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Fortress City has Super Villains, who have evil lairs, and in them they make super weapons. But when a bioweapon is granted super powers of its own, will Fortress City be able to handle the Super Minion?


Updating Sporadically.

Originally written for NaNoWriMo 2018 Royal Road challenge.

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Found account just to recommend

Found my old account I didn't log in to ages just to say I like this.

The style is pretty cool. I'm used to lots of novels on this site having only one theme for any powers they obtain, but this novel gives itself more opportunities by involving robotics, mutations and super powers. I really enjoy the diversity and competition they could all have.

For grammar, I only spotted one tiny error out of the 19 chapters currently released. It's great.

The story itself is basic as can be at the beginning, but that's because the main character is obviously a robot just fighting things. After that (no spoilers, don't worry), it becomes much more enjoyable and has many branching storylines that actually get involved in the main character's life, whether good or bad, it feels natural and enjoyable. Nothing feels truly robotic, just like the super minion.

The protagonist starts off very mechanical and basic in thought processes and functions, but it doesn't last very long. He builds himself with each encounter he has with a person, monster, super hero, facility and even with a piece of food. It's very wholesome and satisfying.
Him alone would be better than average for this website, but the story has many memorable characters that actually feel like people and all have their own quirks that make you actually visualize and notice them each time you read their name. I have nothing to complain about any of the characters, it's very well blended and none of them feel artificial.

Overall, I love the story and I look forward to the future of its world and the protagonist. I hope this becomes more than trending and reach the best rated of this site.

I'll check each monday for this story and appreciate whatever it pops out, since I know the author will always think of something good.

Thank you Gogglesbear.

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Had to give it for Chapter 22

Okay here is your review



I laughed

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This is by far the best of its "genre"

This story is the best one or the only one that does justice to the Hero theme, I just love the world, MC's innocence when it looks or discovers things, internet and phone google search was hilarius, just perfect.

  • Overall Score

I love shapeshifter stories!!

If Boxxy were created in not a fantasy game world, but futuristic world.... it’s like reading Everyone Loves Large Chests (except the puns)

I love this novel, and I hope it will get higher in the rankings! Go Tofu!

  • Overall Score

I like this story so very much, I hope Tofu can one day find it within himself to trust someone, share his secrets and maybe even fall in love 😍

Please keep this story going!

  • Overall Score

 I feel completely unqualified to write a review for this masterpiece. I can only hope it will suffice to say that you should absolutely read it. The author has done a spectacular job balancing fascinating, deep characters with a superbly crafted story and plot, that together create a colorful yet meaningful world. I'm left wide-eyed in suspense one moment, and teary eyed the next. I give this novel 5 out of 5 tofu burger.

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The Best in the Business

The MC's way of viewing the world is so incredibly interesting (and hilarious) that even the most minute details of the intricate world are fascinating. Great action, hilarious comedic beats and just a tinge of darkness that comes with a literally amoral protagonist.

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My dear author,

You've done it. You had an idea and wrote a story set in a superhero/supervillain universe without making it about heroes or villains. I can't tell you how great it is, mainly because I was getting really bored of the melodramatic paper thin plots you get with superheroes/supervillains.

You used a main character (because "it" is not a hero or a villain) that can credibly exist and let the reader learn about the world surrounding it. You also made the character have an actual progression with the stuff it is learning.

Oh boy oh boy. It's so fantastic I could shit my pants and it would not make me grin any less when reading your story. And what a story it is. No useless melodrama, side characters are not any less human human then the average people you meet on the street and dialogs flow like mountain springs in the middle of the spring.

Seriously, I would kiss you had I known you.

Five stars.

sir chicken
  • Overall Score

I binge read the entire thing in a day.(chapter 15) Can't wait to get more to read.

  • Overall Score

Looking forwards to more

Great story. Kind of tiring having the main character refer to humans as drones all the time, but still one of the best. Looking forwards to more.