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Fortress City has Super Villains, who have evil lairs, and in them they make super weapons. But when a bioweapon is granted super powers of its own, will Fortress City be able to handle the Super Minion?


Updating Sporadically.

Originally written for NaNoWriMo 2018 Royal Road challenge.

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i really can't be bothered to give an advanced review so i'll keep this simple.

this novel makes me feel

1. happy

2. warm

3. fuzzy

if you like feeling any of those three things when you read then i recommend this novel.

it also has what id describe as silly action which is fun.

OK last bit, basically the MC is a naive and innocent(?) bio-weapon and the novel is basically him stumbling through a world of super heroes and villains so if that'd interest you maybe try reading it.

Sebastian Chow
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The characters are really good in this story. The biggest issue that single-pov stories often have is flat characters who don't matter, making the book a big boring monologue. Not so, here.

The story is funny. No, really! The character interactions are pretty natural and the dynamics make some really nice dialog come out.

World building is another big strong suit of this story. The world is nicely fleshed out by 1 or 2 chapters after the intro section, and there's not much annoying exposition dialogue. Odd Summer is a great little idea.

This is a great story. I hope it continues to develop in a similar manner. My rating is only sub-5 stars because of the incomplete nature of this story as of this review. Make no mistake, it is in the top 1% of quality on this website. I'm rooting for you, Gogglesbear!

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Sparks the imagination, invests the reader, and leaves me wanting more.

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Review must have a title

I love vaguely comedic dark superhero stuff like this.

Worldbuilding is always the best part. It's just so interesting.

Tofu is my favorite pychopathic non-human protagonist since Boxxy. 

The only downside to this work is the small chapter count. Hasn't updated since I found and read all current releases, but if it gets regular updates I would personally put it as my favorite ongoing story. 

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Super powers in a world set in the future with a protag starting from actual scratch and on the run. It's a fun time reading.

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Better then the cover would usually entail

Very well written, one of the few superhero-esque stories i can read.

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I have been a long time reader on this site. This story has engaged me in a way I didn't think I could get from here anymore. I avidly await every release.

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Non-human lead done right

Although I'm pretty sure the author's definition of bioweapon is a bit different from the dictionary... The story was quite surprising, I was bored, the description didn't seem very appealing to me but I thought I'd give it a shot, and what do you know...

The story is well written, it's good, the characters are good, the pacing is perfect, I have literally no complaints about anything.

A lab created, bioengineered monster, not awfully dissimilar in concept to a slime, just with a fleshy body rather than being made of jelly, with outstanding shapeshifting capabilities, it's defining feature is it's shapeshifting ability, it's greatest weapon, it's greatest defense, the answer to most of it's problems.

One of these problems is surviving in a post-modern city in a world where superpowers more or less grow on trees (seems like a world not so dissimilar to Worm to be honest) where it will shapeshift into the image of a close approximation of a human to blend in, it's character development is constant, although under the hood it's just a lifeform prioritizing it's own survival, as time passes it learns more and more about humans, and the world it lives in, and it has an actual personality as opposed to just being a slave to instinct like in most stories with non-human protagonists tend to be like, it's instincts are a weapon honed alongside it's intelligence, rather than a crutch holding it back.

True to it's name however, it's mentality is that of a minion, it is reacting to the events that surround it, it rarely takes it's own initiative to do anything major, and this might end up becoming the story's achilles heel, since our protagonist is really more of a side character drifting along through everyone else's story. How long such an approach to narrative can be maintained without becoming bland is a bit questionable (currently I'd say it's working because it's fun to see how this monster is slowly finding his way around in this world, but isn't quite there yet, it's a fun development especially since the world is quite chaotic), at least so far it has been a blast, and it will most likely remain so for a long time as there seems to be an overarching plot holding all the pieces together, but what that plot is has yet to be fully revealed.

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Why this story is good : 

      It has a nonhuman, extremely intelligent protagonist who gradually learns more about a well constructed superhero sci-fi/fantasy world.  Come to think of it, there's a lot of fics similar to this at the top of the rankings here.  (Threadbare, Everyone Loves Large Chests).  Unlike those fics, this one has a more interesting setting - it's very similar to Worm, but better thought out.  

      Another difference, something that grabbed my attention in the first few chapters, is our protagonist is smart.  In the other similar fics, the protagonist starts out a barely animate object with about 1 point in INT - while this leads to some hijinks, the character has no agency, everything is just luck.  In this fic, our protagonist is making the best choices it can with the knowledge it has right from the first chapters.  (with some mistakes as a result of incomplete knowledge).  Another interesting thing is our character is not OP, but not a pushover with no agency either.  

  • Overall Score

You don’t see enough villains these days

i love villain stories and there aren’t a lot of them and this one is good