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Fortress City has Super Villains, who have evil lairs, and in them they make super weapons. But when a bioweapon is granted super powers of its own, will Fortress City be able to handle the Super Minion?


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch1 Taste Test ago
Ch2 More Than You Can Chew ago
Ch3 Bait Fishing ago
Ch4 Out Of The Frying Pan ago
Ch5 What's On The Menu? ago
Ch6 Travel Rations ago
Ch7 Let's Do Lunch ago
Ch8 Rat Meat ago
Side Dish #1 ago
Ch9 Will Work For Food ago
Ch10 Cafeteria Cuisine ago
Ch11 Bitter Pill ago
Ch12 First Come, First Served ago
Ch13 Preheat The Oven To 10,000 Degrees ago
Ch14 Egg Scramble ago
Ch15 Crunchy Critters ago
Side Dish #2 ago
Ch16 They Are Made Of Meat ago
Ch17 All Part of a Balanced Breakfast ago
Ch18 Tips For Delivery ago
Ch19 Fly In My Soup ago
Ch20 Snack Run ago
Ch21 Leftovers ago
Ch22 Jailhouse Rock Candy ago
Ch23 Home Cooking ago
Ch24 Good to the Last Bite ago
Side Dish #3 ago
Ingredients (Glossary) ago
Ch25 Kitchen Prep ago
Ch26 Dining Etiquette ago
Ch27 Salad Fork ago
Ch28 Double Danger Dinner Date ago
Ch29 Brewing ago
Side Dish #4 ago
Ch30 Food Courting ago
Ch31 Refried ago
Ch32 Dinner Bell ago
Ch33 Hangry ago
Ch34 Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts ago
Ch35 Picnic ago
Ch36 Smart Sushi ago
Ch37 Monster Mashed Potatoes ago
Sidedish #5 ago
Ch38 Chew ago
Ch39 Beefy Boy ago
Ch40 Cake ago
Ch? Rubber Chicken ago
Ch41 Smells Fishy ago
Ch42 Sweet, Salty, Sour ago
Ch43 I Can't Believe It's Not Tofu ago

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sir chicken
  • Overall Score

I binge read the entire thing in a day.(chapter 15) Can't wait to get more to read.

Nicholas Obviouslyfakelastnamebecauseprivacy
  • Overall Score

Pretty good. Not the greatest, but quite fun to read. It has an actual plot and conflict so it's immediately better than 90% of the stuff on this website. No complaints from me, but it didn't really make me go "oh wow that's good". In my opinion a 4 star means "better than normal, everything put together really well, but nothing extra special or above and beyond like Threadbare's unique charm" and that describes the book really well.  It doesn't have a special charm, but it does it's bit, and it does it well. I definitely recommend a read!


  • Overall Score

Better then the cover would usually entail

Very well written, one of the few superhero-esque stories i can read.

Daniel Hani
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The story shifts in style going from the perspective of a foreign creature in a world which it doesn't know much about. Somewhat like the saying a big fish in small pond or living inside of a well. The characters are well sought out and unique; However, there are missing words here and there with typos and grammar errors it's not unreadable but you are bound to stop and try to make out what a sentence means when its missing a word. The progression of the story thus far is nice there isn't the mc is op no one is his match setting he is just "above average" thus far. The style of writing is nice it smoothly shifts from first perspective to 3rd person perspective without losing the reader all in all a solid 3.5/5 its a fun read but it needs improvements in some areas. 

  • Overall Score

A great story brought down by it's schedule

Reviewed at: Ch41 Smells Fishy

This is one of my favorite stories on the site. It has wonderful characters, an interesting world that seems to follow the iceberg rule, and has interesting ideas and powers throughout.

The only problem is the upload schedule. I know that the story is free and therefore people think it's frouned upon to judge the author for the upload schedule, but at the time this review is written it has been  a month and a half since the last chapter, a chapter that raised a lot of questions.

Other than that, the story is great, the author has a good sense of style and they manage to have dialogue flow nicely in a way thats comedic when it wants to be. 

Overall it's great until you reach the most recent chapter. If the author ever gets a consistent scheduel (even if the chapters are spaced out more than normal) then i'd give it 4 stars

James Mandy
  • Overall Score

This book is a masterpiece.I felt it has good bits in it. However I felt it couldn't compare with Watership Down as an adventure tale (that is another great book, surprisingly brilliant). My Grandmother ("on my father's side...") once said that I should read the book and put the old, incomplete cartoon into the video player. Intrigued, but didn't really get what was going on (the Black Riders in that cartoon are terrifying - scarier than the movie versions, and cost me some sleep!). later I sometimes considered looking at this book again, but was rather put off the idea due to it's imposing size and the apparent "unfathomability" of the tale in my own ignorance having not read it yet. Nor had my understanding of the cartoon improved. But, somehow in someway, the tale that had not been read just niggled at me from time to time. I met some good friends at 20 years old and they said, "you've not read it yet!? You've got to read it. It's so worth it - but READ IT ALL or you won't get the benefit!" Later that year I bought the one piece, bulky novel and got down to it... It has maps in it, always a good thing and gradually helped my immersion. Gradually, gradually. The first part, the first time, the super minion was kind of slow and for me, was an effort to read, I didn't know the characters, the lay of the land, the lore or anything. It had some tense and joyous moments. It was basically a deeper version of the world found in the Hobbit. But the English and sentence composition was exquisite in many parts. Didn't dig the singing though, for I knew not the tunes or hints! Then after the main character left the lab... Suddenly the book changes tracks! Whoa! It became a massive page turner, though the times I paused reading and was lost in my imagination about what was happening, where and to whom gradually increased in length and frequency. And THIS is what makes it great. You get lost in this world in your own imagination before returning to read the next paragraph... Suddenly the book ends. What an epic and what a fabulously cool ending! Such a good ending, When I read reviews of people complaining about the book, I can see from my own experience that almost all of them didn't get through super minion! LOL. For those who haven't read it yet, heed my old friend's advice, READ IT ALL. It becomes a page turner after the first part. Seriously. This book is awesome. The movies are great (I love them), but they are just like the images you see in the corners of the pages of old children's books. Wonderfully complimentary, but not actually it itself. Read it.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

There is a reason this story is one of the top ones on RR.  Everything from the characters to the story are writen to be unique and rememerable.  Not because they are over the top, but because what they do makes sense and is relatable.  Something which can be lacking in some stories.  

If you haven't started reading this yet get on with it!  You're missing something special while you wait.

  • Overall Score

Used to interest me, but not anymore.

Reviewed at: Ch43 I Can't Believe It's Not Tofu

Well written story that used to be one of my RR favorites, but it's moving along with a snails pace. Both the plot and the chapter count has barely moved along since i started reading it.

We literally haven't experienced any suspense in maybe 15 or 20 chapters, the story honestly reads like a Slice of Life at this point. Here's a few thing's that i had personally hoped to get some clarification on since i began reading, all of which hasn't happened yet:What's the actual goal of Tofu? When will that cooperation that created him find him? When will somebody find out his secret; that he's not human? Will he get the powers from the mutavus or whatever virus? Because that's kind of been a sore point since we learned about the possibility. Yet nothing has happened.

I'm sorry to do this, but i'm lowering my initial rating from 5 to 3½ star now. I honestly don't think this story has any place on the first page of popular ongoing stories anymore.

It's a bad unfortunate i feel this way, since i liked the premise of the story. But it's just too slow, and slice of life-y now.