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Fortress City has Super Villains, who have evil lairs, and in them they make super weapons. But when a bioweapon is granted super powers of its own, will Fortress City be able to handle the Super Minion?


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch1 Taste Test ago
Ch2 More Than You Can Chew ago
Ch3 Bait Fishing ago
Ch4 Out Of The Frying Pan ago
Ch5 What's On The Menu? ago
Ch6 Travel Rations ago
Ch7 Let's Do Lunch ago
Ch8 Rat Meat ago
Side Dish #1 ago
Ch9 Will Work For Food ago
Ch10 Cafeteria Cuisine ago
Ch11 Bitter Pill ago
Ch12 First Come, First Served ago
Ch13 Preheat The Oven To 10,000 Degrees ago
Ch14 Egg Scramble ago
Ch15 Crunchy Critters ago
Side Dish #2 ago
Ch16 They Are Made Of Meat ago
Ch17 All Part of a Balanced Breakfast ago
Ch18 Tips For Delivery ago
Ch19 Fly In My Soup ago
Ch20 Snack Run ago
Ch21 Leftovers ago
Ch22 Jailhouse Rock Candy ago
Ch23 Home Cooking ago
Ch24 Good to the Last Bite ago
Side Dish #3 ago
Ingredients (Glossary) ago
Ch25 Kitchen Prep ago
Ch26 Dining Etiquette ago
Ch27 Salad Fork ago
Ch28 Double Danger Dinner Date ago
Ch29 Brewing ago
Side Dish #4 ago
Ch30 Food Courting ago
Ch31 Refried ago
Ch32 Dinner Bell ago
Ch33 Hangry ago
Ch34 Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts ago
Ch35 Picnic ago
Ch36 Smart Sushi ago
Ch37 Monster Mashed Potatoes ago
Sidedish #5 ago
Ch38 Chew ago
Ch39 Beefy Boy ago
Ch40 Cake ago
Ch? Rubber Chicken ago
Ch41 Smells Fishy ago
Ch42 Sweet, Salty, Sour ago
Ch43 I Can't Believe It's Not Tofu ago
Ch44 Slices of Life ago
Ch45 Bloodsuckers ago

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  • Overall Score

One of my favourites in RR. I love every bits of it but most of all the MC and his (its?) thought process and the conclusions it reaches. The story is great and justifies the title as the MC is growing into a competent minion. The flow of the story is good and keeps you hooked whether it is action or comic moments.

Other characters are well rounded and seem realistic enough.

The MC finding dead grandmas and potted plants dangerous is hilarious.

Finished ch 31, desperately waiting for more!!!

  • Overall Score

I like it a lot, thanks, it keeps my interests all the way and a logical structure of evolution without the usual clichés. 

The world itself is a shade of grey between heroes and vilains.

The mc id himself quite funni in is clumsiness and yet he is a charming person whose character and innocence can be appreciated.

I can only recommend reding it, the mc become more and more interesting and the secondary characters also mabage to make you want to enjoy them.

Ps. Sory for my bad english, I speak French and I have written with a translator.

  • Overall Score

The Best in the Business

The MC's way of viewing the world is so incredibly interesting (and hilarious) that even the most minute details of the intricate world are fascinating. Great action, hilarious comedic beats and just a tinge of darkness that comes with a literally amoral protagonist.

Pranjal Mishra
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

At last some original content.... I'm hooked up

Style: The story follows MC's point of view...Nothing new but what new is that MC is not human. And because he is not human, we get to see some different perspective, the other side of the curtain... A cold calculating mind still learning about the new world he finds himself in and that's what makes it interesting.

Story: Story is a fresh of breath air. A trendsetter for sure. Some ideas like odd summer are intriguing to say the least which in turn increase the ambience of the story.

Grammar: I don't pay much attention to every detail when I'm reading so many a gaps are filled automatically by my brain. There are no glaring flaws in the sentencing or grammar to break your flaw. That doesn't mean it does not have any , many of them (gleefully)  pointed out by fellow amateur proofreaders ( grammar Nazis)..... uhm

Character: The characters are shown through the eyes of the MC. They are fleshed out enough to not look fake. Each of them have appropriate reasons to do what they do. Have their own quirks and personalities which sets it apart from many a stories posted on this site. And how many times do we get a glimpse of the villainous side....Right?


  • Overall Score

I'm pretty new to this site, so I hope this is fair comment.

I found the story incredibly compelling.  You basically owe my work a half day because I wasted their time reading your (Tofu's) story.  He is an outstanding antihero: sympathetic, interesting and intriguing, who feels like a hero but acts against the heroic archetype in such a subtle way (violence notwithstanding) that we almost don't notice.

This is a book that deserves to be published.  When it's done.

So, having said that.  It needs a *ton* of editing.  Not for the content, which is great.  But for the plot development.  Because at the moment, this reads like a TV drama: episodic snap-shots that are strung together to no other purpose than to hook the reader from chapter to chapter.  You do this brilliantly, but it's not a book.

The one thing it's lacking (and I'm not saying it's not in your head, but it's not in your narrative - and 29 chapters in, it should be by now) is an actual plot.

We had a brief glimpse, early on, of a plt when we met Mr Slick.  And I'm sure you meant to bring that back in by now.  But there's really no sense of what Tofu wants or of what obstacles he is going to face to get it, nor of an on-rushing major obstacle at the climax of the story.

Having said all that, I'm aware that you're writing this as you go along.  There's plenty of room and time for you to weave all of this back in.  And this is an incredible compelling story (it would make a great TV serial, btw).

Keep it up.  I'll follow along.

  • Overall Score

Exceptional, but too short

The beginning can be confusing since the MC doesn't understand or knows the name for various things, but it's all worth it.

My only complaints: TOO SHORT and interludes are a waste of time (for the author. For the reader they are kinda fun just nowhere near the main content)

  • Overall Score

Absolutely amazing, one of my favorite superhero type stories. Has a little bit in common with worm but is a more comedic take on the genre.

  • Overall Score

Can't remember how many times I laughed out loud for this one. Similar stories exist, but I love the slightly fresh take on it. A huge plus from me though, is this was well revised and edited. Very few issues, either in pacing or grammar.


I have enjoyed it very much up to chapter 30. Only complaint is the last chapter caught me by surprise and I was annoyed because it was in a good part... Though most parts of this are good...

  • Overall Score

 I feel completely unqualified to write a review for this masterpiece. I can only hope it will suffice to say that you should absolutely read it. The author has done a spectacular job balancing fascinating, deep characters with a superbly crafted story and plot, that together create a colorful yet meaningful world. I'm left wide-eyed in suspense one moment, and teary eyed the next. I give this novel 5 out of 5 tofu burger.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

My favorite, your favorite too if you read it!

This novel is amazing, probably one of the best here in RR.

The story is quite unique even for a “super hero” kinda world, seeing the side of the villains is quite refreshing, even more so by the fact that “villains” are more than just some evil doers whose sole purpose is to be defeated by some hero, here we actually see them in a different way, the way the world interacts with them and that there’s even laws protecting them makes it look almost like a career path.

I love that the mc is a swiftly designed killing machine whose whole drive is to get more tofu burgers, I love his progression through the story and how he analyzes us silly humans and our weird fondness for rectangles.

I fully heartedly recommend this novel, after suffering great loss and grief in my life this novel shenanigans have brought a big smile back on my face.

(keep it going author!!!)