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Brian attends AnimeCon with a special charm that has a mysterious effect on the girls it touches.

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Waifu for Laifu

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Before the Convention ago
Gijinka Capture ago
Wolf, Sheep, and Shepherd ago
Painting the Roses Pink ago
Fighting His Past ago
Flight from the Poisoned Oasis ago
Gijinka Training ago
Making the Call ago
Hotel Room ago
Dangerous Games ago
Truth or Dare, Round One ago
Truth or Dare, Round Two ago
Truth or Dare, Round Three ago
Playing to Win ago
A Taste of Pink ago
Break's Over ago
Turning Pink and Red ago
Breakfast ago
Ease Up ago
Deal with the Devil ago
Get Ready ago
Out of the Blue ago
Nine Years Ago ago
Seven Years Ago ago
To the Con ago
Five Years Ago ago
Three Years Ago ago
Better Late than Never ago
Upper Level ago
Argument ago
Pair of Hearts ago
The Sister of Sarah Star ago
Opportunity Struck ago
Fierce Maiden ago
Playing Coy ago
Playing Decoy ago
Guardian Angel ago
Girlfriend and Goodbye ago
Pizza Place ago
Right to be Wrong ago
Problematic ago
Show and Tell, Round One ago
Together at Last ago
Sticky Situation ago
Show and Tell, Round Two ago
Show and Tell, Round Three ago
Showdown ago
Mixing Colors ago
Noise Complaint ago
Meteor Fall ago
Feeling Overwhelmed ago
Shut Up Already ago
Losing Control ago
Fear and Insecurity ago
Drown the Slut ago
Then they Banged ago
Never Let Go ago
Good Morning Sunshine ago
We Need to Talk ago
Morning Run ago
Charming Girl ago
Get Together ago
Brave New Girl ago
Dreamscape Geography ago
Show and Tell, Round Four ago
Sending it Back ago
Taking Stephanie ago
Fade to Pink ago
Fertile Ashes ago
Life She Leaves Behind ago
Doubting his Luck ago
The Charm Meta ago
Return to AnimeCon ago
Chloe Confrontation ago
The Nuclear Option ago

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l nimbus

A harem story done RIGHT.

To all the HaremHaters, read before you give this story a negative review. While the description may make this story seem like a weeb fantasy, it isn't. Its a rather thoughtful story, focusing on different things, but yes, mainly about getting harem.

And it's pretty good. I read all of it in one go, and didn't regret it.


Following a nasty breakup with his longtime, abusive feminist girlfriend, Our MC heads to AnimeCon, determined to either spend the weekend sulking or get laid. The former is easier said than done, however, as a close friend gives him a harem charm. Supposedly harmless and as a joke, but with actual consequences.

I myself have never been to a Con, but the way the writer describes it, with all it's attractions and flaws, makes me want to switch countries and attend one. For real. The story progresses at a slow, but steady and satisfying pace, delving into relationships. Messy, complicated things, but well thought out and displayed here. If you came for a harem that consists of girls worshipping the MC for his every move and being nothing more than stereotype cutouts, then you might want to move along.

Around three hundred pages, and we've only gotten through the first day. Normally, in any other story, i'd be silently wishing the author picked up the pace and got to the important ( fugging ) action, but not here. Here, i want it done right.


I've wondered, quite a few times, if the author is, by some chance, an actual PROFESSIONAL author or some sort of prodigy. Scrap that, he writes better than most romance authors i've seen, prof or no. Better fleshed out and firmer than a certain Flamituff cosplayer's behind. Keep it up.


Squeeky clean. Nothing more needs to be said.


Now, the real meat of the story. A Harem without a good, solid and diverse cast is going to fail horribly. Hell, a lot that have them do anyway. The story here isn't about how characters of different looks ans sterotypical personalities fall for the MC, it's about how the cast, with already in-places desires, is influenced towards Brian by the Harem charm, without any of them, even Brian himself, knowing.

Brian starts off as a goodlooking, handsome, confident womanizer just fresh from a breakup, but as the story progresses, we see more of him and his personality. Beneath his smiling exterior is someone who cares, a kind person undergoung very negative effects through the subtle abuse his feminist ex subjected him too. I like how this really fleshes him out, and hope to see more in the future.

Stephanie and Kelly, on the other hand, couldn't be any more different. As polar opposites, its actually a treat to see the two bond together, meanwhile sharply contrasting each other.

Chloe is built as a good, hateable antagonist, with the author being neither too banal or too bland in making the reader dislike her. Instead, it feels naturally done, letting us form out own little conclusions and then suckerpunching us in the nuts.

Even other characters, like Emily and Rebbeca, are well fleshed out. Hell, when you manage to make the random AnimeCon encounters memorable, then you're doing something right.


AnimeCom Harem might seem like a lighthearted weebromp, but its not. Its a fairly deep story, one that focuses on relationships, with a side of fanservice. All in all, a really good story. Give it a read if you're into it.


I expected a good story, but this is nothing short of a masterpiece. I struck gold with this one and I can't seem to stop thinking of it. The story is amazingly well written and the plot is deep enough that you would have to enter a rabbit hole.

If you guys want a great pseudo-revenge harem story then this is definitely for you. It has smut, romance, fluffy bits, sad bits, deep bits, and all the bits! Muhahaha!

Luke Simpson

i want to preface this by saying i am NOT a fan of Harem lit. I tend to find it as badly written, unimagantive, wish fulfillment fantasys of the worst kind.  With that being said THIS harem novel is pretty damn good. The charectors are fully fleshed out, with whole chapters dedicated to getting know each one with their various backstories. The harem maguffin is pretty uch a mcguffin, but this is mostly a story about people finding each and helping each other grow.... with some steamy sex thrown in. Its well worth a read. 


The least trashy trashy novel I've read

If you clicked on this book, you are either curious about it, or you just want a trashy smut book to read. If you're here for the latter, you are in the best place ever for it. This is probably the best thing I've read with such a (no offense here by the way,) dumb premise. The characters feel real, (although Chloe feels brainwashed) the mc doesn't just jump for the girls, his backstory matters. If you're here for smut without plot, you should probably leave now. Or read it anyway because it's just a good book.

Vowron Prime

This story stands on its own as a mastercraft in interpersonal character dynamics. In fact it's so good that the author will sell you on the harem going on in the story as something totally believable in nature, something I've never seen done before, let alone in a modern urban setting.

Even in published fiction, I've rarely seen characters who feel so real, so relatable, and whose relationships seem like something that could believably happen. I have caught myself reading this story for hours on end well past when I intended to stop, just gripped by the tension and drama that FortySixtyFour manages to create. What amazed me is that this tension isn't on account of some bombastic action scene, but rather from a game of Truth or Dare, played in a small hotel room, or a seemingly innocuous conversation in a convention hallway.

In short, this is an incredible read that is worth your time in every way, even if you are not into harem(I myself am not). This review may seem overly positive, but I fully believe this story deserves it. Heck, as an action junkie, I don't even read romance generally. I just picked this up as a guilty pleasure, mainly thanks to the cover, so if this story can hook me and have me on the edge of my seat, it sure as heck can do the same for you!


This is the crowning jewel of this story. Each of the main and side characters are so fleshed out and three-dimensional that you'd think the author was writing a story about their best friends. You will grow to love them, hate some of them(one in particular, the ex, of course), and empathize with their plights. You'll embark on an emotional rollercoaster that sends you from sexual tension and drama to comedy to sympathizing with a character's tragic past all within the course of a few pages. All shown via dialogue, body language, and natural interactions, rather than through narration. These are some of the best characters I have seen on all of RoyalRoad, period. No genre qualifiers required. I certainly did not expect that.


Perfect. The author flows from narration to inner thought to dialogue like a master tailor weaving their magnum opus. It's so seamless that it disappears and you are immediately sucked into the story. The author goes into depth about various concepts related to the anime subculture, but does a perfect job of giving enough information to make it easy to understand even if you don't happen to be in said subculture. No assumptions are made about the reader. Easily 5/5


Again perfect. I don't think I've spotted a single error. Sentences flow well from one paragraph to another. You will find no issues here.


This is an interesting one. Thus far after 14 chapters, we're still at day one of the convention. But you know what? That's perfectly fine, because the author has some kind of black magic that has me wanting to soak up every single minutia of that day, every emotion, every reaction from each party. Pacing is perfect, and dramatic tension runs high even in such ordinary environments as a cafe and a convention hallway.

So if you're still reading this and considering giving the story a shot, I say you really ought to, even if harem isn't normally your thing. As a story from the same author who sits in the top 5 ranking on RR, you know that you can expect some serious quality, and this one does not disappoint.

The Hallow's eve Knightmare

I absolutely adore FortySixetyFour's writing style, the amount of attention to detail and effort that is put into it makes it a delight to read, another story that should be checked out is his other story called Trailer Trash on his patreon of the same name, really good. Sorry for the semi-advertisement!

Donnie Half Loaf

Addicting drama with the perfect amount of smut

Reviewed at: Girlfriend and Goodbye

This was not what I expected. I expected the usual harem story that starts off strong and peters out into the usual stale cliches and cookie cutter plot points.

AnimeCon reels you in with the hot smut, but keeps you hooked with the drama and interpersonal conflicts. The author clearly knows how to write from varying perspectives and viewpoints, which makes for a fresh and consistently interesting story chapter to chapter.

I find myself wanting more and more. And YOU WILL TOO!


A well done story on a cheesy topic that overcomes any initial expectations.                                                          


Not an interesting review (the book is though)

 I hate writing reviews, so just read the other ones, they're all positive anyway and say anything I would want to say better than I could've said it.

Now move along, go read the book, it's great.


The bad bits of this story

Reviewed at: Better Late than Never

The story starts off great. The characters seem interesting, the whole sexual tension is built up quite nicely; something a lot of other r-rated stories struggle with. But then it is dragged for way too long and way too often. It results in nothing, only piling up to frustration. I understand them going straight to it etc might be idiotic but the execution that we have feels too unnatural. The responses, the conversations etc feel too unnatural. 

The second main issue that I have is related to the monologues. In almost any kind of literature, it's essential to keep a flow. It keeps the readers engrossed in it and urges them to keep reading on. But when the characters are flirting with each other, the often spotted long monologues of their 'personal' philosophy breaks that flow. A bit of it is fine. Rather invited. It gives more depth to the characters but when they go into long descriptions of their believes, it more often than not breaks that flow. It comes out as shallow. 
Each person has their own set of beliefs. When the story tries to counter them by presenting them with a different approach, it makes the reader pause. Most would go into an argumentative state where they would evaluate the pros and cons of the 'values' that are being passed onto them. This sort of style can work really for your favour when used correctly.  The placement of such arguments and depth matters. Either you choose to just mention the different viewpoint leaving the reader to decipher the rest or you go in depth and provide enough points to at least sway the readers for a bit. But in this novel according to me its neither the case. It leaves me in a weird state. It breaks my flow, questioning why the author did so. The placement didn't feel great either. It felt like the author REALLY wanted to get these sentiments out and did it at the first moment he got. 

Overall (not trying to be condescending here) felt like how a high schooler would imagine adults and their thinking/conversations.[this statement holds true for the other novel as well. tho that one is alot better imo].