 45 - Hundred Poisons Body ago
Chapter 46 - I Want to Look at Your Heavenly Constitution ago
Chapter 47 - Priceless Technique ago
Chapter 48 - Nine Astral Steps ago
Chapter 49 - Have Eyes But... ago
Chapter 50 - Extreme Yin Flower ago
Chapter 51 - Unfortunate ago
Chapter 52 - What If I Refuse? ago

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  • Overall Score

I haven’t given any reviews before on this site as far as I know and I’ve been on here for years. All I can say is good job and don’t let negative reviews/comments bother you. You’ll always have some kind of audience here. 

I’ve seen a lot of stories stop after awhile from people getting to them or just getting burnt out. So don’t rush and just keep moving forward


Spoiler: Spoiler


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If you like, you will love it

The title is incredibly descriptive here. This is a story about a reincarnated immortal who praticed dual cultivation with the wrong sort of people, i.e. beautiful women with angry fathers. Now he has to work his way back up the cultivation ladder to be with them again.

The style is light and fast, fitting this kind of story. The grammar is fine, although there are a few parts with strange tenses. The characters so far are stereotypical, but at least the MC has a somewhat unique motive. The story spares us the slog of moving thorugh the MC's childhood to jump straight to the interesting time of his life.

  • Overall Score

Finally, A good Dual-Cultivation Novel

This story covers a form of cultivation that is often looked down on in other stories or forgotten about, Dual Cultivation. It is written well, and the reincarnation aspect is interesting enough to not feel overdone.

Definitely give it a try if you ever wanted to see a story based around Dual-Cultivation between men and women.

  • Overall Score

Refer to the review title.




For those few who will need more than that;


Honestly seems like it'll be quite funny, obviously a decent amount of sexual humor. While I suspect that there will be a plenty of mature scenes (the hints where so subtle), it seems like it may be a fair bit more than that, living up to those action, adventure, and comedy tags. I'm giving it 4.5 stars because, while I doubt it'll be the next masterpiece, I feel like it accomplishes what it's trying to do pretty well. Reminds me of Number One Under Heaven, if anyone's read that (a currently deleted book that was popular on RRL, yes, before they dropped the L), though the protagonist is far from innocent, it seems. 

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My Long Review (spoiler: this review is long

This story has many pros and hardly any cons. Although the chapters are somewhat short, the author writes consistently enough that this isn’t a problem. Not only that but it’s also very clear and easy to visualize (some lack of imagery but it’s not needed). What I love about this story is the protagonist and the unique spin the author takes on this overdone trope. There are many generic overpowered reincarnations where the MC is somewhat dense yet smart. However here we have an MC who is initially weak but is inventive enough to rapidly advance. Moreover, the MCs logic is solid and it is clear that the story revolves pivotally around him, not the girls he encounters (and makes love to). My only concern that has yet to happen is that the girls around the MC listen to his every word, but that hasn’t happened so it’s fine. Although there are issues this story is unique and interests me greatly as to where it’s headed. I hope it gets the attention and love it deserves.

P.S. Guys (and ladies of course) it is fine to have a poor review as the novel may not be compatible with your preferences however be considerate of the authors feeling and try to be constructive, giving advice where you see possible flaws rather than just downright annihilating his feelings. This is cliche but if you were in a similar situation you wouldn’t be liking it. Thank you for whoever read this stupidly long review and Godspeed.


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Although the story seems to be something out of a pervert's dream (which I have no doubt is), it is surprisingly well written. It deals with mature content in a, well, mature manner and I highly recommend this for those that can deal with this sort of content.

There are no grammar issues that I've found (and I'm quite the grammar nazi), the characters seems to be in a good position for future development. The story itself is not the main focus of the novel, but it's still quite intriguing.


  • Overall Score

This story is good. I thought it was gonna be smut but it's actually pretty good.

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I don't excpect much from Royal road story's and I'm not very picky like some people on this site. But coming into this story I wasn't sure but I ended up reading the first chapter and binged this. Well done.

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Doing really well, thank you and keep up the hard work. :) o.o 200 hundred characters... how shall i waste them.......................... this is going to take a while. Hum.... well .... POTATO, POTATO, POTATO. That enough ?

  • Overall Score

Something like nothing else

I have never read anything similar on RR. No matter how i look at it, i want to read more. The sexual content is just a bonus on already amazing story.