Original HIATUS Action Sci-fi Non-Human lead Secret Identity Super Heroes Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Fortress City has Super Villains, who have evil lairs, and in them they make super weapons. But when a bioweapon is granted super powers of its own, will Fortress City be able to handle the Super Minion?


Updating Sporadically.

Originally written for NaNoWriMo 2018 Royal Road challenge.

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Bunny Tamer
  • Overall Score

Simply Grand super hero story with an inhuman MC that acts inhuman. 

  • Overall Score


My dear author,

You've done it. You had an idea and wrote a story set in a superhero/supervillain universe without making it about heroes or villains. I can't tell you how great it is, mainly because I was getting really bored of the melodramatic paper thin plots you get with superheroes/supervillains.

You used a main character (because "it" is not a hero or a villain) that can credibly exist and let the reader learn about the world surrounding it. You also made the character have an actual progression with the stuff it is learning.

Oh boy oh boy. It's so fantastic I could shit my pants and it would not make me grin any less when reading your story. And what a story it is. No useless melodrama, side characters are not any less human human then the average people you meet on the street and dialogs flow like mountain springs in the middle of the spring.

Seriously, I would kiss you had I known you.

Five stars.

Saint BobJoe
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Somehow Googlesbear has created a world that is equal parts terrifying, comedic, and sweet. The main character is fascinating not only in the way he was created, but in the way he somehow is a being of mostly pure logic and reason that kills things, but he/it still as time to make friends, play videogames, and eat tofu burgers. Somehow it's as innocent as a child even as it works for a super villain and kills people without mercy. Usually, a horrifying concept, but it somehow works. 


A surprising read that leaves me hungry for more.... And for tofu burgers

  • Overall Score

Very worth the read

Chapter 22 Jailhouse Rock Candy is the funniest thing I've read this year.  Super Minion is a great story, very well writen and very, very funny.

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score


Well fuck I have been putting off reading this for months because the title and synopsis didnt grap me but I tried it and the story grabbed me and pulled me along

Enjoyable funny(at least for me) read

Cant remember any errors(haven't slept yet stayed up to finish this sue me)

Worth a try 

  • Overall Score

One of my favourites in RR. I love every bits of it but most of all the MC and his (its?) thought process and the conclusions it reaches. The story is great and justifies the title as the MC is growing into a competent minion. The flow of the story is good and keeps you hooked whether it is action or comic moments.

Other characters are well rounded and seem realistic enough.

The MC finding dead grandmas and potted plants dangerous is hilarious.

Finished ch 31, desperately waiting for more!!!

  • Overall Score

I was skeptical at first reading the description, and other reviews. But, boy; was I wrong to be! This story is amazing, simply hands down one of the best stories on this site. The writing is clever, humorous, and very well done. Truly a pleasure to read.


The MC is on the "evil" side, but it's not black and white, and most importantly the MC is not some edge lord "look how badass I am".  The whole world is a mix of greys. The heroes are normal people just like you and me, they make mistakes, they become too enthusiastic. The villains are capable of love, not just evil to be evil. 

All in all, just a great story. It is a pure joy to read. So thank you so much ! 

  • Overall Score

Finally, a sociopath that ISN'T evil.

If you want to read about a sociopath that a good person wouldn't feel guilty rooting for, Tofu is your man.  

Tofu is "friendly" because it is a survival advantage.  He keeps his friends alive so that he can "research" useful information like "fast food" and "cellphones".  He doesn't understand "ethics", but he imitates them anyway - apparently they are a survival advantage if you live in a human city.

Tofu does kill people, but it's pretty rare.  Tofu is a coward who avoids dangerous situations as much as possible, so you have to try really, REALLY hard to convince him to kill you.  

Hello I am Mullen
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I check for updates every day even though I know and appreciate the amount of time and effort this story requires and deserves to keep it excellent.

Tofu is such an endearing character and hes set in a world that isn't the main focus of the story like I would unfortunately do if I tried writing this. It's an incredible environment for Tofu to explore and grow in, revealed to us in palatable bite sized chuncks.

I feel I have to add in some form of constructive criticism but damn it's difficult. I dont want tofu to change he is perfect but for a story to progress its characters must too he needs to become invested in something less expendable than mass experience loss and suffering develope more human traits (hes gotten gluttony down, but what about some wrath, greed or perhaps lust (waggles eyebrows suggestively.)

I don't think that was very helpful, and hopefully not harmful, but I'm gonna count it anyway (CRITISIZED BOOM!)

All I think I can really add is my support to the mountain already there for this story. Keep doing what your doing author and take your time I for one will wait as long as is required and keep checking every day no complaints.


Look after yourself first and foremost and have a good one. (Author and Readers)

Bored monster
  • Overall Score

I'm not going to lie. The title scared me a bit. I thought this was going to be a horrible 'original' copy of the 'Despicable Me' franchise. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I was wrong. This is about an experiment whose only life goal was to survive. And amusingly enough, to eat.